Sequence of exercises of morning exercises

❂ Lifting of hands up or in the parties ❂

This exercise helps to straighten backbone, to improve blood circulation in muscles of humeral belt and hands.

❂ Squats

This exercise for strengthening of muscles of legs, increases in mobility of joints of legs and improvement of blood circulation.

Different inclinations forward and back, up down. This exercise strengthens muscles of trunk, back, stomach, increases mobility and elasticity of backbone, improves activity of abdominal organs.

❂ Squeezing

boys from floor, and girls from table or bench. This exercise develops muscles of hands and humeral belt.

❂ Inclinations in the parties

This exercise strengthens lateral muscles of trunk and raises tone of abdominal cavity.

❂ Swing movements by legs and hands

This exercise increases mobility of joints of hands and legs.

❂ Jumps and run (it is possible on site)

This exercise strengthens metabolism in organism, increases activity of respiratory organs and blood circulation.

❂ Slow steps on site and waves hands up and down

This exercise for calm of breath.

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