Useful recommendations for weight loss of the person

похудеть лицом

Gets fat not only the figure, the person, unfortunately, too can grow plump. But, if ways to grow thin body infinite set, then with the person the situation is more difficultly.

Of course, chubby cheeks can be made visually less about the help of correctly picked up make-up and hairdress, but the truth all the same will emerge sooner or later outside.

Correction of face defects – business difficult, in one day you will only achieve result if address the plastic surgeon. Every day for several months it is necessary to find time for face care if the result really concerns you.

Those whom their full person does not arrange need to arrive as follows.

First, it is necessary to float. The more the better, because absence of hypostases and good blood circulation will become effect of continuous trainings.

The second sport in which it is necessary to be engaged if there is a wish to grow thin in the person is the front gymnastics which is specially intended for this purpose, - handbooks on it can be found in any bookstore or on the Internet. The main thing, is not lazy, and to enter it into the daily schedule, the benefit will not have special value in what time of day you are engaged in it. There is time at work? Forward, to mirror!

The light massage which can light minutes of drawing on cream faces will help to cope with task also, it has to be carried out by the patting movements of small pillows of fingers.

Secondly, you go on diet. Only not first, and intended for the person. Besides three days the diet express not to manage here so it is necessary to have patience.

The diet for the person is under construction on the principle of six-fractional food, it means what is it is possible six times a day, however, portions have to be small. At the same time three meals will be considered as the main, and three – having a snack and when to dream there are four hours about food should be forgotten. In diet since that moment as the diet will begin, sugar, salt, fat meat dishes, pastries and lemonades should not meet. Fruit, vegetables, greens, vegetable oil - here the best friends of those who have set for themselves the task to grow thin in the person.

Water does not lose the positions also here, desire to drink, please, one and a half liters in day of this reviver because it will help to support face skin in tone. Consumption of mineral or pure spring water will be the ideal decision. Coffee, strong tea, alcohol – it is necessary to forget about these harmful pleasures.

The complex on care of it has to become the third and not less important step in fight for distinguished features. It is necessary to do it daily then it will be possible to achieve effect quicker.

As already it has been told above, it is necessary to refuse consumption of coffee and tea when business concerns food, but, here, if it is about external procedures, then they can become great assistants. Srub from coffee thick, lotion on the basis of herbal or green tea, they will perfectly take care of skin, having given it elasticity and force, will make it shining.

The facial massage which it was already mentioned can also be carried out as separate procedure; for this purpose it is necessary to stock up with sea salt and various herbs of which it is possible to make special infusions. They moisten towel which is put on face and through which it is necessary to do massage. By the way, too it is the best of all for last to pay daily attention. The easy, but heavy patting traffics – the best option.

Various nutritious masks, many of which it is possible make houses, naturally, have to take the place in life of those who care for outlines of the person. Not harmfully will be to consult to the cosmetologist that he has prompted what ingredients have to include such masks in your case.