To grow thin without sufferings

Похудеть без страданий

In million time about weight loss … What it is possible to tell new? Essentially, probably, already anything. But we will try to formulate some thoughts based on experience.

At once we will make a reservation – it is about people healthy which need to get rid from superfluous 3-5, well let 10 kilograms. We will not speak about pathologies, this business of physicians.

The main thesis is old as the world: to grow thin, it is necessary to eat less and to move more. Yes, you will not get to anywhere. Nobody cancelled the law of energy conservation. But what means – is less?

And here is simple less. Let it will be usual food, not dietary, without special restrictions. Here, for example, you have fried to family for cutlet dinner. Tasty, harmful! In an amicable way their the best is not at all: they fat and fried. But to prepare for himself separately is already feat, flag in hands that who is capable of it. And you eat one cutlet instead of usual two-three. Eat it slowly, chew, rejoice that tasty. Without garnish, with salatiky. At slow food the organism is saturated with smaller quantity of food. We have generally got used to swallow as seagulls, we always hurry. Here also we overeat. Until information on saturation reaches brain, we have already eaten twice more, than it is necessary physiologically.

Poured to themselves some first course two ladles – pour one. And again eat without hurrying. You will see, you will gorge on and you will not refuse anything to yourself.

It is not necessary to eat mechanically yet. We a lot of things eat, without noticing. Especially the hostess in kitchen can naprobovatsya for decent lunch. And in general – sgryzl unconsciously drying, candy, on frying pan there was one cutlet from those – well not to throw out, the frying pan should be washed. And it is gathered. And at work any teas with cookies, and even with cake, it seems and food it is not considered and not really and there was a wish, somehow by itself has slipped.

And so it is not necessary that slipped. Is it is necessary when there is a wish, but it is not accidental or for the company. Well, and if there is a strong wish for this cake? To struggle with itself? It is better not to fight, and to cut off absolutely thin piece. Also is it long. It, of course, is not absolutely simple, it is necessary to learn, but effect good. Also have not refused to themselves, and have almost not done much harm.

Diets for healthy people in usual life are not necessary. Well, if only to birthday it is necessary to get into narrowish dress, and when you are healthy and young. Any sharp restriction of food shakes metabolism. The diet comes to an end, and the organism will quickly gather additionally the fact that have selected at it.

If there are forces and will absolutely to cease to eat harmful – very well. But it is not necessary to refuse completely neither fats, nor carbohydrates. You will cease to eat white loaf, sweet rolls and, let us assume, mayonnaise and sausage – and you will become already more slender and, the main thing, more fine. By the way, the organism gets used to good, after a while this mayonnaise will seem you awful muck. Or, let us assume, coffee without sugar at first cannot be drunk, and weeks through two sweet will seem opposite. So it is necessary to experiment: what it is possible to refuse and from what well in any way. If, then eat on health, only gradually in any way.

Conclusion is as follows: any fanaticism and extremism, any extremes and sharp restrictions, good attitude to itself and is not enough reasonable self-discipline. The result will not be slow to please you!