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The Ayurveda is usually translated from Sanskrit as "savoir vivre". But it is not absolutely right transfer. Will be more true: knowledge of the principles of long life, science of life.

It is system of traditional Indian medicine which is directed to healing of diseases of body and diseases of soul, and it is considered that these diseases are among themselves connected. Therefore ancient doctors appointed both the correct treatment, and healthy nutrition according to character and constitution of the person.

The system of Ayurveda distinguishes three main types of the constitution (addition) of the person. In system of Ayurveda as it has been already told, the body and soul are not divided therefore certain traits of character are respectively attributed to each certain type of addition.

The combination of character and the constitution in system of Ayurveda is called FINISH. In total there are three main dosha: cotton wool, pita and kafa.

Cotton wool means "air".


People of this type are thin, graceful, eternally freeze. In the winter they as if fall into hibernation, and wake up and become inclined to changes and adventures in the spring.

Pita means "fire".


These are sturdily-build people, sometimes slightly plump, their hands always hot. They often have many birthmarks. They are sociable and witty, but are sometimes stubborn and quick-tempered.

Kafa means "water".


аюрведическая система питания These are strong put, large, massive people with good skin, strong thick hair and strong teeth. They are usually quiet, peaceful, unpretentious, hardworking, but, unfortunately, are indecisive and passive.

Depending on the prevailing dosha choose power supply system for each specific person. However usually the person cannot carry himself to some defined Dosch – happens that there are qualities two Dosch. To define prevailing to Dosch, there are special tests. They are in all books on Ayurveda.

The Ayurvedic power supply system does not demand vegetarianism from the followers as often consider. Vegetarian diets are ordered by Ayurveda only for those who go on the way of spiritual development, enlightenment. For those who just want to improve health, to strengthen health, to increase life expectancy and its quality, the Ayurveda recommends more usual to the modern person diet.

For people of Vata-doshi recommend rich meat soups, porridges, butter, hot milk, sweet dishes, meat, pies – everything that helps to be warmed. Crude vegetables and acid fruit are not acceptable for people of Vata-doshi: they accelerate digestion process which at people of this type and so rather fast.

For Pete-doshi people hot dishes, unsweetened fruit, vegetables, bean, chicken and fish are good. They should add less salt to food, is less red meat and nutlets that muscle bulk did not pass into fatty.

The Ayurveda recommends to Kafa-dosha's people for food friable porridges, watery vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers), hot dishes, turkey. It is better to refuse sweet absolutely, and to limit the use of red meat and rice – from these products people of this type can strongly grow stout.

But the necessary set of products – there is more to come. There are the general for all Dosch of the recommendation about preparation and meal.

1. The food has to be freshen. Than quicker the dish gets on table after preparation, it is more useful to those. Healthy food also that which prepared not too long is considered.

2. The main meal falls on time at about noon because at this time the food is best of all acquired.

3. It is impossible to distract from process of food. It is not necessary to read, watch TV, to talk during food. It is bad to sit down to table in bad mood.

4. It is necessary to sit down to table only when you are hungry. It is not necessary to eat "from there is nothing to do". It is not necessary to hurry, eating food, after meal it is not necessary to hurry to leave because of table too, it is good to sit a little. It is not necessary to overeat, it is possible to finish meal when you feel that have already almost gorged on, but only almost!

5. It is not necessary to combine incongruous products. For example, it is desirable to use milk and melon separately from other products.

6. When cooking it is necessary to consider also climatic conditions: season, weather, and also features of physiology of the specific person.

7. For digestion improvement the Ayurveda recommends to practice yoga and breathing exercises.

The Ayurvedic power supply system is directed to harmonization of human body. With its help it is possible both to grow thin and to recover, but only provided that your purpose is optimization of weight, but not its purposeful reduction or increase.

Optimum weight is the such weight with which you feel well. The person with optimum weight usually seldom is ill, it has most often good mood. At strong decrease or increase in weight, more, than it is provided by the nature, at the person various diseases can be shown. Such state of affairs should be observed often at those who sharply gain weight, and at those who exhaust themselves with diets. Therefore it is important to understand that the best weight for you is not some certain "fashionable" figures, but weight when you feel healthy and vigorous.

Good health and high spirits, the shining eyes and friendly smile always in fashion! Accept yourself such what you are! Understand how you are beautiful! And the Ayurvedic power supply system will help you with this noble purpose.