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In the world there is huge number of different diets and power supply systems. Many of them really help, but it is worth remembering that all diets are selected completely individually. Therefore you should not consider that if diets has helped others, then it surely will help also you. Another matter healthy nutrition, observance of the basic rules has to be carried out throughout all life, but not in certain period. The balanced diet has to become way of life. Observing healthy nutrition for weight loss it is possible not only to support the figure in shape, but also to restore the health and to make the life more harmonious.

Scientists of many countries have already proved that the human body submits to laws of thermodynamics. In this regard, at the heart of healthy and good nutrition there is principle: power value has to correspond to power expenses of organism. But to great regret this condition is most often violated. Namely in this regard, consumption of caloric products (sugar, potatoes, bread and so on) is much higher, than power expenses. As a result, every year lives the weight which passes into the excess weight and obesity collects.

In addition there is also the second principle – chemical composition of substances has to correspond to physiological requirements of organism surely individually. By rules, every day not less than seventy different ingredients have to come to organism. They are vital as are not synthesized in organism. From this there is the following principle of healthy nutrition – the maximum variety of food.

The last one after another, but not on value the principle of healthy nutrition is the correct diet. The correct diet is alternation, frequency rate and regularity of meals. The need for feedstuffs, energy and diet is selected entirely individually, depending on requirements of organism, physical activity and age.

Many mistakenly consider that if it is correct to choose for itself set of products by amount of vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and to calories, then the organism will receive necessary food, but it absolutely not so. In order that to achieve it, it is necessary to consider the following conditions:

  1. Time of reception, condition and frequency rate of food
  2. The number of calories of the eaten food

Basic rules

So, in order that it is good to eat, but at the same time not to gain weight and to look always on all hundred, it is necessary to follow the following rules of healthy food:

1. As often as possible there are fruit and vegetables.

фрукты и овощи But here it is worth allocating what vegetables needs to be eaten more than fruit because fruit contain large amount of sucrose.

As if it strange did not sound, but thanks to apples to nobody to grow thin, it was not possible yet. Most treats also pears, bananas, water-melons and melons as they contain many calories. But without them, of course, too it is impossible. It is just necessary to take itself for the rule, not to eat the whole cluster of bananas for time. And here as for pineapples, grapefruits and oranges, restrictions is not present, they can be eaten in large numbers.

You should not forget also about vegetables. Vegetables are integral part of the healthy and balanced nutrition. They contain large number of minerals, vitamins and cellulose which is necessary for weight reduction.

Advantage of vegetables of fruit and berries

2. It is necessary to drink as much as possible water.

фрукты и овощи But you should not be fond of it of course too as it can lead to hypostases. The day norm of water makes two liters. Mineral water which does not contain fats, caffeine and sugar of which it is enough in other drinks in the structure is considered ideal option.

It is necessary to minimize, and it is better to refuse the use of Pepsi Cola and Coca-Cola in general. First, it is very harmful to all organism, secondly - is sweet. Water will help to improve work of gastrointestinal tract, and of course will well affect condition of skin.

Water for health

фрукты и овощи 3. It is necessary to reduce to minimum consumption of rolls, cookies, candies, cakes and to that similar products.

Naturally it is impossible to refuse flatly sweet. Because of absence in sweet organism, the mood spoils and mental capacities decrease. But daily you should not use flour products, of course.

If refusal of sweet is rather complex challenge, then it is necessary to use cookies with the low content of fats, and cakes and cakes – without creams.

Councils for weight loss to sweet teeth

4. For breakfast is porridge.

фрукты и овощи In spite of the fact that many claim that porridges promote completeness, it absolutely not so. And from what to grow stout if porridge cooks on water and without addition of butter? Best of all for breakfast to cook porridge with bananas, raisin or apples. As option - rice porridge with honey or buckwheat cereal with small amount of zazharka from carrots and onions.

All the matter is that porridges contain, so-called "long" carbohydrates which are soaked up in organism not at once, unlike "short" which contain in flour products. But in turn, porridges supply organism with energy till lunch.

Dietary garnishes - porridges

5. Continuous movement.

фрукты и овощи Especially it concerns those who have sedentary work. On the weekend it is possible to visit the pool, aerobics, fitness or shaping. If sport is not pleasant, it is possible to visit at least once in week night clubs.

It is also possible to replace driving the bus or taxi with foot walk as it is universal remedy for weight loss. Only it should be taken into account that it is necessary to go quickly, in minute it is necessary to take not less than hundred steps. And evening walk will help stomach to digest food quicker.

