Healthy nutrition - guarantee of health

правильное питание

"What we have - we do not store, having lost - we cry". Possibly, most of all this popular wisdom belongs to our health. Its state is natural and imperceptible for the healthy person as breath. But diseases come, and we become wiser.

The reasons of diseases are quite diverse. Often ourselves are guilty of it. Let's take, for example, food. Millions of years ancestors of the person were vegetarians, then hunting and cattle breeding have entered animal products into food. It has led to reduction of variety of plants - primary products of the biosphere - in food of people.

Cooking throughout many centuries was individual, house, and it considerably kept natural complex biologically of food live active agents.

But technical progress of era of industrialization has absolutely changed nature of food, having even more narrowed set of the species of plants used in food, and development of public catering has transferred process of cooking of the house to factory.

To the middle of the 20th century in food of the population of technically developed countries there were three basic changes:

  • first, the set of the raw foodstuff was extremely narrowed
  • secondly, processes of cleaning, refinement of natural products from as it seemed, excess, "ballast" substances have been fulfilled
  • and they were succeeded, thirdly, by numerous chemical additives: preservatives, dyes, emulsifiers, antibiotics, and except them still set of substances, poisonous for the person, from the contaminated environment.

And the person has paid for it numerous "diseases of civilization". Among the first such pathological states and diseases it is possible to call the excess weight, excess of fat in blood, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes (diabetes), gout (the increased content of uric acid), and caries. It is possible to rank heart attack of heart and stroke as them. Both is consequence of premature atherosclerosis (calcification of blood vessels).

The civilization has brought diseases of immune system, frequent infections and allergies. At allergies the immune system inadequately reacts to, apparently, insignificant irritants - hair of animals, flower pollen, household dust and some foodstuff (egg and milk is frequent).

Rank as diseases of civilization also arthroses (premature wear of joints) and other diseases connected with wear of the motive device.

Diseases of modern way of life are rheumatism, kidney and gallstones, cancer, multiple scleroses, certain forms of depression, and also functional and psychovegetative violations of health.

Most of people try to get rid of diseases and to prolong the life by means of drugs. They consider that the care about their own health and organism can be shifted to shoulders of the doctor. But any doctor cannot make for the person of the fact that the person can and has to make for himself. Nobody is better than ourselves cannot constantly support the organism in good shape, it is necessary to observe laws of the Nature only.

These laws were studied by hundreds of generations of people and have reached us in sacred books of many people, works of the famous doctors of the different countries and eras. And today the given doctors offer us ways of natural improvement of human body. All of them see basic reason of destruction of health in organism self-poisoning with the harmful substances collecting in it as which source, first of all, consider improper feeding and urge to give to organism all substances which it needs, having taken them in the Nature only in necessary quantities and having as much as possible kept their natural properties.

We want to give to readers of the website the chance, to find own, the most acceptable for everyone way to the country "Health", having compared different views of the famous doctors, sometimes mutually exclusive and categorical, but integrated by idea that compliance with laws of the Nature is way to health and longevity.