The correct diet for girls

правильная диета для девочек

Teenage girls are sometimes simply obsessed with the figure. The correct diet will provide good nutrition to the growing organism, and also will allow to get rid of extra kilos.

At this age the figure of the girl begins to undergo changes – hips increase and the body begins to take more womanly forms. These are normal changes which there passes each woman. But sometimes these changes in organism are followed by experiences concerning set of weight and application of different diets.

To avoid extremes of change of the diet and to fill up organism with necessary nutrients, it is necessary to observe the correct mode of healthy food.

Teenagers often rush from one extreme to the other, after the period of absolute indifference to that what products and in what quantities they consume, the period of fight against excess weight which, most likely, is followed by restriction of consumption so necessary to the growing organism of useful microelements follows.

The correct diet for teenage girls will help to get rid of extra kilos, without having done much harm at the same time to organism.

Healthy carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are fuel for organism. They load organism with energy for all eventful day. As teenagers a lot of time will move in the movement, the breakfast has to contain enough carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates provide body with gradual flow of energy for all day. Bread from whole grain, brown rice, muesli, bran, whole macaroni of wheat, vegetables, fruit and grain are excellent sources of carbohydrates.

Force of proteins

Proteins are the most important component of any part of body. Hair and nails consist of proteins. The exhaustion of body is interfered throughout the day by the correct consumption of protein. Thus, the diet for teenage girls has to include low-fat meat, fish, eggs, beans, broccoli, cheese and spinach. As the organism is in growth phase, sufficient intake of protein is vital.

Decisive calcium

Most of women begin to suffer from osteoporosis over time. To avoid such violations in the future, it is important that the diet comprised enough products with calcium as it is pledge of strong bones. Reception of calcium at teenage age is responsible for forming of 45% of all bone weight. The girl everyone needs to drink day, at least, glass of milk. Milk, yogurt, dark green vegetables, cheese, sesame, tofu, cabbage and cottage cheese – the best sources of dietary calcium.

It is a lot of cellulose

The awkward age is followed by problems with weight at many teenagers. Try to change diet in favor of diet with the high content of fibers. Instead of depriving food organism, it is necessary to switch to meal of rich cellulose. Less calories have this appearance of food, but provide enough energy for all day. Consumption of food with the high content of cellulose very quickly provides organism with sense of fulness, preventing further overeating. All grain bread, grain, apples, oranges, bananas, berries, plums, pears, green peas, broccoli, spinach, artichokes, peas, soy, lentil and nuts are good sources of food fibers.

Importance of iron

Iron provides forming of red blood cages in organism. This mineral helps cages with transfer of oxygen on all body for energy generation. For the teenager's organism the close attention has to be paid to consumption of enough iron. The food allowance of girls at whom monthly have already begun has to contain higher consumption of iron to prevent any forms of deficit of iron. Good sources of iron are red meat, eggs, bird, fish, beans, haricot, the vitaminized porridges and all dark green sheet vegetables. To support appropriate level of iron in organism, it is necessary to consume a lot of vitamin C.

Besides the healthy nutrition effectively provides solution with excess weight if is followed by rated physical activities. Daily trainings are necessary for maintenance of health. Lack of physical activity does body sluggish and nonflexible, and also slows down metabolism. Thus, the correct combination of diet and active lifestyle are pledge of ideal figure with preservation of health of teenage girls.