Popular diets of 2013 according to Google

популярные диеты 2013 года по версии Google
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Several times a year Google publishes lists of the most popular requests, suggesting to learn that it interests its users most of all. Today we want to tell about the list of the most popular diets of the 2013th year among which, quite perhaps, you will be able to choose suitable diet and for yourself.

Michael Phelps's diet

Michael Phelps's diet became popular after this Olympic swimmer has won 8 gold medals. Then many users of the Network began to eat just as it, using 12.000 calories a day that is capable to cause shiver in any reasonable nutritionist. But itself claims Phelps that eats during the day so much food. So his usual breakfast consists of 3 cheese sandwiches, fried eggs, bowl of boiled grain and 3 pancakes, washing down all this with energy drinks. During the lunchtime and dinner he eats about 700 grams of paste with plentiful portion of meat, having a bite during the day.

Whether such diet suits you? Hardly, as Michael Phelps spends the stocks of kilocalories, carrying out 6 weekly 5-hour trainings of high intensity.

Bezglyutenovy diet

The Bezglyutenovy diet is constructed on the principle of inclusion in food of products with low glycemic index, or products which do not cause splash in level of glucose in blood. And it can become guarantee of normalization of level of insulin and disposal of fat.

Today person of diet is the nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios. She claims that those who will trust in it can not consider the number of the eaten kilocalories as at right choice of products, it is possible to grow thin, without paying attention to the caloric content of eaten. Other physicians are not so optimistical as the bezglyutenovy diet does not consider cholesterol accumulation level, or on organism poisoning with toxins.

Crimson diet

It was created by none other than already known in our country doctor Mehmet Oz about whose "Oz's diet" you, most likely heard. He declared that raspberry ketones *** are capable not only to normalize completely body weight, but also allow to get rid of baldness, extensions and wrinkles.

*** - They are on sale in the form of tablets, each of which according to contents is similar to 40 kilograms of raspberry, and in general to lead to the general rejuvenation of organism.

But you do not hurry to rejoice as laboratory researches of preparation have ended at the level of mice, and its original impact on human body is still unknown.

P.I.N.K. diet or diet of PINK

Despite the massive advertizing company, the PINK-diet anything else, how long the known goods in new packaging. Positioned "only for women", it consists of 2 components: cardiotrainings of high intensity and restriction in food which is reduced to 2000 calories a day and consists only of meat and vegetable dishes.

Adriana Lima's diet

The Brazilian model Adriana Lima suggests to eat only liquid cocktails on the basis of protein and vegetable fibers which general caloric content should not exceed 800-12000 kilocalories a day. "Let your body eats that fat which it has saved up", - she calls, showing really fine results when in 11 weeks after the delivery she has grown thin more than for 18 kilograms.

However physicians consider that the similar diet though can serve in the one-time way quickly to lose weight, bears nothing good as after transition to firm food, weight will start over again growing. And the continuous power constructed only on the use of cocktails can cause irreparable changes in work of gastrointestinal tract.

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