Fitness: advantage and harm

польза и вред фитнеса
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It is considered that fitness - it is unconditional useful occupation for all! Anyhow - sports activities bear health, pleasure, good mood! It appears, not for all and not always.

Let's talk about how it is correct to choose for itself physical activities according to features of organism and seasons.

Not to do much harm to itself

All of us remember that at school we were exempted from physical culture at first after diseases. And maybe, you in class had also those who did not go to physical culture at all? Let's talk about what sports can be harmful at certain diseases.

Absolutely it is impossible to play sports by that who has serious diseases of backbone. The doctor has not just like that registered carrying corset! Keep yourself, either the special medical complex, or massage is better for you.

Sports activities by that at whom the head, problems with the copular device of joints, oncological diseases, flat-footedness 3 degrees, and also SARS and flu is often turned are not recommended. In your case sport not only is not useful - it is harmful!

Each type of physical activity has these or those contraindications. If you are not among listed above, then pay attention whether you have contraindications to the sport chosen by you.

Aerobics and shaping are contraindicated at scoliosis, severe short-sightedness, high arterial pressure, some heart troubles, osteochondrosis. At varicosity standing refuse from step aerobics.

Popular nowadays the kallanetika is contraindicated at varicosity, asthma and bronchitis, severe short-sightedness and vegeto-vascular dystonia.

Bodifleks it can be dangerous at respiratory disease (asthma, bronchitis) and severe short-sightedness.

Sports dances are contraindicated to those who have stomach ulcer of stomach, diseases of liver and kidneys.

Run is forbidden those who has sore heart, vessels, sinews. You should not run if you have problems with lungs, backbone, nervous system and legs.

Do not recommend to do swimming that who has skin diseases, including allergic. Do not recommend to float to yazvennik, cores. Refrain from swimming if you have sore eyes and inflammation of bodies of small pelvis.

You should not get up in the winter on skis and skates that who has severe short-sightedness and pulmonary diseases.

Command sports are dangerous to those who have problems with backbone, have stomach ulcer, asthma.

Strength sports are contraindicated at diseases of cardiovascular system, digestive tract, airways, joints. Exclude power exercises if you have big loss of sight, varicosity or osteoporosis.

Not season

Occupations by this or that type of physical exercises depends on season. It is connected not only with weather, but also with biological rhythms of organism.

It is a high time to ski and skate in the winter. And here run and the bicycle "move" under roof - at your service racetracks and exercise bikes in gyms and the fitness centers.

Pay attention to cardiovascular machines in the early spring. Be engaged in aerobics, Pilates, do exercises on flexibility and extension. When snow descends, it will be possible to resume jogs and driving by bicycle, do gymnastics in the fresh air.

The summer - is a high time for roller skates, skateboard and swimming. Continue studies yoga, aerobics, power exercises.

In the fall, during rainy season, move to gyms and the fitness centers again - on racetracks, exercise bikes and cardiovascular machines.

Gray hair in the head

The choice of physical activity is influenced also by age. The matter is that at different age our organism behaves differently. What happens well for the very young girl, can do much harm to the lady advanced in years.

From 20 years as physical activity dances, cardiovascular machines, power loadings, yoga, run and step aerobics most of all approach. The body is still strong therefore choose that to you to liking.

Since 30 continue to be engaged in power loadings and run. Look narrowly at command sports, bicycle sport, yoga - you have already not so much energy as earlier and fluctuations of weight have an effect.

In 40 years continue to do power exercises, to ride the bicycle and to practice yoga. Surely do swimming, and replace run with walking - you need to strengthen now heart that it did not glitch. Pay also special attention to back.

In 50 years continue studies yoga and swimming, you go much. If you love power exercises, then lose weight. Look narrowly at the Chinese gymnastics chi kung or thaw-chi. You need the movement, but not as loading any more, and in itself - to remain young and vigorous, it is necessary to move!

So, that fitness was in pleasure and on advantage, it is necessary to consider features of the organism, season of year and the age. Only correctly picked up exercises will be able to help you with your aspiration to beauty!

If you are not absolutely sure of whether it is worth being engaged in this or that sport, surely consult to the doctor or the trainer! Play sports in the pleasure and good luck!

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