Weight loss as a real man

похудение по мужски

Weight loss – difficult process. And despite it, for people whose weight exceeds norm and causes psychological and physical inconveniences, weight loss - chance to become healthier, more beautiful and to lead much more full-fledged life. Many women are constantly concerned about problem of extra kilos and grow thin practically all life, more than once changing diets and programs of trainings. And what it is possible to tell about men? What incentives to weight loss for men are? And in what feature of man's weight loss?

Good motivation – already half-affairs.

Occasions to lose excess weight a little. First, it is care about health. At weight loss the risk of diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, and also varicosity decreases. Secondly, health. Having grown thin, you will find out that you had had new forces, both in physical, and in the emotional plan. Thirdly, appearance. It will be much more pleasant to you to see in mirror not dangling stomach, and the tightened figure with press and bicepses. As for attractiveness in the opinion of the fair sex then and there is nothing to speak.

Besides, process of weight loss is given to men easier, than to women. Statistically, every second man who was seriously engaged in the figure achieves results whereas at women – only every seventh. There is it because men are less impulsive and more responsible, it is easier for woman to give in to momentary desire to eat something, the man constrains himself as it is ready for the end result.

Correct approach to healthy nutrition.

Let's remember how women grow thin. They it is constant in search of the most effective diet, to eye pain get a grasp of structure of products on labels and puzzle over the calculator, counting calories. Ah yes, still they constantly speak about diets and weight loss. And what to tell about miracle cures which producers promise symmetry nearly next day. For example, teas for weight loss in which medical nature ladies sacredly believe and drink them often with cake or cakes … But, dear men, we will have approach a bit different. We will not confuse to ourselves the head with subtleties of figures and sophisticated diets as for a long time it is proved that for effective weight loss it is enough to observe only strictly several councils which majority you most likely know.

– eat council number one less.

Yes, it sounds is banal, but strangely enough, the vast majority of people does not understand that it means less. They or go on hungry diet or eat once a day, but for four. The basis of the correct diet is gradual reduction of portion to necessary minimum. According to recommendations of nutritionists the maximum portion has to make no more than three of your fists on volume. If during the day you feel hungry, it is possible to have a bite low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt. Or it is possible to eat four-five times a day, but in very small portions.

Healthy food – sound body.

As if you loved the fried potato, chips and beer and other dishes promoting transformation you in big pillow on sofa if you really want to be harmonous and healthy, it is necessary to refuse this good. There are products which are better for excluding from diet:

  • fried dishes, especially pork;
  • canned food;
  • flour products;
  • sweet (here it is worth getting rid of habit to keep in the house of candy);
  • carbonated drinks;
  • semi-finished products and instant food;
  • soy;
  • alcohol.

And here your friends in weight loss:

  • fruit and vegetables (especially fresh);
  • low-fat cottage cheese and cheese;
  • low-fat meat (for example beef);
  • seafood;
  • grain bread, porridge, buckwheat cereal;
  • nuts.

As for preparation, it is necessary to prepare houses, the best option – to get the double boiler, dishes steamed much more usefully.

Little advice: sometimes, very seldom, not to feel restrained afford cake or glass of wine/beer. But in other days keep to strict diet.

The movement is life.

Without active physical exercises to lose weight hardly it will turn out. Therefore make for yourself the program of moderate trainings and as far as possible gradually increase loading (by the way for this program it is worth getting the special diary, it is possible to enter also your dumped kilograms there). Here to you several ideas as with advantage to move:

- Be engaged in active sport, for example soccer. It will give you not only physical activities, but also stay in the company.

- Get habit to run in the mornings. It is not pleasant to run, buy the bicycle – the main thing that you moved.

- If you till this time did not do everyday exercises, immediately start.

- It seems it and not sport, but walks on foot instead of elevators and buses yeild tangible result.

- Do not think that the jump rope is for girls. The jump rope is the excellent cardiovascular machine.

- It is necessary to tell separately about power exercises. For them it is optional to buy expensive exercise machines, enough simple dumbbell or weights, and it is better – that and another. Select the weight and the number of exercises individually, however you watch that quality of exercises did not suffer as it happens at raising of too big scales. Do not forget about warm-up before exercises, at the end it is necessary to carry out small hitch at easy speed. Try to eat not earlier, than in 2 hours prior to trainings. And here it is necessary to drink waters more – during power exercises the reserve of liquid is spent very promptly.

Full-fledged dream – the key to success.

The sleep debt, in addition to problems with memory and attention, also breaks metabolism in organism. Not less than six hours, however specific norm at each person the therefore learn to listen to requirements of your organism are recommended to sleep.