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In total edited six rules of weight loss.

They are simple.

Follow them, and the result will not keep itself waiting.

Rule 1: At supper — minimum of calories

за ужином — минимум калорий It is even better if you follow the wisest national proverb: Eat breakfast itself, the lunch is divided with the friend, and give dinner to the enemy. In other words, the in the late afternoon — the less food.

Nourishing dinners — the main reason of addition in weight. The last meal has to be as soon as possible, at least, no later than 19 - 20 hours.

If the day food is transformed generally to energy of maintenance of our activity (physical, intellectual, emotional), then eaten at supper almost entirely goes for fatty deposits: after dinner the majority of us does not work.

The trouble is that by the evening at us the strongest appetite. This results from the fact that from 16 to 18 o'clock - working capacity peak, the second for the importance (the first — from 10 to 12 o'clock), and at owls it is even later. The organism which has dispersed during the working day works at full capacity and demands food as during the lunchtime. The body does not know that it should not work today any more. And how to deceive stomach not to overeat for the night and not to feel hunger torments?

The answer is simple: to eat the low-calorie food poor in carbohydrates — vegetables, fruit, greens, low-fat kefir, skim cheese, low-fat grades of fish. Salads can be eaten in any quantity, having only slightly seasoned them with sour cream, olive or sunflower oil, mayonnaise, but better lemon juice.

If before going to bed there is feeling of hunger, drink mineral water, tea without sugar or glass of juice, low-fat kefir. Eat apple, eat carrot.

Roughly speaking, it is necessary to fill stomach, but with minimum of calories, fats and carbohydrates. And to strictly forbid itself for dinner butter, smoked and half-smoked sausages, pork, fat beef, fried potato, nuts, granular caviar, sweet. Limit farinaceous food to bread piece, it is desirable rye. Refuse hard alcoholic drinks: 1 g of alcohol gives 7 — 8 kcal at oxidation; besides, the alcohol weakens self-checking behind consumption of food and stimulates appetite.

Rule 2: Lower portions

убавьте порции The best way to get rid of extra kilos — to leave them on plate.

Take yourself smaller portion in comparison with that to which you have got used. For example, half. Also do without additive. To accelerate saturation, exclude the dishes and seasonings stimulating appetite.

There is genetic reason for which we overeat more and more every year: the need of organism for food decreases with age, but the habit to certain portions remains. Therefore, even without increasing consumption of food, we actually overeat every year more and more. And, therefore, we put on weight.

Also decrease in physical and emotional loadings affects. With age we stop sports activities, and on performance of professional duties, having gained skills, we spend less energy.

Experience of many including the author, has shown that for maintenance of active life it is enough to eat half less than what we usually consume. It is just necessary to get used to eat less. Is a little — useful habit, it is a lot of — harmful. Having realized it, you join views and way of life of the people making color of the nation.

The great commander Suvorov spoke: Keep stomach in hunger — and you will be healthy.

The ballerina Maya Plisetskaya who is perfectly dancing despite old age, has told so: There are I want always. Has just got used not to pay attention to it. The famous singer Galina Vishnevskaya as she manages to keep fine form, has answered question though is rough, but is very intelligible: It is necessary to guzzle less! That is to limit itself in food — business for it usual.

Having eaten less, you will get hungry earlier. Not to suffer, it is necessary to be supported again. It will turn out that instead of 3 — 4 meals a day you will have 5 - 6 (that is also recommended, by the way, by nutritionists). But at half portions the total number of calories will be all the same less.

Rule 3: Prolong pleasure!

растягивайте удовольствие Eat as it is possible more slowly — tiny pieces, slowly. The food is pleasure, pleasure taste.

