Advantage of avocado

польза авокадо
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This product has extended once worldwide from Central America and Mexico. The advantage of avocado has been estimated still by Aztecs. Avocado is obliged by the curative properties to rich composition of useful substances, namely phosphorus, sodium, calcium, copper, magnesium, vitamin A (Retinolum), With (ascorbic acid), E (tocopherol), P (flavonoid) and To (naphthoquinone).

Using only a quarter of avocado in day, you considerably reduce probability of emergence of cancer at you. Will render advantage of avocado and when easing memory and attention. Avocado is allowed to be included in food allowance at diabetes as sugar in this product is practically absent. In it the content of cholesterol is also minimum. Because in it there are no allergens, can safely add some avocado to the food intended to your kid.

This fruit makes positive impact on vessels, heart, digestive tract of the person. It is useful and to prevention of the diseases connected with thyroid gland. Besides it can be used at treatment of anemia and avitaminosis.

But not only medicinal properties avocado possesses. It is also used as means for fight against signs of aging of skin.