Practical application of diet of one day

применение диеты одного дня
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Contrary to the majority of other diets this diet absolutely simple.

Are as follows: do not consume golden rules of diet of one day firm write to one of days of the week, drink a lot of liquid this day. Water, the drinks burning fats, serum, juice and tea will wash out your intestines and will help organism to burn fatty deposits.

It is not difficult to begin at all

Generally speak: "It is always difficult to begin". And often so it also is: for example, being trained in playing musical instrument, for a start it is necessary to learn notes. And when you address usual diets, you first of all should study recipes and to make regular marathon on shops in search of ingredients, spending then long hours in kitchen.

In case with diet of one day everything is much simpler. You even should not leave the house - for diet of one day to drink simple water enough. If to you to liking other option, it is possible to get tea, mineral water and the drinks burning fats in advance. It is possible to buy everything for emergency because everything listed does not spoil if to store everything in the cool place and the closed look. From the point of view of discipline it is not difficult to begin diet at all, it is necessary just to refuse food, having replaced it with liquids.

So it is not required neither to consider to you calories, nor to cook special food. In other words the diet of one day can be begun right now. The only thing that you should make, only one day a week is not firm food.

Down with temptations!

If the beginning of diet of one day is simple, then its continuation and that is simpler, the main thing - to continue to fast regularly. The chosen day during which you practically do not consume calories quickly will become habit. For this purpose usually two-three weeks are enough - and already the new, healthy example of behavior has strong taken roots in your life.

And good habits have property to persistently expel addictions.

Do not complicate to yourself life. Try not to be late in the first days of your post near show-windows with sweets and not to keep the company to the friends who have gathered in pizzeria. Not much time that your success and your new sense of responsibility before themselves, the health and appearance have protected you from similar temptations is necessary. And then for you any more problem will not walk in day of post by product departments of supermarket. But in the first 4-5 weeks since the beginning of diet it is better not to subject itself to culinary temptations.

It is simple to forget about food

One of the most important laws of diet of one day says: "It is simpler to eat nothing, than is a little!" In day of post drink more drinks and do not reflect on food. Thus, you will manage to avoid the main neurosis of the people keeping to diet - fear to make something not so.

First precept: is not!

The diet of one day is form of post: you fast within a short period of time (one day), but is regular. But the water consumption this day should not be reduced at all. Of course, it is possible to limit amount of the drunk liquid if it seems to you that it will be so better for your organism. But all other, not feeding love to asceticism, it is possible to suggest to take for keeping fit special drinks, vitamin-rich, mineral substances and protein.

And still clarification of organism and weight loss will take place successfully only if weekly regularly within one day you refuse firm food! That is the diet of one day is not reduction of quantity of the consumed food, it is the real post. Drink, but eat nothing!

The persistence is necessary

Whereas the juice divorced water can be drunk, and from soups it is necessary to refuse freshly squeezed juice. During diet of one day it is necessary to avoid all use of fats. Soups are often cooked with use of creamy or olive oil. Theoretically, of course, itself can cook the fat-free vegetable broth, but then it is necessary to take from it all vegetables. Otherwise digestive organs anyway all the same will get job that just needs to be avoided.

Remain consecutive! Of course, especially will not damage a little eaten yogurt; but as soon as small amount of food will get to organism though, gastric juice will begin to be produced, tempting appetite. Then you will very just get to trap, having told yourself: "If I have eaten yogurt, it is possible to eat also a little rice". Naturally, the sense of diet of one day disappears, it will not bring any benefit.

Second precept: it is necessary to drink much!

The second golden rule of diet of one day says that you have to drink a lot of liquid in day of post. Imagine that you want to wash out carefully all your gullet, all fabrics and cages. When you wash the car, you need large amount of water to wash away all dirt. As well your kidneys, intestines and stomach need large amount of liquid to get rid of slags.

Even in usual conditions the organism needs at least two liters of water daily. But when you eat, significant amount of liquid gets to organism from firm food. For example, fruit and vegetables for 75% consist of water, such products as yogurt, fish, a lot of liquids also contain boiled rice.

If you refuse food, the need for liquid completely has to be compensated by the consumed drinks. Besides, in fasting day your organism needs more liquid, than usually.

