Effects of lack of physical activities

последствия отсутствия физических нагрузок

It is a lot of people, on "debt of service", are forced to spend long time at the computer. Some just like to watch TV or to entertain themselves computer game. Certainly, there is no bad TV in viewing or the same game, by and large, anything. But effects from sedentary life and total absence of any physical activities can be how negative?

Negative effects of immobilization

- If to trust results of the researches conducted by Duke University Medical Center, not the active, slow-moving way of life involves increase in visceral fat which gathers around internals much. Its favourite habitat – stomach. The amount of visceral fat in the absence of exercises during half of year increases BY the whole 9%.

Resistance to insulin, it is also warm – vascular diseases and other metabolic syndromes are directly connected with the high level of visceral fat that, in turn, the sedentary life does dangerous. In addition, obesity promotes risk of development of osteoarthritis.

- The muscles which are not occupied with the due number of exercises gradually will atrophy and become very weak without regular activity. Your body, with such muscles, will not work most effectively.

- Also, bones receive too little physical activity to be strong as the result – it weakens them, and leads to osteoporosis at elderly people. Regular exercises need to be carried out not only to young people, but also people on – is more senior, they are directed to preservation forces of bones.

- In the absence of physical activity, the general tone of cardiovascular system significantly goes down, especially at lungs and heart. It is necessary to remember: heart – usual muscle, and the it is stronger, the bigger amount of blood will be able to pump over, and the its circulation on body will be better to happen.

- Besides, thanks to exercises, toxins are quicker removed from organism which come out with then. Therefore, than more we move, that rather toxins will leave our organism.

Early death and diseases

Physical activity – the key instrument of loss or maintenance of weight, along with moderate, healthy nutrition. At its absence the risk of obesity strongly increases if the slow-moving image of human life is combined with continuous access to some undesirable food and bad habits in food. Leads it, often, to increase in medical risk and, by itself, to early death.

Regular trainings and what risk are how necessary, at their absence?

For certain you are surprised if you learn that not active, the sedentary life is more dangerous to yours health, than smoking. The conducted researches of university of Hong Kong testify to the following:

  • Over 20% of all death of people were more senior than 35 years are connected with lack of physical activity. Besides, total absence of physical activity significantly increase risk of death from cancer, at men by 45%, and for 28% at women.
  • From respiratory diseases risk of death for 92% and 75% at female.
  • From heart diseases the risk of death increases by 52% at men and women have 29% at lack of physical activity.

Very few people will wish to get to this risk group and if you agree to bear responsibility for personal health – you will be helped by regular, but simple physical exercises. Sports activities will help to sleep better, always to control weight, to increase organism resistance for opposition of infection, to considerably reduce risk of development of cancer, diabetes and heart troubles, and still will promote the best and faster work of brain.

It is only small part of the reasons which will stimulate to sports activities of any of the person, sane, not indifferent to own health.