"No to having a snack!" - golden rules of balanced diet

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The person has to eat because the food is our "fuel" without which the human body cannot fully function. The food gives us that energy which ensures normal functioning of all organism.

In everyday food it is necessary to be guided by three golden rules:

1. Full value of day diet

2. Moderation in food

3. Observance of diet

Making the daily diet, it is necessary to take in attention age, state of health, nature of work, body weight, season and distinctive features of food in this district.

Easy bathroom scales have to become indispensable attribute in each house. It does not mean what follows with fanaticism, the best application to become worthy on them after each meal. It is just desirable to control systematically the weight and if necessary to lower the caloric content of the diet.

It is necessary to do it due to reduction of consumption of carbohydrate food – best of all to moderate consumption of sweets, pastries, flour products, potatoes. But at all not at the expense of proteins! As a part of the daily menu there shall be at least one proteinaceous dish.

It is impossible to lose body weight too sharply: according to many scientific nutritional recommendations, this decrease has to be slow and gradual, about 2-4 kg in month.

Planning the day diet, it is necessary to recognize from the fact that the breakfast has to occupy 20-35%, lunch – 40-50%, and dinner – no more than 25% of its power value. At desire it is possible to divide food and into small portions and to accept it in 5-6 receptions. But the breakfast cannot be missed under no circumstances!

  • The best dishes for breakfast are groat porridges on water and without oil. Contrary to established opinion, from porridges do not recover. Options set – semolina and millet, porridge with apples and raisin, rice porridge with honey, the buckwheat filled with fried onions with carrots. Porridges are easily acquired and give to our organism cheerfulness charge for all day.
  • If every day to use one tablespoon of any vegetable oil together with food is right pledge of the fact that in the future it is possible not to be afraid of atherosclerosis.
  • It is necessary to remember providing organism with vitamins. Their shortcoming in the spring and in the winter with success can be compensated by polyvitaminic pharmaceutical preparations. Many give in this case preference to the old and checked Revit, Undevit, the askorbinka well familiar since children's times.

The week menu should be made so that it is boring to avoid daily repetition - uniform, first of all carbohydrate food. If soup is cooked from grain and potatoes, on garnish for second course it is possible to include different vegetables, and, on the contrary, if the first lunch course in the menu vegetable (borsch, soup or vegetables puree), then garnish it is better to prepare for the second from different grain, pasta, potatoes.

  1. Very tasty it is also useful to give to table during the lunchtime (and not only), vinaigrettes and fresh vegetables and greens salads. By the way, different vegetables in our diet has to be a little more, than fruit because fruit contain a lot of sucrose.
  2. Always it is necessary to remember that the standard daily rate of consumption of sugar in all types should not be more than 100 g.
  3. It is necessary to care also for good tastes and attractiveness of food: appetite, and, therefore, and full digestion of all nutrients depends on it.
  4. It is desirable to aim at the use of simple and healthy food. Long ago it is known that regular alcohol intake, fat, hot and salty dishes does irreparable harm to health and shortens human life.
  5. It is worth to remember also about water. It is not necessary to be overzealous in it too – 1,5-2 liters of water a day quite enough. Otherwise there can be hypostases. Water clears gastrointestinal tract and is useful to healthy skin color.

And, at last, it is necessary to remember also that quiet and friendly situation at table – right guarantee of full and healthy assimilation of food. You – "The modern person" therefore do not assume eating of bread essential in vanity and haste, without attention to what you eat.

Do not splash out behind food on the heads of the messmates the saved-up problems.

Do not forget to wish them bon appetit better!