Value of physical activity

6. During meal it is necessary to concentrate on food.

фрукты и овощи During food, it is necessary to think only of it.

It is impossible to watch TV at all, to read or talk. Otherwise, the brain can not understand that it is already enough food, and even if to organism there will already be enough food, he will psychologically feel feeling of hunger. As a result, any portion can be a little, exactly for this reason there will be surplus of calories.

Culture of consumption of food

7. To replace products.

фрукты и овощи The sense of this rule is that it is necessary to learn to replace caloric products, products with less unhealthy of all organism.

If it is difficult to refuse meat, then fat pork can be replaced with beef or chicken. Sunflower oil can be replaced olive. Heavy cream - natural yogurt. And sugar - sakharozamenitel or honey. The first days it will be difficult, but then the organism will get used.

Caloric content of products and dishes

8. To say no to alcohol.

фрукты и овощи Naturally nobody forces to refuse alcoholic beverages at all. It is simple when there is occasion to drink and there is no desire to refuse, it is worth remembering that in drinks which part alcohol is, to contain huge amount of sugar which will negatively affect figure and on health of organism in general.

It is necessary to take for the rule to drink no more than one glass of wine for time. It is worth remembering that alcoholic beverages, in particular vodka, involves large number of caloric snack which not in the best way will affect figure.

How completely to refuse binge

9. To learn to reduce portions.

фрукты и овощи The best way to be in good shape it is half of that portion which you eat now. Small plates will come to the help to it, in them visually the portion will seem much more.

And here in shops, during purchase for the same sum, it is possible to buy less products, buying better and expensive.

How to grow thin, manipulating the food behavior

10. Not to go to shop to hungry stomach at all.

фрукты и овощи All the matter is that in hungry state it is possible to buy excess products which do not resemble at healthy nutrition at all.

It is necessary to acquire the main policy: upon purchase of products it is necessary to place emphasis on products of plant origin and of course, not to forget about meat and fish.

11. Constantly change diet.

фрукты и овощи You should not stop on certain selection of dishes, it is necessary to think out and realize new recipes constantly. If today for breakfast porridge, then tomorrow - spinach with chicken, and next day – shrimps and avocado salad.

Free diets

12. To take for the rule - is not after seven o'clock in the evening.

фрукты и овощи Of course, it is just impossible to carry out it in life much. The majority come home from work after seven, but also to have supper it is necessary to be in time. Ideal option the dinner at work is considered, but if it does not work well, that is two ways:

  1. To present dinner to the enemy
  2. To have supper after seven in the evening, but in this case, it has to be lung. Fruit or vegetables have to be its part. Also, it is possible to eat three hundred grams of low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese

And of course, the main thing here at all not "seven hours", and the fact that it is necessary to have supper at least in three hours prior to dream.

Eat correctly!

13. It is periodically possible to indulge himself sweets and farinaceous food in order that the healthy and balanced food quickly has not bothered. фрукты и овощи

14. It is necessary to count calories.

фрукты и овощи If energy consumption much more, than expense then about any figure there cannot be also speech. But it not always so. It is possible just to count calories in the consumed products. For maintenance of in shape it is necessary to consume no more than 1200 calories a day to lose weight – 800 calories. And upon purchase of goods, it is necessary to pay attention to caloric content in 100 g.

Calculation of calories and value of daily diet

15. Not to be nervous.

фрукты и овощи All the matter is that the stress does not promote weight loss.

It is necessary to give himself at least half an hour in day, to take aromatic baths, to do the weakening massage, to listen to favourite music, to walk outdoors, in a word, to do that it is necessary for soul.

Test for stress and reason its defiant

16. Not to overeat.

фрукты и овощи

It is necessary to take for the rule, to rise from table a little hungry. In such state it will be simpler to organism to process food.

Let's understand the overeating reasons

Products which prolong life

For most of people who value the health, know how to eat properly and support the figure in good form, there was excellent opportunity to keep cheerfulness of body and spirit. Further, it will be a question of products which prolong life.

1. pblok

фрукты и овощи pblok contain large number of microelements and vitamins which are capable to improve work of vessels and heart and of course in the structure, increases immunity.

Also, apples contain large amount of meletin, substance which possesses anti-inflammatory action, slows down development of cancer cells and influences free radicals.

To those people who eat at least on one apple a day, Alzheimer's disease does not threaten.

pblochny diet

2. Fish

фрукты и овощи For those who care about warmly - vascular system it is necessary to replace meat with fish periodically. If at least three times a week for lunch are fish, then to decrease considerably risk disease of heart attack. It occurs because to contain in it Omega-3 fatty acids which in turn, perfectly affect cellular membranes.

