Help the daughter to lose weight

Помоги своей дочке сбросить вес

Sooner or later in life of each woman there comes the period when her body changes the appearance. Inevitable natural biological processes are the reason for that. But despite physiology it is quite real to keep slim figure.

Overwhelming percent of women watches closely the weight or, at least, tries to do it. But all know well that to grow thin flying in 18 – not such complex challenge how to make the same flying in 35. Not smaller complexity is also preservation of the achieved results.

In what reason? All the matter is that the need of organism for calories changes depending on situation: growing, feeding by breast, menopause. If to take the following councils into account, then it will be much easier to lose excess weight during the special periods in life.

Girls are young women

At the age of eleven-sixteen years the female organism undergoes the considerable endocrine changes caused by growing. Literally for several months the figure at the girl is rounded, the teenager becomes girl. At many it occurs at quite early age, because of it changes which happen to her body can frighten the girl and will hesitate of the fact that she differs from the less matured contemporaries. With the purpose to get rid of these modifications, some teenagers limit themselves in food. Statistically, about 25% of girls of fifteen years will not climb up from diets, and third from them have insufficient weight.

The teenager's organism very much suffers because of insufficient food, and most of all it is reflected not in appearance, and in activity of brain. Deterioration in perception of information and decrease in intelligence can become effects of these violations. Such unjustified deprivations in food can also cause problems with digestion, skin and hair. Violation of menstrual function that the possibility of future pregnancy and incubation of the child threatens can become the most terrible for girls.

The teenager's organism actively develops in this period and feels big need for protein which is the best of all for receiving from products of animal origin as there to contain necessary amino acids.

Also it is necessary to avoid surplus of proteins because of possible increase of excitability of nervous system. Vegetable fats - the most valuable fats for the growing organism, and carbohydrates – the main source of energy. But it is worth to remember that carbohydrates have to be source no more than for 50% of standard daily rate of calories, is better will if minimize white flour and sugar in diet. But in this case the main thing not to be overzealous, sweets contain glucose which the brain so needs. For construction of skeleton the girl needs calcium, for the best functioning of brain – magnesium, and also iron which loses organism during periods is necessary.

As mother can help the daughter to grow thin

It will be best of all if mother begins to play sports together with the daughter especially as it will be useful them for both. Parents should think of the family habits of food and rest.

What specifically to do to help the daughter to get rid of excess weight? Councils to which it is worth listening are included below:

  • Add to diet as much as possible fresh vegetables and fruit. Do not forget also about possibility of freezing and konservirovation.
  • Sweet drinks and products contain many calories and fat. Therefore not to tempt the child, it is worth refusing such purchases at all.
  • Not superfluous will be to take drawing up the weekly healthy menu in habit.
  • Do not allow the daughter to miss morning meal. The breakfast promotes improvement of metabolism.
  • Fast food – direct way to teenage obesity. You avoid them. But if you after all have appeared in institution of fast food, then try to choose the healthiest food.
  • Give to the daughter enough healthy food with yourself in school that did not pull the girl to be supported with some roll from buffet.
  • If to table constantly moves various products with the low content of fat, sugar and abundance of cellulose, then the child will get used to such type of products over time.

Also remember that healthy food – guarantee of health of all family!