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Healthy food

The food role in human life is very big therefore it is important correct to organize the diet to support good health and health.

So, rules of healthy food:

Eat porridge for breakfast

Many people consider that from the use of porridges it is possible to grow fat, but it not so. If, of course, you cook porridge on water, without adding butter. It is useful to eat porridge with raisin, pieces of apples or bananas. It is possible to try to make buckwheat cereal with carrots or rice porridge with onions. Only you do not cook porridge on milk, such porridge will not bring benefit.

Eat vegetables more

It is possible to cook from them various salads. It is better to use vegetables, without adding to them fat additives. Fresh fruit need to be eaten more often too.

Diversify the diet

It is constant to use uniform products – boringly. Besides, it is dangerous by emergence of shortage of vitamins and important nutritious components. To receive the necessary set of different microelements, vitamins and unique mineral substances, it is necessary to eat many various products: vegetables, nuts, meat, fruit, berries, greens, fish, bread and dairy products.

You watch balance of food

The optimum interrelation between the main substances (proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and mineral salts) is important. The favorable ratio has to be reached also between important components of feedstuffs (amino acids and starch).

Eat more wholegrain products

Vitamins and microelements which are present at these products well influence state of health. Such products are rich with cellulose. And it is useful to digestive tract.

Refuse observance of diets

This rule does not belong only to diets of medical foods which are recommended on medical indications. Healthy food and various diets among themselves are not compatible at all. The diet assumes strict restriction in products, their number, ways of cooking, meal time, pursuing only one aim – reduction of weight. And the main task of healthy food is providing organism with all necessary substances.

You watch condition of mouth, gums, teeth

Caries or diseases of gums are additional sources of the infection creating load of immune system, stomach and intestines. After reception of food it is even desirable to brush healthy teeth to eliminate the remains of food and to avoid emergence of dental plaque. If there is no similar opportunity, it is possible to eat half of orange or apple. And it is possible to rinse just well mouth water. Surely use tooth thread.

Avoid the use of the packaged products

The packaged food contains a lot of salt, fat, sugar. The high pressure can speak big consumption of salt. Buy fresh fruit, meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products. Eat potatoes, pasta and bread less.

Do not eat tasty and at the same time very harmful products

Various smoked sausages, caviar, sausages, breast cut, cakes, rich pastries, candies are, certainly, very tasty products, however they belong to the harmful category of products. Using them, you spend spare cash and gain additional kilograms.

You watch amount of the eaten salt

Salt has to be present at your food allowance, it is necessary to organism. However some people use it in much large numbers, than it is necessary. It is desirable in day there is no more half of teaspoon of salt. Limit the use of different pickles, marinades, semi-finished products and store sauces. At them there is a lot of salt.

Eat food in regularly small portions

Do not refuse sharply types of food, undesirable to health, at first just reduce their quantity. Change food allowance gradually.

Have surely breakfast

Those who since morning has no appetite can advise to drink on an empty stomach glass of water. In 20 minutes the organism will prompt that it is time to eat.

Do not use at one time together cold and hot food

It is impossible to mix, for example, more hotly coffee and ice cream. Excessively cold or hot food is harmful to organism. Normal temperature for cold dish is considered room.

Refuse the use of dyes, sugar and preservatives

Such rule is very important for the organization of healthy food. Its observance will help you to get rid of excess kilograms. Refuse or eat less products containing dyes, sugar, preservatives and amplifiers of taste. Canned food, confectionery and sausages, for example, belong to such products.

Observe the water mode

In day it is desirable to consume about two liters of water. However the excess use of water can do harm as the raised loading for heart and kidneys will be created, will be brought vitamins and many useful mineral substances out of organism. It is possible to use for thirst satisfying broth from dried fruits, cranberry drink, grain kvass, green tea, mineral water and fruit juice.

To refuse at once usual image of food for many people can be difficult. Therefore you do not aim to make it instantly. It is better to do it gradually, without forgetting about the principles of healthy food. Carry out rules with pleasure. Sometimes it is possible to relax and eat a little something not too useful that healthy food has bothered you. And gradually you will get used to it.