Judging by statistics, the population of those countries which are consumed fish in large numbers, for example, by Eskimos or Japanese get sick warmly much less often - vascular diseases, than those who do not eat fish.

Fish dishes

3. Garlic

фрукты и овощи All know that garlic is necessary for increase of immunity and of course, at cold.

But the regular use of garlic improves also work of digestive tract, protects organism from emergence warmly - vascular diseases and even reduces risk of disease of cancer.

Curative properties and application of garlic

4. Strawberry

фрукты и овощи Many consider that vitamin C most of all in lemons, than in other fruit and berries, but it not absolutely so. For example, in strawberry, several times it is more of it.

In addition, strawberry contains a lot of iron which in turn, will help with immunity increase. Also, strawberry is rich with essential oils and dyes which stop and prevent emergence of cancer tumors, promoting control of formation of special enzymes.

Strawberry diet for 4 days for fans

5. Carrots

фрукты и овощи For anybody not secret that free radicals are capable to destroy gene structure and to provoke cancer. And beta carotene which in large numbers to contain in carrots, neutralizes them.

Regular consumption of carrots promotes improvement of condition of skin and sight. And here it is better to add sour cream as beta carotene is better dissolved in fats to carrots salads.

Advantage of cabbage, carrots, beet and their leaves

6. Chile hot pepper

фрукты и овощи Having included in the daily diet chili pepper, only two weeks later, the metabolism will accelerate that will lead to weight reduction.

Thanks to sharp taste of the pepper caused by the maintenance in it of kapsatsin the bigger amount of gastric juice is developed, and it in turn interferes with reproduction of harmful bacteria in intestines and stomach.

7. Green tea

фрукты и овощи Green tea promotes improvement of metabolism and as a result, to reduction of weight if to drink not less than four cups a day.

Such tea contains catechin, bioactive agent useful to human body. And here it is not in black tea, it collapses in the course of preparation.

Men who prefer green tea to black are insured from prostate cancer and atherosclerosis.

Imperial elixir of life - green tea

As it is correct to combine products

1. As it is correct to use protein

During reception of proteinaceous food it is possible to use any products which do not contain starch in the structure.

Are recommended:

  • celery
  • spinach
  • vegetable marrows
  • onions
  • beans
  • green beans
  • tops of vegetable of root crops and cabbage

Using products which contain starch, it is desirable to supplement them with nothing the filled sheet green vegetables. It is possible to add garden radish, cabbage, paprika or tomatoes to this salad.

2. As it is correct to use starch

Starch is rather badly combined with other products. But despite it, products which contain starch cannot be combined and with each other.

For example, bread and potatoes are digested absolutely on miscellaneous therefore if to use them together, they will interfere with each other. In order that starchy products were well acquired by organism, they need to be chewed carefully. It is better to eat such food for lunch. Root crops and easy vegetables are perfectly combined with starched products.

3. As it is correct to use fruit

Practically it is very useful to combine all fruit with nuts, also vegetables and root crops which are not containing starch.

It is impossible to eat fruit on having a snack at all, let they will better replace dinner or breakfast. It is not less useful to eat fruit for half an hour to food.

It is excellent to combine those fruit which have ripened during one season.

The correct use of food during the day

Right after awakening, the human body has not earned yet breakfast as energy has not been spent yet. For this reason for breakfast it is necessary to eat easy products, for example the fresh or steamed fruit, vegetable juice or fruit puree. Fruit and vegetables are digested organism quickly, but nevertheless, they quickly fill organism with energy.

фрукты и овощи Parallel to healthy nutrition we advise to observe daily routine. It is desirable to rise slightly earlier six o'clock in the morning that both the body and spirit were in good shape.

At once after awakening it is necessary to drink one glass of a little warm water. Thanks to it, work of digestive tract will be started. It is necessary to start breakfast when the organism itself demands it. It is desirable that the breakfast consisted of fruit or easy porridges.

Since twelve hours and finishing with two o'clock in the afternoon, it is possible to dare to eat very plentifully. After good lunch it is necessary to sit a little and to breathe quietly, having closed the left nostril. According to many doctors, it speeds up digestion work.

At six-seven o'clock in the evening it is necessary to have supper a little, having included vegetables and proteins in food. After evening meal it is necessary to execute the same breathing exercises, as during the lunchtime.

࿋ the Menu of healthy nutrition for week ࿋

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