Get drunk to satiety

For diet of one day it is important to remember the following:

  • it is necessary to drink in day at least 3 liters of liquid!
  • if you play sports and/or strongly sweat, then for you norm of the consumed liquid in fasting day - 4 liters!
  • if during diet of one day you also drink tea and the drinks burning fats, at least 50% of all liquid have to be consumed in the form of water!
  • distribute amount of the drunk liquid evenly for all day. Whenever possible drink each two hours at least 400 ml of water, the diluted juice, serum or tea!

About what drinks there is a speech

You already know, liquid is how important for process of weight reduction and clarification of organism. But, certainly, not all drinks approach for this purpose. Many of them, and first of all alcohol, contain many calories and litter organism. It is natural if you use them, clarification of organism does not happen.

By the way, whether you how many calories contain in liter of mineral water know? As much, how many and in 100 liters — any! Water is the central link of diet of one day. In addition to it also other drinks containing everything the necessary useful substances accelerating splitting of fats and promoting volume that the diet of one day did not seem tasteless are recommended.

Liquid stores of calories

The liter of lemonade or Coca contains about 400 calories, the same amount of beer — to 600 calories, and liter of red wine — about 800 calories. During diet of one day these drinks cannot be used! Instead address useful and noncaloric drinks. One liter of juice of elder, for example, contains only 150 calories.

Water - Alpha and Omega

Water is life: whether you know that your body for 60% consists of water, and blood — for 90%? For a long time the person can be without food, but without water its existence is impossible also several days. It in literal sense will dry up - kidneys will refuse, blood circulation will be broken.

Valuably and so familiarly

Water promotes release of numerous nutrients from food and cares for that cages were supplied with blood. Besides, water helps kidneys and skin to get rid of harmful substances, to transport food on intestines. And most important: according to east wisdom, human life as it awakens energy in its organism depends on water in literal sense. In diet of one day water plays the central role. And, probably, you will ask question what water it is the best of all to drink. The answer is simple: drink boiled and mineral water, and you will not be mistaken!

We often underestimate simple water

Probably, you think that water in your house is rather intended for washing of ware and toothbrushing, but you are mistaken. In Russia, for example, tap water rather qualitative. Harmful organic and inorganic substances are removed during its filtering and other methods of cleaning.

The reference from waterworks

If you doubt quality of your tap water, cope at waterworks. In some areas the content of nitrates is too high, and, perhaps, it will not be recommended to you to drink tap water.

Contrary to mineral water tap water contains few minerals because water rich with minerals shortly would litter water supply system.

Choice of mineral water

It is important that mineral water which you will choose was pleasant to you to taste. Water has quite various taste. In mineral water there have to be whenever possible a few carbohydrates. Carbon complicates work of gullet, he is badly had by the person so it is better to choose still mineral water.

Water should not be very cold. Too cooled drinks excite mucous membrane. But if personally mineral water the room of temperature does not seem to you pleasant, it is possible to drink also chilled water.

The drinks burning fats

During diet of one day it is recommended also in addition to simple water to drink the drinks burning fats. Most quicker you will grow thin, having added sourness to the life. You can strongly increase advantage of water if you sometimes add to it a little apple cider vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon juice.

pblochny vinegar

Since the American doctor doctor Jarvis (1881 — 1945) has reopened the curative force of apple cider vinegar, this simple product began to enjoy wide popularity. Actually the water divorced with apple cider vinegar is rich with valuable mineral substances and promotes digestion. pblochny vinegar contains vitamins (And, B, B1, B2, B6, beta carotene, With and E), mineral and microelements. In addition, apple cider vinegar delivers in organism and other important substances, such as pectin, tannin, bioflavonoid, enzymes and organic acids, first of all - acetic acid. It very well promotes digestion of carbohydrates and fats! Thus, apple cider vinegar is the simple, but very useful drink burning fats.

The drink which is quickly burning fats

To accelerate metabolism, rather small amount of such drink: on glass of simple or mineral water one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of liquid honey is necessary. Honey perfectly supplements medicinal properties of apple cider vinegar as contains valuable substances, the killing microorganisms, and softens bitter taste of vinegar.

Bitterness before breakfast

To strengthen the influence of diet of one day losing weight, since morning right after you have woken up, it is recommended by small drinks to drink glass of the above described drink burning fats.

