Cellulitis: the truth, once again the truth and anything except

правда о целлюлите
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Cellulitis more than ever concerns and afflicts during beach season. Even if you made all efforts for the fine appearance for bikini season, it not always saves you from this uninvited guest. Even on the appetizing and tightened buttocks displays of cellulitis often are noticeable.

Does not tell about it only lazy. The quantity of wonderful means simply reads off scale and, undoubtedly, two-three, and even dozens, you have already tested on yourself. So why you are interested in this problem again? Yes because it is time to understand – miracles if happen, then only after persistent work and the application of efforts in the necessary direction.

For this purpose it is necessary honestly, without illusions to answer the most important issues.

What is cellulitis

Despite the mass of information on cellulitis in all possible sources, most of women still keep vague, or in roots incorrect idea of it. So, some consider it as illness, someone awards it with ability to form or keep toxins, and others opposite consider it only as sign of puberty and perfect norm. Let's understand once and for all this question.

The scientific name of cellulitis – lipodistrofiya is the changes in hypodermic and fatty layer leading to violation of microcirculation and lymphatic outflow. It can be characterized as the developments of stagnation in fatty tissue leading to her dystrophy. It means that at cellulitis fatty tissue accumulates substances, is normal not characteristic of it, that is in it nodes begin to be grouped. It is emergence stage of "effect of orange skin". In process of increase in nodes, and also consolidation and hardening of fibrous fabrics, the surface of skin becomes uneven as if covered with hillocks. It is stage of the started cellulitis.

Medical specialists still prefer not to use the term "cellulitis" and the majority of them do not consider it as disease.

Whether cellulitis is dangerous?

The latest researches on the matter have shown that cellulitis, finally, leads to serious violations of hypodermic blood circulation. Therefore if at you its insignificant manifestations, then you have nothing to worry, but when it has extended extensively on your body, then it is worth thinking of its dark side as, after all, it is congestive process. Accumulations of cellulitis in lumbar department are especially dangerous.

What cellulitis stages exist?

Cosmetologists allocate the following stages of cellulitis:

- 1ya stage: stagnation of liquid between cells of fatty tissue (soft form);

- 2ya stage: the thickening and hardening of fibers of collagen in fatty tissue, is followed by difficulty of microblood circulation and lymph at the capillary level, that is skin loses elasticity;

- 3ya stage: small knots, that "orange-peel", i.e. stage of rigid cellulitis form;

- 4ya stage: growth of number of small knots, can be followed by pain, there are pathological changes.

Most often the first two stages, the third too the frequent phenomenon meet, and here the fourth develops rather seldom. So why the matter so often very famous if it is only cosmetic defect which there are millions?

From where such agiotage around cellulitis?

In the 19th century certain French doctor "has opened" cellulitis, having called it disease and, from this point, fascinating story of myths about cellulitis has begun.

In 1920kh for this "pathology" have found the name "orange-peel", in 1973 Nichole Ronsard has written the first book about cellulitis, and doctor Atkinson has invented the first anti-cellulite diet. In the late eighties different firms have actively dealt with this issue, inflating problem to unrecognizability, as occurs still.

What methods really give anti-cellulite effect?

Be going to leave illusions:

1) inspection at specialists (cellulitis can be consequence of other violations in organism, without having eliminated which you will not get rid of it),

2) healthy lifestyle (by itself, your addictions, whether it be the excessive use something or other actions which are obviously damaging health quite can be its basic reason);

3) control of weight (it is possible to say much, but cellulitis essence in fatty tissues: so far excessively there is a lot of them, the probability of its emergence is also excessively high);

4) sport (begin with small and persist – not only cellulitis, and and diseases, fatigue and stresses will leave);

5) massage (hardware, manual, can – options weight and all DEYSVUYuT, and some, for example, can, are available to all at scanty investments);

6) surgical interventions (it is separate extensive and extremely serious subject of which you should not think if your stage which is not started 4ya).

So, we have learned some of the major facts which all who are interested in cellulitis problem need to cut on nose:

правда о целлюлите - it is cosmetic problem, but not illness;

- cellulitis only at the started stages is dangerous;

- the majority of wonderful means – baby's dummies and fruits of marketing and advertizing, but not cosmetology;

- it is possible to struggle with cellulitis and it is necessary, but only healthy methods and taking into account features and condition of your organism;

- actively it is possible to struggle with cellulitis in house conditions (sport, balance in food and self-massage give supereffect and do not demand big monetary injections).

Be beautiful with the maximum pleasure and health, making optimum efforts!

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