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Food problem - one of the global problems facing mankind. Ultimate goal of all planned actions is providing each person with full-fledged food in enough and the wide range.

Along with increase in production of these products there is also other effective way of achievement of goal - decrease in unjustified losses at different production phases, transportations, storages and uses of foodstuff, application of wasteless technologies of their processing, and also development and deployment at catering establishments, the food industry and in house life of modern, more perfect processing methods of cooking. The purpose of these developments - the maximum preservation of nutrition value of products, their economical expenditure, wide use in food of the population of fruit and vegetables.

Value of balanced diet is obvious to preservation and promotion of health of people. In recent years these questions connect more and more closely with culture of consumption which is understood not only as balanced diet, but also the economical, careful and reasonable attitude to food in general.

Articles brought to attention readers acquaint with bases of balanced diet, with the last achievements of science in this area. Specific place is held by questions of balance of diet, practical recommendations about improvement of its structure are made. The majority of the recipes given on the website according to recommendations of Institute of food orients readers to wide use of vegetable dairy products.