Lemon juice reduces appetite

It is quite enough freshly squeezed lemon juice from half of lemon to make of glass of water alternative provided the drink burning fats. The lemon, as well as apple cider vinegar, helps process of combustion of fats. Acid taste reduces appetite, vitamin C protects from many infections - fine prophylactic for cold, especially in cold season.

Old reliable tool - elder

Flowers and berries of elder are very often used in homeopathy. Whereas medicinal properties of plant were familiar to our ancestors, today not everyone even knows its name.

And nevertheless elder plays very important role in diet of one day: if you do not want to be content only with one water, it is regularly possible to drink decoction of elder or tea from elder.

Why elder is recommended? The fact that flowers of elder contain set of valuable biological substances which are extremely useful in days of abstention from food is the important reason of it. pgoda of elder contain:

  • vitamin C: in 100 g of berries about 180 mg of vitamin C contain. It protects cages and improves digestion of oxygen organism
  • potassium: elder concerns to natural suppliers of potassium. Potassium counterbalances water balance of organism and supports work of kidneys
  • niatsin: elder supplies organism niatsiny and supports by that health of intestines and skin. If you work, what niatsin helps cerebration of organism will be especially actual for you
  • carotinoids: 100 g of berries of elder contain at least 350 mg of carotinoids. These are the biological substances increasing immunity. They protect stomach and prevent inflammation.

Elder accelerates metabolism

Power effect of elder is of special interest for diet of one day. Elder activates thermal processes of organism. After the drunk glass of warm broth of elder or tea with elder, sweating process at once begins. Heat demonstrates that the metabolism is initiated. The fact that it is not enough internal heat in body is the reason of many diseases. Whereas our ancestors were very active, we move very little. Therefore it is absolutely not enough internal heat of organism to bring out of it all harmful substances. Elder helps to correct it.

During day of post drink not less than 1-2 glasses of broth of elder or tea from elder. In usual days in the winter it is also recommended to drink at least one cup of tea from elder in day.

It is possible to prepare it as follows: add to teapot tablespoon of dry flowers of elder and 400 ml of boiled water. Leave under cover for 10 minutes that tea was ready. Then filter. At will it is possible to add honey to tea.

Combination of water and juice

There is very good way to receive all necessary vitamins during diet of one day - to mix fruit juice with mineral water in proportion 1:1. You watch that the juice used by you did not contain sugar. The combination of mineral water with the apple and orange juice containing flavonoids, pectin and vitamins is classical. Cocktail which part grapefruit juice is is also useful: the bitterness "pulls together" it liver, and hunger recedes. Try different combinations during diet of one day. Be guided by the intuition and do not drink what will not be pleasant to you to taste.

Milk essence - serum

Serum is also ideal drink during diet of one day. In the Middle Ages serum was used as medicine. The post with the use only of one serum belongs to the most ancient forms of post. And it is valid, the unique combination of components of serum does it by ideal means for maintenance of diet. It possesses many remarkable properties;

  • practically does not contain fats and cholesterol
  • contains albumine and globulin of which plasma of human blood partially consists
  • contains set of mineral substances, such as calcium, potassium and phosphorus
  • supplies organism with vitamins A, B3, E and C
  • harmonizes flora of intestines and improves its activity
  • brings slags out of organism
  • clears digestive organs
  • reduces the level of cholesterol and promotes work of liver
  • calms nerves

Powder or ready drink

In many drugstores and shops it is possible to buy the serum powder intended for cultivation by water today. Special serum for diets contains less sugar. But there is also ready serum which you do not need to dissolve independently. Wide choice of grades of dietary serum can be found in shops of medicinal herbs and dietary products. It is possible to recommend serum grades with fruit taste. Drink during diet of one day to serum liter.

Imperial elixir of life - green tea

Green tea any more not rarity in our life. 5000 flyings ago the legendary emperor Shen Nong preached the miracle force of green tea. Now positive impact of green tea on organism is confirmed with numerous scientific researches. Green tea contains vitamins C, B1, V2, V5 and provitamin A. It is also rich source of minerals and microelements, for example, of manganese, fluorine, iron, magnesium and zinc.

Green tea perfectly burns fats! The flavonoids which are contained in wonderful drink clear blood vessels and help to lower cholesterol level. Saponins protect blood vessels from fat-containing deposits, attaching fats and preventing their hit in the blood circulatory system.

