How to derive benefit from exercises

польза от упражнений

p I am going to begin occupations in the gym. Whether it is worth being overstrained at first?

Having decided to improve the physical state, you, of course, want to achieve progress. But be careful: you cannot take shape instantly, and attempts to achieve it are risky. You will get nothing, except discomfort and possible injuries.

If you methodically do warm-up, to give short classes and it is correct to relax after them muscles, then will be able gradually to increase intensity, speed and duration of occupations.

It is not necessary to train every day - your body needs time for recovery. On it the whole week will be required.

Having shown a little patience now, you will understand soon how far you can promote, without doing yourself harm.

It would be ideal if you were helped by the trainer with the gym.

Show persistence

Despite good intentions, in month - another I give up occupations. What moleno to make to convince itself to continue to be engaged?

You are not lonely. Many stop being engaged even rather, than you. It is the most reasonable to sign "the agreement with himself" - promise themselves to achieve success, and also develop "system of encouragement". Break the program of the occupations into stages. Award yourself for diligence and progress.


Of course, it is possible to tell himself: "p just I want to feel better". But it is simpler to continue - to get trainings when there is clear, specific goal into clothes of the smaller size or to avoid unpleasant feeling when the young colleague, walking upstairs, leaves you far behind. If you were for many years slow-moving, do not wait that you will win running against the sports teenager. But if you have thought to throw all this, remember the purpose.

Division into stages

Many people stop being engaged even if they derive from it pleasure because they do not feel improvements. Make the program, it is desirable by means of the trainer. Gradually increase intensity and the rates of exercises.


Good physical shape already award in itself, but when there are difficulties, encourage yourself. Dare to roll about superfluous half an hour in bed on Sunday, buy something that is pleasant to you, but only not fat or sweet and, of course, not alcohol. As soon as there is desire to give up occupations, reward yourself for the made efforts - give yourself gift.

Additional incentives

Other people can sometimes encourage you. Why don't you register in section together with the friend or the girlfriend? Take part in some competition. You will not want to bring other people. It is enough to achieve at least once success and trainings will become habit.


Choose such form of physical activity which is pleasant to you. If you do not derive pleasure from set of exercises from which you have begun, try to find another which to you will be more to taste.


"Sport is pain"

Delusion. Many people believe that physical exercises bring benefit when you are engaged in them before emergence of pain, but it is the dangerous point of view. Physical activity really takes away many forces. If training is rather vigorous, you will sweat, then you can feel easy ache. But if exercises hurt or you feel exhausted, so you were overzealous.

What time to choose for occupations

The son tries to convince my wife that you should not jog in the second half of day that it is better to be engaged in the morning. Whether so it?

In our organism the daily biological rhythm which in what we specifically are engaged in this or that day does not influence is put. Increase in body temperature - and it is good for muscles - is observed at us, as a rule, at the end of the day. Blood circulation, metabolism (speed with which the organism processes food into energy), and also muscular force reach peak too at this particular time. However the brain works according to more difficult scheme.

The communication mechanism between all these rhythms and sports results is up to the end not found out though results of researches say that the best time for exercises is interval between poludny and about 9 o'clock in the evening. And still hardly biorhythms somehow influence those who are engaged for the sake of health and pleasure.

To receive the maximum advantage of sports activities, all rather serious athletes date time of trainings for peaks of the biorhythms.

Precautionary measures during heat

I and my wife usually like to take tennis lessons when we have a rest in the south in the flying. But now I had had doubts whether it is reasonable to play or train at strong heat?

At occupations in hot weather the main danger - dehydration. If you physically strongly load organism and do not drink enough water, body temperature will rise so that you can receive heatstroke.

Before starting any complex of physical exercises in hot summer day, drink a lot of water. Having felt thirst during occupations, drink still drink. After classes again drink water or the diluted fruit juice. Avoid alcohol, coffee, tea and soft drinks like Coca: they contain the caffeine dehydrating organism. The amount of liquid necessary for training depends on air temperature and duration of occupation. Usually the person needs about 2 liters of liquid a day, add on 1 liter at each o'clock of trainings.

  • Be not engaged in the hottest hours. Try to give classes early in the morning or in the evening.
  • Being engaged on the sun, always put on hat or bandage the head. You wear free clothes which allow to circulate to air.
  • Do not work too much and at once interrupt studies if have felt weakness, nausea, strong thirst, heat or loss of orientation. At the first signs of faintness fall back into the shadow and drink waters.

Reasonable care

At game in tennis or occupations on the sun not of lishna hat, free clothes and drink.

Physical exercises on frost

Whether it is dangerous to go hiking when there is frost?

Physical exercises in the open air have in the winter the big strengthening effect if reasonable measures of precaution are taken.

First of all before exit learn weather forecast. If on the street ice or fog, make short walk on local roads, and postpone distant campaign.

Put on warmly. Put on cap - to 40% of heat of body it is lost through the uncovered head. Asthmatics have to cover mouth and nose with scarf - so they will prevent asthma attack caused by cold air.