We take pleasure when chewing (but not when swallowing). Therefore it is necessary to chew longer. Besides badly chewed badly it is also acquired. Pieces of not chewed food decay in stomach because of what the healthy flora in it is oppressed, mechanisms of neutralization of poisons are suppressed. On each glotatelny movement there have to be more than twenty chewing movements. Very important circumstance in favor of it: when the chewing lasts long, true physiological saturation happens almost synchronously to braking of the center of hunger in brain. At fast food of people eats much more, than it is necessary for it, but signals of it do not manage to come to brain and therefore the feeling of saturation long does not come. When, at last, appetite is satisfied, the person that is called has already eaten too much.

For the same reason it is not necessary to read, carry on during food intense talk, etc.: excitement in the central nervous system suppresses the center of satiety and the centers regulating assimilation of food owing to what long there do not come saturation and the food badly is digested.

Those who owing to profession are forced to watch carefully the weight, know ways how to prolong process of food and by that to overcome feeling of hunger, having eaten physiologically necessary minimum. So, some gymnasts eat yogurt... fork. It is clear, that actually they should lick it only. But they, certainly, achieve the goal: both are full, and have eaten the trifle.

By the way, the fact that our portions are physiologically not justified, excessively big sets also example of ballet dancers: having huge physical activity, they manage food minimum.

The author eats the evening biokefir or yogurt with spoon for mustard — too to prolong pleasure.)

At fast food and full spoons the feeling of saturation will appear only when the stomach is filled excessively. You remember: big spoons you will quicker dig out to yourself grave!

The feeling of hunger is caused by decrease in concentration of sugar in blood. Right after meal this indicator is not normalized. Therefore it is desirable to rise because of table with feeling of easy hunger. After a while concentration of sugar in blood will return to normal, and the feeling of hunger will disappear.

The feeling of saturation can be accelerated, having for a while interrupted food (for example, having been distracted by washing of ware, short telephone conversation). It is also possible to drink glass of any unsweetened drink, juice. But it is better to do also without excess liquid.

It is possible to occupy also right after meal itself with some business — to clean teeth, for example. Only do not keep within to lie down, do not plunge into somnolence: at this moment the fat will be tied.

If you have not eaten up a little — you have gorged on,
if has gorged on — you have overeaten,
and if has overeaten — that has eaten too much

(Chinese proverb)

Rule 4: Eat low-calorie products

питайтесь малокалорийными продуктами That the feeling of hunger did not torment, the stomach has to be busy. But results of its work (in sense of body weight) depend on what it digests.

If he works on the products containing a lot of fat and carbohydrates — oil (creamy, sunflower), cheese, sour cream, cream, fat meat, smoked sausage, sweet and farinaceous food, weight will increase. If digests products the low-calorie, containing few fats and carbohydrates (greens, vegetables, fruit, kefir, milk, skim cheese, fish, low-fat beef, meat of hens), weight is lost. The specified products contain, besides, many vitamins and the microelements which are catalysts of the correct metabolism and therefore vital.

On consumption of vegetables, fruit and juice we most lag behind the developed countries — by 5-8 times (for comparison: on meat, dairy products lag insignificant). As the result — is not enough vitamins that breaks exchange processes, fat is not split, and laid.

In shop there is always choice of products, and on packaging their caloric content is specified.

The exclusive place among vegetables is taken by potatoes. We consume it much, it is many times more, than it is necessary for organism. And it contains many carbohydrates. But for garnish potatoes are better, than much more caloric macaroni and grain.

It is necessary to notice, however, that fried potatoes are more caloric, than boiled as it prepares on oil, fat, that is with participation of the products containing a lot of fat (for comparison: 100 g of potatoes in uniform — 120 kcal, fried — 180, French fries — 214, and chips — 228 kcal).

The vitamins and microelements received by organism with greens vegetables and fruit are most useful: they arrive evenly and are acquired in process of requirement of organism.

Vitamins B tablets are useful and necessary for the majority of us, especially in the period of spring avitaminosis when even fresh vegetables because of long storage have already lost part of vitamins. The cauliflower in the refrigerator loses every week 10% of vitamin C.

Tinned vegetables lose 40-50% of useful substances. As for greenhouse, by the end of winter in them remains twice less than vitamin C, than in the vegetables and greens which are grown up in open ground. It is necessary to make up for these losses in the artificial way.

