Present yourself symmetry

подари себе стройность
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As many women want to grow thin! And it, generally, is unsurprising. So it has turned out that in our world harmonous to be better, than NOT harmonous. And therefore persons interested to grow thin become more and more. Here only the desire it comes true not at all. And that is why – now we will understand.

Video - how to become harmonous in month

I want – I do not want

No, friends, this is not about guessing on camomile. More likely, that you imagine when you speak and you think that you want to be harmonous. What? That men do you compliments, girlfriends admire (or envy), you with ease can put on any pleasant dress. Approximately so, huh?

Also there are really such women – with compliments, girlfriends, and general admiration. You, probably, at least once yes met such – they eat more you in two, and even three times, but it are not reflected in their figure. In any way. They both were harmonous, and remain. And in what here secret, in general it is unclear.

Probably, matter in certain inborn predisposition which dares not to refuse anything, but at the same time to shine with beautiful, slim figure.

And when you speak to yourself: "I want to be harmonous", - you mean it. There is the fact what is wanted and how many there is a wish, not to torment itself with exercises and in general to derive pleasure from life. So?

And when you think that for all these compliments you should go on diet, to register to the gym, and in general to make efforts, all heat somewhere vanishes at once. Well, maybe not at once, and in week. When muscles mercilessly ache next day after exercises when after six in the evening the stomach persistently demands food when at the girlfriend on birthday serve amazing cake … The sense remains invariable – you or throw it, or after the next diet recover again.

And as a result you have pessimistic thoughts – I cannot, at me it will not turn out, it not for me and so on …

I will tell you honestly – for this reason you and you do not grow thin. Because you have not enough motivation. Because to change life – and we speak about it now is it is necessary to change most.

Guide to new life

At least to begin to do something for implementation of the desires, it is necessary to find incentive. Powerful and efficient. What there is a speech about, you likely have already guessed – make for yourself the card of desires. Already wrote about it much, but I will repeat and I will tell once again. The card of desires is way to remind itself of the desires every day. It is evident and, according to many people, is rather efficient.

There are different ways of the card of desires. Someone considers that it is necessary to make square feng shui, and on its parties respectively to paste symbols of the desires. Some believe that the main thing not that order in which it is built and that mood with which you do it. How you will make it - it is your personal record. The main thing that aspects of life, important for you, your desires and that the card has been located where you will be able to see it often were reflected in the card. It is possible to use the card of desires as prompt on desktop of the computer, wall-paper on the mobile phone, pictures collages in bedroom. The main condition – that you often saw it and believed that your desires will surely come true.

карта желаний

To fix achievements

When the first steps to symmetry are taken, the card of desires is created, and you have already dumped couple of kilograms thanks to diet or still to something, it is a high time to indulge himself. No, not piece of cake.

You for certain heard about the one who such Pavlov. The great Russian scientist who has opened a lot of things useful and in particular, studied conditioned reflexes.

And what is it - conditioned reflex and what it is related to weight loss? And here the most direct.

The conditioned reflex is the certain reaction to some irritant caused artificially. In other words, we not always went on need to toilet, we to it were accustomed by parents. Encouraged when all of us did correctly, and abused when we "were mistaken".

And so, to grow thin, it is necessary to accustom the organism to life which will provide you symmetry. Every time when you do something for weight loss, surely encourage yourself. For example, in day on diet or for exercises in the gym dare to lie down in the evening in bathtub with foam and enjoy this moment. Do something similar every time when you have made though some step on the way to slim figure. Your organism has to "understand" that to be harmonous – pleasantly.

One more method – not scientific. When you see that have lost the next extra kilo – give yourself gift. Buy disk of the favourite performer or cosmetics, costume jewelry or the book which was wanted to be read long ago. Options there can be set here – the principle one: you have to reward yourself for achievements.

Relax and derive pleasure

расслабься и получай удовольствие The speech not about sex. Though you should not refuse sex - it is not only good way to dump several cells of kilocalories, but also to lighten mood.

But now not about it, and that from everything it is necessary to learn to derive pleasure – and from morning jog, and from light breakfast and from everything that in this regard happens to you. It both will lighten mood, and the effect of all these actions will be more explicit.

Japanese have such concept – "mono but the Avar". In a broad sense it means that any moment of life is valuable. It is necessary to enjoy what is now. And to release this moment because if not to make it, you will remain in the past. It is impossible to live neither past, nor future. The only thing that is real - it is present situation which needs to be appreciated. Therefore enjoy everything that you do, and then process of weight loss will turn for you into pleasure. And at the same time you will find out as far as your life to the best has changed.

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