The menu of healthy nutrition for one day

правильное меню
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For breakfast it is necessary to eat food nourishing and caloric. It can be: porridge or other porridge, muesli. Eat also a little cheese, fruit, dried fruits, green tea or freshly squeezed juice. If you cannot eat all this, eliminate something on the discretion, but only not porridge.

I know, much since morning nothing climbs in throat, but if not to eat decently since morning, then till lunch you will play wild feeling of hunger. Try to wake up a bit earlier and to be engaged, for example in charging which will awaken in you appetite.

Second breakfast

Between breakfast and lunch, hours in 10. Eat for example one-two bananas. It is convenient to carry them with itself.


For lunch eat meat, it is possible fish. On mood it is possible to add to them as garnish vegetables, some porridge or macaroni. Or soups. But only not on system the first, second and compote. You overload with it stomach and slow down metabolism.

Afternoon snack

After lunch, hour in four you for certain will want to have a bite. Fill this interval between lunch and dinner with several fruit, it is possible to drink kefir or low-fat yogurt. Still dried fruits, for example dates or nuts will approach. Do not go in cycles in any one set of products, the menu of healthy nutrition has to be various. Think out new dishes, experiment.


The dinner has to be not heavy, respectively, you should not eat meat for the night. You can eat some porridge, rice for example, with fish. But if porridges have already bothered in day, make vegetable salad, having filled it with olive oil. Remember that it is necessary to have supper in 3 hours prior to dream, not later.

Before going to bed

Before going to bed it is possible to drink glass of dairy drink, kefir or fermented baked milk.

You could notice that components and the principles of healthy nutrition match, for example, what is described in the article "The Best Diet for Men" or "What Needs to Be Eaten to Grow Thin". It is not surprising and quite natural, the general principles are identical to all. And correctly eating person if he is healthy, full will never be.

As you can see, at us 6 meals in day have turned out. And, the volume of eaten has to be equal to the volume which is located in your put palms.

Options of breakfasts

  • Porridge on water or low-fat milk with dried fruits and small handful of nuts. Alternate to buckwheat, rice and millet cereal.
  • Sandwich from whole-grain bread, boiled chicken breast or fresh-salted salmon, salad, tomatoes, low-fat cheese and greens. Glass of curdled milk or any other dairy drink.
  • Omelet from 4 proteins and 2 yolks with greens. Fruit salad.
  • Big portion of cottage cheese with sour cream, jam and fresh fruit.
  • Fruit seasonal fruit soup and easy sour cream.


  • meat goulash. Boiled wholegrain macaroni with low-fat cheese.
  • The baked cauliflower breaded of semolina, 10% of cream and egg white.
  • Low-fat vegetable lasagna.
  • Vegetable rice cream soup.
  • Low-fat beaters or several pieces of vegetarian pizza.


  • Stewed vegetables with pieces of boiled chicken breast.
  • Seafood with boiled brown rice.
  • Vegetable omelet from 4 proteins and 2 yolks with greens.
  • Cottage cheese casserole and vegetable salad.
  • Boiled beef with the baked vegetables.
  • Having a snack (you can select 2 any items).
  • Glass of kefir with 1 tsp of honey or jam.
  • 20 g of dark chocolate and green apple.
  • 2 rice or buckwheat small loafs with cottage cheese and greens.
  • Handful of nuts and dried fruits (has to go in on palm).
  • 3 pieces of home-made oatmeal cookies.

Still example of the correct menu per day


In 15 minutes prior to food drink glass of water of room temperature.

For breakfast eat a little - after dream the stomach is not ready to plentiful food yet. And if you have no acute sense of hunger since morning - it is fine opportunity to reduce excessively stretched stomach. Eat yogurt (it is desirable natural, without addition of dyes and fragrances). Small loafs with bran or whole-grain bread can be good addition. If it is not enough - piece of cheese or one boiled egg.

Good dish for breakfast is porridge. You cook its dense, on water and at the very end of cooking add a little milk. Instead of sugar add honey.

It is the best of all to drink teas grassy and, of course, without sugar. It is possible to take to cup of tea a few dried fruits - dates, the dried apricots or raisin contain a lot of fructose, with success replacing sugar and much more useful.


The lunch has to be fullest and nutritious meal in day. Therefore if you by all means want to eat piece of meat or other heavy food, do it in the afternoon that by the night to manage to digest.

At healthy nutrition in the menu for every day various soups have to be the optimum choice for lunch. It is better to refuse macaroni and potatoes in favor of bean, cabbage, beet and grain.

Fish or bird it is possible to eat two times a week. Meat - is better once a week if your work is not connected with big physical activities. Optimum way of cooking of meat - suppression. Fish or bird steam - it is quickly, simply and keeps maximum of useful substances.


Do not postpone dinner until late evening. The last meal not has to be is later, than in two-three hours prior to dream.

The stewed, baked vegetables, ragout - all this perfectly is suitable for dinner. To remarkably eat salad for dinner. For gas station try to use vegetable oils - now it is possible to buy very tasty oils from nuts and seeds.

At emergence of feeling of hunger shortly before dream it is permissible to drink glass of kefir or curdled milk. Be not fond of processed cheeses, sausages. Avoid fast food.

Eat without hurrying, carefully chewing food - the food swallowed on the run will not bring due benefit and will be acquired much worse. Besides measured chewing allows significantly, many times to reduce the volume of food, necessary for saturation.

Do not forget about fresh fruit, vegetables, fermented milk products and nuts - they are indispensable satellites of the correct metabolism and, as a result, excellent figure.

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