Protect also open parts of body. Before going to way, rub the moisturizing cream in face skin. Vaseline on lips will create necessary protection against wind and rain. If necessary apply sunblock cream on skin.

Do not forget to drink more water before exit. The organism is dehydrated even in very cold weather. Take with yourself warm drink.

Before going hiking, do warm-up exercises.

Attentively watch all young people and elderly participants of campaign, especially if someone from them has had disease recently. At the first signs of disorientation, drowsiness or loss of coordination, pallor, cold snap of fingers of hands and legs immediately turn back and take measures against overcooling.

Having come back home, continue to move within about 5 minutes completely to recover blood circulation, especially fingers of hands and legs.

You carry with yourself "emergency stock": flask with warm drink, reserve sweater, some food, whistle and lamp. If someone from participants of campaign has asthma, take with yourself tablets and inhalers - cold weather becomes sometimes asthma attack reason.

ATTENTION! For the purpose of safety report to somebody that you go to long campaign, and tell when you are going to return.

If you have felt worse

Since I have begun to be engaged, I feel worse than ever. What to do?

Quite often the people who have begun to go in for physical culture quickly exhaust on occupations, especially if they long time did not train at all. After classes the person usually feels physical fatigue, but not exhaustion, tests moral satisfaction, but not despondency. If you completely have not recovered in 2-3 days, so you have studied too much.

In such cases it is necessary to see doctor. It will check pulse, will measure pressure and will tell whether those exercises which you do suit you. Of course, not only exercises influence physical state. Perhaps, you accept inconvenient pose, loading back muscles, and because of it feel fatigue? Whether enough you eat and drink whether you provide the organism with the "fuel" and liquid necessary for performance of physical exercises? Do you have enough a rest? Anyway you do not hurry to refuse exercises at all.

Recovery of water balance

At any physical activity the organism loses moisture. Swimming not exception. In breaks between trainings surely drink.

Exercises in house conditions

After warm-up you can start occupations. It is not necessary to buy videotape on aerobics or to register in section as the exercises shown on this page can be carried out at home. However, to gain the maximum effect, it is necessary to be engaged not less than 20 minutes. Exercises can be carried out in any order, but at first it is better to do all exercises in sitting position and on floor.

Squeezing on a lap

1. Kneel. Lean on palms evenly to distribute weight between hands and legs.

2. Bending hands, concern floor nose tip, then return to starting position. Repeat not less than 5 times.

Lateral raising of dumbbells on outstretched arms

1. Take in each hand on dumbbell of the average size.

2. Slowly lift dumbbells on the level of shoulders, then slowly lower them.

Raising of the legs bent in knees

1. Begin to mark on site, highly raising legs, trying to bring closer knee to breast. Hands have to be bent, brushes at the level of shoulders.

2. Having raised one leg, develop upper part of trunk so that to get knee elbow. Do not bend back.

Exercise for bicepses

1. Sit down, foot stand on floor. Having leaned the right elbow against the right knee, take dumbbell of the average sizes in the right hand.

2. Slightly incline upper part of trunk forward, but do not bend back. Slowly lift dumbbells to chin.

3. Having slowly lowered dumbbells, return to starting position. Repeat exercise of 10 times.

Lifting of legs aside

1. Lay down on the right side. Bend the right leg so that it was convenient to you. Put the head on the right forearm, and rest the left brush against floor.

2. Without bending, slowly raise the left leg. Detain her above, and then lower, without concerning floor, to distance approximately in 5 cm from it.

Jumps with turns

1. Extend the right hand aside, left bend before breast. Bend legs in knees.

2. Jump up as it is possible above, having turned upper part of trunk to the left. Knees are bent.

H. During jump stretch hands in the parties and turn to the right. Bend legs in knees.

4. Repeat jumps with turn not less than 8 times in each party.

Stomach exercises

1. Lay down on back. Bend legs in knees, and foot put on floor. Freely arrange fingers of hands of the head, over ears on each side.

2. Raise shoulders and the head so that to see the knees. Slowly return to starting position. Repeat 8 times.

Jumps "star"

1. Put legs slightly separately, knees are a little bent, hands freely hang. Bend legs in knees.

2. In jump widely move apart in sides of hand and leg. The pose at landing will remind star in form.


After downhill skiing I feel awful all body pain and I come back home with the stiffened hands and legs. Whether always so happens?

Tension and precipitancy of the ski slope force the people who are engaged in this sport to give all the best completely. Preliminary trainings will help you to avoid ache in body and pains.

  • Keep good physical shape for year.
  • Best of all before issue to practice on artificial covering or to use the exercise machine. Pay special attention to development of muscles of hands and legs, and also to extension of lower back. Water exercises, jogging or the bicycle will help you with it.
  • Before going to ski, warm up and do exercises on extension of muscles of hands and legs.
  • After driving do the weakening exercises.
  • During issue do not try to ride in the first day too long and vigorously. Increase intensity of driving gradually.

You are ready to driving from mountains?

To take pleasure and to avoid pains and injuries, bring yourself into the necessary physical shape prior to driving from mountains.