How to be cleaned from slags by means of absorbent carbon

как почиститься от шлаков с помощью активированного угля
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Zashlakovannost of human body — scourge of modern civilization. The domination of low-quality food, interest in smoking and alcohol, air gas contamination, bad quality of water, non-compliance with rules zozh (healthy lifestyle) — these and other factors lead to the fact that people acquire harmful baggage for the organism — assemblage of slags and similar harmful "garbage".

Especially the problem concerns women as slags, being postponed in body, not only worsen the general state of health, but also become the weight set reason. To improve health and appearance, clarification is recommended.

There is mass of the ways helping to say goodbye rather quickly and safely to harmful accumulation. Inexpensive and efficient technique — clarification from slags by means of absorbent carbon. This element with success was operated still by our ancient ancestors. Knowing about ability of coal to absorb different toxic substances and poisons, they treated poisonings and many stomach diseases and intestines.

Presently coal, thanks to development of chemical and pharmaceutical industry, "is able" to absorb toxic organic compounds, strong toxins and harmful gas agents in very decent volumes. Having got to organism, coal with ease incorporates the poisoning elements, and in 6 - 10 hours leaves body together with harmful "captives".

To be cleaned in house conditions, accept inside coal in the form of tablets or the preparations sorbents containing absorbent carbon. Within 10-14 days daily use preparation, expecting dosage depending on body weight (1 tablet each 10 kilograms).

The principle of action is as follows: getting in the person, the sorbent becomes some kind of porous molecular sponge connecting and absorbing toxins and other "baddy" of the different nature. It can be both harmful bacteria, and food allergens, and alcohol, and salts of heavy metals. The element also perfectly occludes surplus of harmful products of metabolism, such as cholesterol, urea, some lipidic complexes.

Clarification by absorbent carbon has to be followed by diet (the balanced, low-fat, healthiest food) and consumption of large amount of liquid (it is better if it is butylated water, not less than two liters a day). It is important to know that along with slags absorbent carbon takes away with itself part of useful bacteria from intestinal microflora. And if the course of clarification is too long, and the dosage of sorbent is strongly exceeded, then it can lead to dysbacteriosis and violations in motility of digestive tract.

After clarification by absorbent carbon advise to lean on the fermented milk products and drinks enriched with live bacteria. Will be not superfluous to add vitamin complex as long reception of coal tablets can result in deficit of vitamins to them. In general, though absorbent carbon is considered the sparing method of cleaning of slags, you should not be fond and abuse substance. From collateral manifestations it is possible to note also emergence of resistant lock.

If accurately to follow all rules of coal clarification, then it is possible to achieve quite good results. First, weight loss — to 5 kilograms for two-week course of reception of tablets is noted. Considerably appearance improves, many problems of skin are solved (such as eels, gray color, the increased greasiness, the inflamed spots). In all body there is ease, is breathed more freely in a literal sense!

For coal weight loss and clarification there are contraindications. The way cannot be applied at chronic stomach diseases and its bleeding, and also at ulcer defeat of 12-perstny gut, hypersensitivity to sorbents.

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