Campaign in gym - need or way to bring order

поход в тренажерный зал

So often noticed: everyone, even it is required to do the most useful serious work overcoming some obstacles. Even I do not know from what the result becomes such joyful – from the made efforts to implementation conceived or the same, only taking into account overcoming by all means the arising difficulties.

Example, usual to banality, – weight loss. Limit of dreams of any real woman and most of men of all planet. Women want it with all the heart, men too, but wish to feel result even more. Along with it men just do not understand why at women the planned action turns out less, than they wish that.

Women do not understand it even more. However all know that if we something have wanted, then to resist they – and first of all to ourselves – is useless. Because we anyway and without reflecting, but we will overcome any obstacles in way to the desirable. Here only not in weight loss.

Techniques, recommendations, we impart experience – all know about everything. But results are not visible. Or it is absolutely insignificant. Or rare. Well it is not possible to do everything in complex. We do fasting day, but behind it comes same loading, holidays, or periodic physical exercises of different quantities. So all also at the same time does not work well.

There is still such important thing as health. Too it is necessary to watch it, at least sometimes. And how to be? The recipe is very simple: to eat less and to move more. If does not help – to the doctor, it is better to the endocrinologist.

The dream begin overwhelms me already long enough more harmonously. It would be desirable somehow accidentally and without any efforts. And that health has not reeled, naturally. Not that there was emergency – perhaps, my external proportions will remain the same, however the visual picture and health will become by all means better. I know from past experience positive feeble efforts. But, there has put, it is necessary. New Year comes soon, later … In the fall I became the happy owner of the subscription in gym. But not so everything is simple, it on medical method, probably my eternal complaints to pains in spin have bothered. And has just collected whether you know, sports never happened to play, only in dreams. And here the dream of the girl has come true, has gone to gym.

First was angry with herself. There was desire to go only because of sauna. Farther because of douches by cool water after sauna. To stretch – pain arises. Massage – pain. Exercise machines – it is heavy and sick. Then has for the first time added weight on the favourite exercise machine. Then something has not appeared on some places of body of the fact that there was everything lately. But all the same as if has jammed me. Weight is not reduced. Though prevented that three months are possible on anything not to hope in respect of weight reduction. As do not try. Also it has appeared indeed. It is a pity and what here can be made. It is necessary to continue that.

Several months of later, in particular before New year, it was delightful, was respectful to herself. Especially on scales. It became lower than waist too everything is all right – here did not think that so happens. The girlfriend has looked and has gasped: "Well there were also you harmonous". However, waists are only higher. But it was only smooth transition of one of another, in sense from below up. All laws of physics, and also overeating were broken.

And I help. Somehow in itself has entered diet and tired oat-flakes, different juice, seafood. Not often, but nevertheless. Sweet rolls, pelmeni house and stakes become obstacles and by all means arising, but such delightful surprises. Gradually I began to understand that only based on physical activity – even if in the direction of specialists – absolutely it is impossible to grow thin. And there is it not such necessary. Because the positive all the same is present. Health became better, the figure has improved, there was tone at muscles and vessels (they have no place to disappear when they are constantly loaded, and then warm up and cold water fertilize).

The pleasure from what you overcome yourself comes. And business even not in exercises. There is step through morning not volition, thoughts that I will precisely go next time. Quietly you perceive traffic jams and the surrounding fellows meeting on the road. In general, driving in minibus – quite specific type of movement in space, especially when rush hour. You reach, quickly you change clothes, sit down to measure pressure and – towards to health and the correct way of life.

For these several months has realized what to grow thin in general that and it is not necessary. It is necessary to try to make toilet. In total one after another – the movement, diet, appearance, positive spirit, the relation near and far.

Leaves quite so because for yourself you try. Very frequent it becomes more difficult, than it seems first: to take and do for itself, but not for others. You begin to be surprised as the world changes around.

Each fence or obstacle opens by means of gate, and unexpected circumstances, even as it has appeared, can be very pleasant. From what cheese cakes pelmeni, urgent matters or laziness they did not consist.