Whether it is possible to grow thin by means of absorbent carbon

активированный уголь
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Absorbent carbon is the most popular sorbent. With its help it is possible to remove quickly toxins which have got into intestines with food.

Absorbent carbon is present at each home first-aid kit. It costs little, but by efficiency does not concede to the majority of expensive sorbents. Absorbent carbon can be used in case of food poisonings. But it is also applied for the purpose of weight reduction.

The active (activated) coal - the most excellent absorbent.

Effective ways of weight loss by means of absorbent carbon

Way first

To eat exactly ten tablets of coal. But it is necessary "to break" them into three receptions, but not at once to drink. It is possible "to break", for example, so:

In sixty minutes prior to dinner.

In sixty minutes prior to lunch.

In sixty minutes prior to breakfast.

Way second

Waking up, eat one tablet of "aktivirchik". And so - every morning. Do not forget that the coal dose should be increased. Start with several tablets (from two or from three).

Way third

It is necessary to drink so many the activated tablets how many kilograms of weight contain in your body. If you weigh kilograms fifty - drink five tablets if seventy - seven tablets.

Highly effective 3-day diet about addition of absorbent carbon

The first day you drink only kefir. Before the use of kefir in 30 minutes you take 1 pill of coal, washing down it with water. If it is difficult for you to sit on one kefir, add boiled or baked potato.

The second day - apples. You can take any grades, but if you have stomach ulcer, it is impossible to use acid fruits. At gastritis refrain from sweet apples. If you have problems with kidneys - fruit needs to be baked. Take pill according to the same instruction.

The third day - vegetables. For the strongest effect it is better to choose one vegetable and all day to use only it. If for you it is difficult, do salad or vegetables on couple. Do not forget to drink coal in 30 minutes prior to food. Attention! Any spices, in particular exclude salt and pepper - they strongly stimulate appetite.

Who cannot grow thin with absorbent carbon

There is number of contraindications:

  • stomach ulcer or intestines;
  • gastritis with the lowered acidity of juice;
  • chronic locks;
  • pathologies of mucous membranes of digestive organs.

It is also undesirable to accept absorbent carbon at lack of calcium of organism.

Whether absorbent carbon promotes weight loss

Many doubt efficiency of this way only because it is too simple and available. But effectiveness not always directly depends on the price. In case with coal the situation is quite so − inexpensive means helps to achieve quickly excellent results, so far as concerns safe loss of excess weight.

Positive impact of coal is caused by its porous structure. Thanks to it coal actively absorbs heavy metals, gases, medicines, poisons and other chemicals. Use of coal for weight loss yields result thanks to the fact that coal quickly absorbs and brings liquid out of organism. Thus, it is possible to grow thin by means of absorbent carbon, and this way of disposal of excess weight does not do absolutely any harm to organism.

And, of course, to grow thin by means of absorbent carbon, in addition to tablets, it is necessary to eat dietary dishes (it is desirable, steamed or boiled), fruit and vegetables. Such diet guarantees weight loss, let and not only on absorbent carbon. Similar recommendations are made by many doctors. As they speak, combination of absorbent carbon to any diet (for example, vegetable) yields very good results: clarification from slags. Here such at us the diet on absorbent carbon turns out.

As it is often possible to adhere to diet on absorbent carbon

The maximum duration of course - 60 days. To grow thin by means of absorbent carbon, it is necessary to alternate the periods of reception of preparation (10 days) to the rest periods (10 days). The diet shall be followed by reception of polyvitaminic preparations. After the termination of course to organism quite long period of recovery can be required.

Pay attention that this diet can suit not everyone. Therefore before beginning reception of absorbent carbon consult with the dietitian.

Having summed up the result, it is possible to allocate that as separate preparation, absorbent carbon to weight loss will not bring, and here in complex with diet, physical exercises, can quite serve as efficient and supportive application for disposal of excess weight. Conclusion of slags and toxins already advantage to organism and small short step to its unloading.