How to fight against food dependence

пищевая зависимость
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Food dependence - one of the most widespread. As a rule, to it women are subject to thicket. To 80% of women are familiar with this phenomenon not by hearsay.

It is possible to cope with this problem at observance of the main condition: to be honest with by itself and ready to the application of certain efforts.

Forms of food dependence

Food dependence is shown in different forms. Let's consider different types of its manifestation:

Professional dieter

The paradox, but too disappears in maniacal following to different diets dependence on food! At the same time itself "eternally growing thin" it is confident that it only aspiration to be in shape.

Unconscious eater

This person absorbs food without system. Because of frequent having a snack on the run he can just forget about lunch. As a rule, in the evening the attack of hunger overtakes it and then it cannot just stop. He is inclined to consider that he is absolutely indifferent to "tasty", but because of the chaotic consumption of food absorbs much bigger quantity, than it is necessary.


The fine judge of gastronomic delicacy is subject to risk - taking special satisfaction from food, it becomes dependent on plentiful feasts.

Emotional eater

Differs from other types in what by means of food tries to cope with emotions. If the first three representatives can solve the problem, having corrected the mode and style of food, then in this case not to do without global psychological preparation.

How it usually occurs? At the moments of internal discomfort or loneliness of the person "the saving thought" of something tasty, stored in refrigerator subsoil visits. With its help it is possible to lighten mood! One piece of cake gives feeling of rest, problems as though recede. The next portion follows for the first and so proceeds until everything is destroyed.

And here the awful mood aggravated with sense of guilt for the intemperance returns. Extra kilos and centimeters are added to everything. Even the consciousness that the food has assimilated to drug cannot stop the begun process. Nutritionists claim that loss of control over desire to have a bite and the subsequent sense of guilt – the first sign of emergence of food dependence. At this stage the self-deception mechanism when tries to remove the arisen problems of people by means of food on background turns on.

We get rid of food dependence

Having realized the dependence on food, you should not fall into despair, it is necessary to get rid of it! How to make it?

1. Estimate only physiological hunger and never absorb food mechanically!

Instead of "intercepting" something on the run, try to estimate real feeling of hunger on five-point scale where 1 – "it is strongly hungry", and 5 – "it is absolutely full". If you can estimate the condition on 4 or 5, have never a bite.

2. If problems force to look in the refrigerator you, deal with them.

Trust in council of psychologists: commit problems to paper. Having divided leaf into two columns, in one designate the reasons of the disorders and alarms, and in another – ways of their elimination. Even at negative results do not hand over positions and again return to the list.

3. Think up to yourself occupations at emergence of negative emotions.

Walk or any distracting occupation will be good alternative: needlework, drawing, it is ringing to parents or the girlfriend, reading the interesting book. Sitting in front of the TV is not really welcomed as there can be temptation of "having a snack" in the course of viewing of cinema.

4. Get the diary of food.

Writing down in it as when you eat, define time of day when you are overtaken most often by hunger and by this time stock up with low-calorie products.

5. Full-fledged dream – indispensable condition.

Hunger very often arises against frustration of dream. There is it due to decrease in content in blood of leptin – hormone which regulates appetite and signals brain about satiety.

The food is one of the main sources of pleasure, but you should not forget that it has to be the friend and the ally, but not to dictate the rule of conduct.

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