As it is possible to tighten the skin which has drooped after weight loss

подтянуть отвисшую после похудения кожу
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Before describing the methods allowing to cope with this problem it is necessary to understand some moments of prevention of emergence of such phenomenon.

As a rule, the drooped skin is result of prompt weight loss on large number of kilograms. It is natural that it is impossible to apply such ways of weight loss to the prevention of such condition of integument. The drooped skin is only external manifestation of this pernicious process.

Fast loss of subcutaneous fat and exhaustion of muscle bulk leads to the drooped skin. The last is not just harmful, but also deadly process in organism. For example, exhaustion of internals leads to different diseases. Most often, obesity which can provoke further number of negative processes in all organism is result of such process. For example, obesity of liver can lead to development of its cancer!

So, on medical norms the adult and healthy person can dump from 0,5 to 0,7 kg a week. Only such weight loss happens due to loss of fatty component and ensures safety to all organism including to integument. Besides, such weight loss is fixed that cannot be told about sharp weight loss: upon completion of diet or starvation, for example, body weight is very quickly recovered at the expense of fat. Muscle bulk is not recovered at it weight loss, and skin any more, having been left without support, droops.

Also it has been noted that lack of full-fledged protein in food promotes also negative processes in integument as its structure is broken. Generally, on condition of skin huge impact is exerted by food allowance: if it qualitative on structure, then problems does not arise and skin will remain healthy.

And now we will address pressing problem – how to tighten skin if it has already occurred. Let's consider the main ways of tightening.

Main ways of lifting of skin

The basic principle of tightening are processes which have to return those structures which are responsible for normal state of skin to active state. First of all, it is muscular tissue. Therefore, for its activation it is regularly necessary to begin to train. For example, power trainings within fitness perfectly cope with this task. It should be noted that intensity of training needs to be developed so big that the speed of exchange processes in organism has increased up to that value at which processes in muscles and the skin surrounding them become more active.

Other, not less effective way of lifting of skin – water procedures. The cold or contrast shower is capable to work wonders. Many people do not even suspect, this way is how effective.

Cold shower and furthermore contrast, stimulates work of skin vessels therefore processes of updating and tightening in skin considerably accelerate. Once is enough to carry out such procedures pass in order that the effect of tightening has taken place, and in the near future.

For lifting of skin of body there are also various cosmetic wrappings which use special cream, dirt, clay, etc. ingredients.

Besides, for giving to skin of esthetic look use different look massage. Massage also activates the processes in skin promoting its tightening. However this way rather painful, in spite of the fact that effective and costly. This way to apply to those people who have varicosity is impossible.

So, the human body – very difficult mechanism demanding special leaving without which it or will lose the some functions or completely will stop the existence.

Skin – one of vitals of the person who reflects in himself all changes in organism. Proceeding from it, follows carefully and is comprehended to treat all changes happening in organism including to weight loss.

Skin is that part of the person judging by which it is possible to tell a lot of things about health and wellbeing of the person therefore it is important to know not so much how to fight against effects of this or that wrong technique how many to prevent use of this technique.

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