Much fell in love the yogurts which have been available for sale — tasty and it is useful. However about advantage allow to doubt: caloric content of 100 g of this product — 260 — 280 kcal, our native kefir — 59 kcal! All difference will appear in fatty deposits of fans of the overseas invention.

And long since the sunflower sunflower seeds loved by our people also promote addition in the weight of those who are fond of them. In 20 sunflower seeds not less than 80 calories (because of the high content of sunflower oil, very caloric). So elementary discretion to you will not damage!

Expenses on food on this system will be less, than usually as low-calorie products cost cheaper. Besides, you will refuse many drugs and preparations which are quite expensive now.

Rule 5: Having got hungry, do not rush to table. Pull time.

вода The best seasoning to food — feeling of easy hunger. Our instincts were created in childhood of the world when receipt of food was irregular it was low-calorie; the organism on case of hunger created fatty stocks. In fauna this instinct helps his many representatives to survive (bears, for example, live only at the expense of the fat which is saved up during the warm period in the winter). But we receive food regularly now and much so the ancient instinct of accumulation of fatty stocks strongly harms now us. Everyone who will begin to eat less will be convinced of nonsense on necks of flesh: he will see that the organism and has enough smaller quantity of food quite!

Having felt easy hunger, rejoice that process has gone: at this particular time your body obviously loses flesh. Do not rush to table.

There is recipe how without serious consequences to pull time:

Drink waters, it is better mineral — that which is pleasant to you more or it is recommended by the doctor. Drink to tea, only without sugar and candies! Sugar is not casually called white death. It for 99,9% consists of carbohydrates which are instantly acquired and turn into fatty deposits.

If meal time has approached, but you can postpone it — make it! Recommendations to eat at the same time are developed for those at whom the small appetite and weight is lower than norm.

Rule 6: Give yourself physical activity

Thereby you will kill two hares:

a) you will burn excess calories;
b) physical exhaustion you will reduce appetite.

There are many ways to lead more healthy lifestyle. Let's specify those from them which are most effective for weight loss.

1. The most useful physical activity — that that in the late afternoon. Not wearisome that did not prevent to fall asleep then, and giving pleasant fatigue (everyone will easily establish for himself optimum loading).

The following option is most effective for weight loss. Having felt desire to have supper, be engaged in physical activity, exercises: jog, driving on roller skates, in the winter — on skis, running on the spot, fast walking (including down - up ladder), squats, jumps (with jump rope, for example, or under music), hand wash, linen ironing (women of evening works have more, than at husband's, and it is one of the reasons for which women live longer). The main thing that it needs to be done not to fatigue, and exercises — not to sweat.

You will choke — control pulse. It has to be not higher than 85% and not lower than 75% of the size determined so: from 220 it is necessary to subtract the number equal to your age. Such mode of physical activity provides at the same time both weight reduction of body, and training of heart.

Not to be mistaken, measure pulse within 5 seconds, and then increase on 12. Longer measurement will give the underestimated value as practically right after the termination of loading heart rate decreases and does not characterize condition of heart at the time of loading. дайте себе физическую нагрузку

2. The loading following by efficiency for weight reduction of body — work on the seasonal dacha or campaign in the wood for mushrooms, berries.

If two days off to work to good fatigue, but at the same time, leaning in food on the salads which are slightly seasoned with sour cream or lemon juice, will dump up to 2 kg of weight.

Being at home during week-end can be engaged in physical exercises.

3. Do not miss any opportunity to move more: try not to use the elevator; you go whenever possible quickly; do not stand on the escalator of the subway, and go (if there is opportunity, certainly), pass one - two stops on foot, and waiting for the bus — you resemble.

Visit sweating room. Acquire the subscription to the swimming pool. Only you do not spend time in water in long conversations (the author constantly observes such scenes), and try to float as much as possible. The more you will be tired, the it is more than advantage. The same and when bathing in reservoirs. Boating, work with oars more vigorously.