Whether it is possible to grow thin on vegetarian diet

похудеть на вегетарианской диете
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Those who does not recognize vegetarianism as way of life can like one of the most effective vegetarian diets.

Everything is possible, except meat and fish. The remarkable way of food, but also here is some inconveniences. Not at all the stomach with gratitude takes vegetables and fruit, especially crude. There can be dyspepsia, indigestion and other "pleasures". But it, of course, not always. There is also it: let's assume, everything is normal, but something is missing. Strongly there is a wish for small loaf, and the more the better. And then you notice that the health has it seems improved, but excess weight, strangely enough, significantly has not decreased, and sometimes has at all increased.

Especially at those who have completely excluded proteins, but have kept in diet utter nonsense like bread and sugar. And all grain is caloric too, behind exception unless buckwheat.

Some supporters of vegetarianism manage even to set up sports records. Probably, slowly nevertheless are put to meat when nobody sees it. Though claim that for records it is not obligatory to eat meat at all. The full-fledged vegetarian diet consisting of cereals, bean of nuts, vegetables and fruit, quite provides the person with necessary amount of protein.

Besides there are dairy products, grain, bean and nuts. And cheese, peanut and lentil contain more protein, than pork or beefsteak.

We should set up not records, and to lose the weight so you can safely refuse meat. By the way, vegetarianism does not exclude cakes, pies, small loafs, pancakes at all — and it is very pleasant. You will think, meat. In sausage, speak, it is absent at all. Purely vegetarian soy product. Better cake to eat.

So, we start for week vegetarian diet


In the morning:
bread and butter and jam

In one couple of hours:
roll with poppy

as meat substitute — steam of sausages (the same soy, as in sausage so be not afraid to break diet)

donuts and cheese sandwiches


In the morning:
omelet with milk. (It is interesting whether egg is considered meat? How not born chicken? Or not? All right, we will consider it as vegetarian dish not to lose the menu.) And milk — it flows from cow? No matter. Generally, omelet with milk.

fish. Allow, and how with fish? All right, as it definitely not meat, we will consider that everything is all right. Buterbrodik with the Norwegian salmon and the Vologda oil, we wash down with tea.
That hunger did not torment, we add more sugar to tea.

In the evening:
baklava, in other words, east sweet with nuts. It is told that it is necessary to scoop proteins so in baklava of do not limit from nuts.
Do not forget also about cheese. Strew, for example, with it macaroni, from above fill in with ketchup.


In the morning:
egg and green onions pies which you buy in the next bakery. It not only will introduce variety in your vegetarian diet, but also will serve as good physical activity.

In the afternoon, during the lunchtime:
buckwheat cutlets. Boil buckwheat, create from it cutlets, water with sauce with onions and provide that cutlets meat. It is more than bread.

In the evening:
couple of cakes and sweet tea.


In the morning:
couple of sausages with mashed potatoes. Sausages — not meat.

In the afternoon:
rice cutlets. To boil rice, to give it the form of cutlets. It is possible to make sushi: to boil rice, to lay from above pieces of fresh-salted small fish. Fish — not meat. To water with soy sauce.

In the evening:
cheese and doctor's sausage sandwiches. Sausage — not meat.


In the morning:
jam pies from the next bakery. Roll with poppy from distant shop.
One orange (do not forget about fruit!)

In the afternoon:
Strictly speaking, it is impossible to call chicken by meat. In any recipe-book "Bird Dishes" always go the certain head.
All right, chicken will wait so far. Manage stewed kapustka with sosisochka and ketchup.

In the evening:
There is a terrible wish for some meat. Inhibit this desire the next sausage sandwich.


In the morning:
sausages with mashed potatoes. Sausages are not considered too. It is necessary, it appears, the vegetarian not to be heavy at all! For dessert — big sweet pear.

No, chicken not meat is explicit. It is enough to try that to be convinced of it. Well what this meat? We bake ham in oven, we water with ketchup and we eat with French fries. (Or after all meat?)

In the evening:
Perhaps, the post-ugly face should be to itself. Especially tomorrow control weighing. Not to put sugar in tea, cheese sandwiches, without sausage.


In the morning:
weighing. What horror! From where three extra kilos have undertaken? No, vegetarianism — complete nonsense. Proteins, proteins and once again proteins! To hell vegetable diets and rice cutlets.

In the afternoon:
visit of shops and purchase of meat products with the subsequent eating of freshly cooked cutlets — and this time not from buckwheat.

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