To GROW THIN BY NEW YEAR AT ANY COST - week for weight loss

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To throw off excess weight the forced rates and without harm for health, - this task finds huge relevance on the eve of events, important for us: holidays, days of births, well and, of course, before New Year's celebrations.

"To grow thin by New year at any cost", - we make crucial decision, having found out that the favourite dress or jeans have suddenly become are rather small. Such desire is quite clear and natural to any woman. If it is necessary quickly, say, in five days, to throw off extra kilos, and at the same time it is not simple to grow thin for us the purpose, and to look as the princess from the fairy tale, then it is necessary to work.

In the beginning let's understand and what at us "superfluous"?

One of versions of the answer, strangely enough, "anything". The constitution is such. Otherwise to tell, constitution. Here solve: to go on diet, to courageously bring itself to the starved state, to lose rest and ability to enjoy life … Unexpected plus – it is possible to act as Koshchey Bessmertny without make-up.

The second option – water of which we consist, as it is known of school textbooks, for seventy percent. Look at yourself in mirror. If skin and muscles flabby, swelled - that it, with high probability, water also are. How it can be the cause of excess weight? The matter is that liquid which accumulates in organism and for some reason is not removed as it is necessary, has the weight and volume. The body as if "swells". Doctors speak – has swelled.

The decision - everything that brings this excess liquid out of organism. It is possible to descend, for example, in drugstore, to get easy diuretic grasses (basil, cowberry, horsetail). The diet is obligatory. Salt, alcohol, spicy food and all other that brakes water in organism, need to be excluded. Excess liters will quickly leave. Obvious lack of this strategy: again will be gathered also quickly. Because without water to our organism – the khan, being figuratively expressed. Conclusion: it is the best of all to consult to the doctor because problems with excess amount of liquid in organism can be symptoms of serious diseases, of course.

Well and, at last, the third. If extra kilos - it is valid that hated to any girl fatty tissue, then it is necessary somehow to force organism to spend this emergency ration. Means, it is necessary that the body has stopped "reserving" and began "to burn" fat.

And sharply to limit itself in food here at all not exit. In this situation of hunger strike can lead to the return result. "Aha! – our organism will realize, - hard times have come! Well, we reserve-reserve!" Will also begin to lower metabolism level fast. Effect: decrease in immunity (with all that it implies sores), slackness, apathy, fatigue, dim skin, the cracked nails and lack of gloss in eyes. And the fat, reptile, has not got to anywhere. All this is necessary to us by "the responsible moment"? That our photos against New Year tree caused in girlfriends sympathy sighs, but not envy?

The best decision - gradual, without stress, decrease in caloric content of diet (generally "carbohydrate" caloric content, well and, of course, "fatty" too) and increase in the general vital activity. We monitor accurate work of intestines: we drink clear water (not tea and not juice, and not milk and so forth, namely water), it is the best of all for half-hour to food, glasses. And since morning, on an empty stomach - too water. We do not allow, sorry, locks. It is more than vegetables, fruit, in general cellulose (for example, the bran got in drugstore). They and feeling of hunger "will strangle". Sugar and rolls, and especially we exclude candies and cakes from diet.

We lead healthy lifestyle, we walk more, we do not use the elevator and transport, we do not smoke, we do not drink alcohol. We drink, on the contrary, vtaminka, we look after face skin and necks. Gymnastics for tone of muscles.

We try to count calories according to tables. In basket with products it is assumed (ideally, without ridiculous fanaticism) only at what caloric content on 100 grams does not exceed 200-230 kcal. The total result of daily diet does not exceed 1600-1900 kcal (depending on build, growth, loadings and to that similar). We break this "total result" into five, it is better six, meals in days.

If has overcome feeling of hunger, at first we drink, but we do not eat. Water, tea. Has not helped – we go to bathroom and several minutes we brush teeth juicy menthol paste. If it has not helped nevertheless we eat. We do not force ourselves (we do not forget, we mark in the princess, but not at the victims of concentration camps). Piece of boiled low-fat small fish or chicken with vegetable some (pomidorka, cucumber, carrot) – the fact that it is necessary for us. We try to issue dish as it is possible more tasty due to maintenance: we strew with ukropchik, spices and to that similar that will allow us to derive from food at most pleasure. We prolong this pleasure longer: and the feeling of saturation will appear, and well chewed food will be acquired better. Plentifully we wash down food and we jam bran.

неделя на похудение Special question: fat. To refuse absolutely fats, especially vegetable oil, is not necessary because, first, some vitamins are dissolved only in fats and it is simply impossible to receive them differently, and without them – what we wrote about sympathy sighs there? And secondly, fats not just deliver energy to us, but also are source of "construction materials" for organism. So "a little bit" let will be. And here I advise smoked products, marinades, pickles to blacklist. Not only that, we will softly tell, not the healthiest food, so also appetite awake!

I think that you have caught the general principle of creation of holiday diet. A little bit common sense, persistence, there is more love to itself, such unique and fine (you are Woman!) – and everything will turn out.

Progress to you, joyful holiday mood and fine appearance, which, of course, result of good health, but not lightweight!