Food of people of advanced and senile age

питание пожилых людей

Because of hypodynamia, reduction of power expenses, there is falling of activity of many processes proceeding in organism of elderly people.

It is necessary to take care first of all of decrease in the general caloric content of diet, mainly at the expense of fats of animal origin and carbohydrates. These measures will help to warn both obesity, and development of sclerous violations. However food has to remain various, with inclusion in diet of vegetables, fruit and berries, vitamin-rich, microelements, and also ballast substances.

Here it is possible to agree with the scientist, famous in our country, N. M. Amosov who considers that to avoid gastritis, enteritis, colitis, it is necessary not to protect our digestive bodies, and to train completely.

"Our stomach and intestines, - Amosov writes, - are capable to digest any rough food unless not needles. I think that they keep this ability till old age. The soft, crushed food gruel detrenirut muscles of intestinal wall and, perhaps, reduces release of enzymes. p for simple food: vegetables, fruit, bread of rough grinding, baked potato. I consider that each person has to eat not less than 300 grams of salad from crude vegetables. Certainly, these recommendations do not concern to patients to whom the special diet is ordered".

It is possible to be guided by this statement about need of the use of vegetables, fruit, the bread from coarse flour containing significant amount of rough cellulose in the organization of the food and elderly, to people. It is only necessary to add that the oligodinamiya characteristic of the majority of elderly people has an adverse effect on motor function of intestines, speeds up and makes heavier evacuation of contents. It is necessary to aim at stimulation of intestinal vermicular movement. At the same time it is necessary to remember that the rough food has to be well chewed therefore pay the closest attention to condition of mouth.

With age there comes decrease in the digesting ability of digestive juice. For this reason avoid difficult digested types of products. Fat grades of meat, especially fat, - food not for you. The dinner in general has to be facilitated and accepted not later than two and a half - three hours to withdrawal to dream.