As you can see, green tea is ideal drink for diet of one day. If you regularly use green tea, you will increase the immunity, support digestion process, you harmonize work of heart and blood system and you can even prevent developing of cancer diseases. pponsky scientists have found in green tea EGCG polyphenol (epigallokatekhin gallate). During animal experiments it was revealed that it prevents growth of tumors and the metastasis reduces development.

Activation without excitement

Speaking about diet of one day, green tea has one more interesting property. Unlike coffee and black tea it does not excite. The caffeine which is contained in it is acquired by organism gradually. Therefore and several hours later you will feel in tone. Green tea is especially recommended to be drunk at work (it harmonizes condition of stomach, and also intellectual activity) calms nerves, reduces stress.

The recommended tea grades

On sale there is huge number of grades of tea. For diet of one day it would be desirable to recommend the following:

  • the Japanese tea of Sencha - contains in it not enough caffeine
  • the Chinese tea of Lu Shang Wu - possesses delicate noble taste

Both teas are easily acquired and possess pleasant taste.

Correct preparation

The correct preparation of tea is very important. Incorrectly brewing tea often happens bitter and distasteful. That to avoid it, it is necessary to consider the next moments:

  • tea leaves need to be taken much less, than for black tea. For teapot which holds water liter there will be enough 3 teaspoons of green tea. Leaves of green tea need to be placed in previously heated teapot. Never buy tea in bags;
  • bring water to boiling. Make only qualitative water - if water contains a lot of lime, taste will be spoiled;
  • do not fill in tea with water at once. Leave the boiling water to cool down at least for 5 minutes. Then fill in tea leaves with water and do not mix;
  • never leave green tea to be ready for a long time. At the first tea leaves there will be enough 2-3 minutes. It is possible to make green tea 2-3 times, often the subsequent tea leaves even is more tasty.

Drink green tea in pure form

Do not add sugar and milk to green tea. Even if at first for you it will be difficult. You will feel aroma of green tea, only using it in its natural state. You will get used to this taste soon and will not be able to refuse it any more.

In day quite on forces to drink two teapots of green tea. Remember that green tea invigorates even if in the softened form. Therefore it is recommended to drink it mainly in the afternoon. If you value quiet dream, after 18:00 it is worth refusing it.

Herbal teas for diet of one day

Of course, during diet of one day you can drink also herbal teas. They are ideally suited for any diet and are often recommended as teas for post. At your disposal huge amount of herbal teas. Classical grades - tea with camomile, mint, fennel, and also with dogrose and mallow. Tea with fennel because fennel clears intestines well is suitable for diet of one day, promotes simplification of process of digestion, helps from meteorizm and possesses calming deystvny.

However unlike water, cocktail from juice and mineral water and green tea, herbal teas cannot be drunk in large numbers. Remember that many of them are medicines. If to use them in large numbers, nausea and diarrhea can develop. It is quite enough one-two cups of herbal tea a day.

The best drinks burning fats

In fact, all drinks which you drink during diet of one day burn fats. Even water. When you drink simple or mineral water, you constrain the appetite. In addition you wash out organism, bring out of it harmful substances and you do not consume at the same time any calorie!

Here the list of drinks which most actively burn fats and are recommended for diet of one day:

  • water with apple cider vinegar
  • lemon juice and apple juice + mineral water
  • orange juice + mineral water
  • grapefruit juice + mineral water
  • broth elder/tea with elder and green tea
  • serum

Sweeten drink with honey instead of sugar

For the period of diet of one day do not sweeten the drinks with sugar. It is better to drink tea with fennel, mint and dogrose not sweet. If you love sweet, replace sugar with honey. But it should not be abused, one spoon on cup suffices.

Thanks, is not necessary delicacies

You already know what during diet of one day cannot be eaten. Besides, alcohol, lemonade and other drinks which contain large number of calories are strictly forbidden.

Help clarification

Coffee and black tea if do not add milk and sugar to them, though do not promote completeness, are also contraindicated as they constrain process of clarification of organism. If you really want to reach the maximum effect of diet of one day, that is not only to grow thin, but also to be cleared — physiologically and sincerely, pass post it is necessary to refuse the following:

  • alcohol
  • coffee
  • black tea
  • sugar
  • lemonade, Coca and other refreshing drinks
  • nicotine