As it is correct to choose diet

правильно выбрать диету
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Not to get set of diseases after diet, and to test happiness from the received result, then it is necessary to think over our diet completely.

It is necessary to think not only about the choice of diet, and ultimate goal - how many we want to throw off kilograms?. And speaking "Yes" to diet we has to understand accurately why we need it.

The reasons there can be set, beginning from nabratiya of several kilograms and to desire in roots to change the life. There is simple truth about which we have to know, beginning our diet. And for receiving the end result it is worth observing these principles accurately!

Irrespective of what you have chosen diet, these rules have to constantly in the field of your sight well be admissible, hang on the refrigerator or near microwave.

So, what principles of effective weight reduction are?

1. You have to lose more calories, than get. At women the organism for normal functioning needs 2000 calories a day. It is clear, that during the strengthened work this quantity will increase, such mode will be, for example physical activities. We will need to find, that balance between the arriving and spent calories which will be optimum.

2. Not to do much harm - the principle which has been thought up still by Hippocrates and not just like that starvation - will be bad option for those who want to succeed in weight reduction. If to begin to deprive food organism, we will deprive of it thereby energy, and it begin to reserve it in the future. And how? Only by means of increase in body weight, I think what can be not spoken, about set of various complications.

3. The purpose has to be real! It is not necessary to set the purpose in skidyvaniye of 10 kg in week - it is necessary to see really things, at worst you have risk to lose self-confidence. You anyway will be able to get rid of excess weight, but it is necessary to know that you will lose 4-5 kilograms a month. If you lose more, then through time you will gain bigger weight, than at you was. Only in that case your hormonal fund will not suffer.

4. Weight loss cannot be instant. One of delusions in weight loss is that everything will be very quickly. So it is impossible to put restrictions of time frames, all framework is strictly individual and will depend on set of factors: age, constitution, quantity of extra kilos, metabolism, genetic features, and still some factors. Many know that the most painful are the last kilograms. It is also necessary to acquire that it is very important to consolidate result and not to recover back in record time.

5. In everything the moderation is necessary. Everything who is in sober mind and sensible memory, will not begin to pour in the organism in means for washing of ware which split fats, for the purpose of weight loss. Therefore it is not necessary to bring itself to hungry faints and to treat with special attention to the organism during periods. Being in the middle of cycle, the organism detains liquids in fabrics. And it needs to be considered. And during periods it is not necessary to torment itself because of desire to eat something sweet, nothing terrible will occur if you please organism with piece of chocolate or banana, but certainly reasonably.

6. Without physical activities diet - not diet. It is necessary to remember that it is necessary to spend more, than to get, and that muscles need tone not to pull muscle, it is necessary to choose the optimum program. Do not torment the organism with painful hours-long trainings in the hall, it is possible to choose option on more pleasantly - walks on foot, skating, rollers, the bicycle, swim, dance, try to refuse the elevator - everything that want only move! To do the main thing this every day.

7. Eat not only products which will help to throw off weight, but also those that will be useful to organism to contain useful vitamins and necessary microelements. Here the rule - is less than fat content more vitamins.

8. All of us are very different. Constantly beauty standards as well as the fashion changes change. Natural beauty - here the main key of health, gloss in eyes, bright smile, beautiful hair - will suit any woman. Do not forget that not everything it is allowed to reach mythical perfection, owing to some genetic features. Therefore it is not necessary to aim to adjust itself to template and to bring itself to dystrophy.

Ideal weight - that in which you feel comfortable, and to be pleasant to you your attractiveness and beauty. Having received ability to control the weight - you will enjoy life, and will not look back at continuous calculations of calories. Therefore the diet has to be such - that it was pleasant to be followed!

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