Seven troubles – one lunch!

питание в обеденный перерыв

The lunch is such important issue which it is necessary to approach hungry!

Lunch in due form for the modern person – almost unattainable luxury. We have almost got used to eat in front of the computer or behind reading, stirring with colleagues or hurrying to return to the left unfinished work, swallowing of badly warmed food or starving on fashionable diet. Sometimes we simply pass the most important part of diet! It is necessary to throw these addictions urgently. Doctors recommend.

"Unfortunately, to have dinner "correctly" at the modern person it turns out very seldom, - the gastroenterologist Svetlana Motovilova complains. - The one who eats, without coming off working process, harms itself. For example, when we eat in front of the computer screen, or we read something behind food, we distract from chewing movements. As a result the food gets into our stomach of insufficiently processed. Means, it will badly be digested. Without noticing that, eating in front of the computer, we swallow too much air. As result – eructation. Having dinner hurriedly, we not always manage to warm food. The cold lunch can cause gastric spasm. It is even more harmful to eat cold food, or washing down insufficiently. In that case gastric juice will not cope with food. The dry lump will lie in stomach weight, and will not be processed properly. If the food repeats with no drink constantly, you are threatened by gastritis. The ideal lunch has to begin with soup. Without first course, I consider, lunch – not lunch. It is desirable to eat a few fruit or vegetables, it is possible in the form of salad. Then – meat or fish with garnish. And finally, and it is even better – during all lunch, any drink".

Women of fashion who keep the figure of course already have managed to be terrified. How so, there are so much calories for only one lunch? Naturally, there is also "facilitated" version of the midday menu. The main thing – not to go too far, having stayed for lunch absolutely without calories. Because is often and little by little much more usefully for figure.

"Even if you adhere to some diet, it is very important that it was balanced! – the nutritionist Lyudmila Krasnogorova specifies. - Even at rest your organism spends some calories. And they need to be filled. On average, for the woman who wants to grow thin optimum figure – 1700 kcal a day (provided that it works at office, but not at building). For men, naturally, this figure is slightly higher – 2300. And the lion share of these calories is the share of lunch break which most often at us turns out "crumpled", "on the run". In the middle of the day I would advise to eat food rich with protein. You watch that in lunch dishes there were eggs, boiled meat or low-fat ham, cottage cheese, and, is desirable, fruit. Pay attention and to drinks which you drink. To wash down lunch well fruit, and it is even better vegetable juice. Ideally they have to be freshly squeezed and without sugar. Most "dietary" of fruit – pineapple, grapefruit; from vegetables the tomato will approach. If there is no wish for juice – it is possible to drink mineral water. But it is very important that it was without gas!"

Well there is a lot of subtleties …. And still doctors not for nothing insist on the. Health, as well as honor, it is necessary to protect from the youth.