System of exercises - PILATES

упражнения пилатес
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For the person of this millennium the care about health has become not just norm of life, and the need dictated by environment conditions, development of new technologies and high vital rhythm. Once you relax a little and not to pay to the physical state due attention, immunity right there decreases, the metabolism is broken, extra kilos appear. These changes involve a number of diseases which treatment can drag on afterwards for the uncertain period.

Today all conditions are created in order that any person could seize the opportunity regularly to be engaged in the physical improvement. Huge set special the technician for improvement and weight loss allow to make it with the minimum financial and time expenditure. Each person can choose for himself that way to healthy lifestyle which for it the most efficient and comfortable. However the bigger trust is caused by those complexes of physical activities which have passed long-term tests and have helped many people. The system of exercises Pilates treats such systems.

From where the Pilates system has come to us

Popular this system in our country became relatively recently. And, as well as many other things, has got the glory thanks to demand from entertainment stars and other public celebrities. Fulminant distribution of system in circles of people, not indifferent to the health, is explained by its efficiency and concentration the carried-out exercises. And meanwhile, the system is more than hundred years old.

This set of exercises has received the name in honor of the person who has thought up it and has developed - Joseph Hubert Pilates.

откуда пришла к нам система Пилатес In 1880 in the small German town located near Düsseldorf very weak and frail boy was born. It is difficult to provide that commitment, persistence and the attentive relation to own body has helped little Joseph to overcome such diseases as rheumatic fever, asthma and whole "bunch" of other diseases. Already at fourteen-year age, thanks to own system of exercises, young Pilates had magnificent health, body of the athlete and appearance of model.

When in 1926 Joseph immigrated to the United States, its well-known system has found new admirers and adherents. Exactly from there, from America, this method of training of organism has begun the victorious procession worldwide. Despite some transformation and adaptation to modern reality, the Pilates system, today, still relies on those dogmas which have been offered by her author.

What is represented by the Pilates system

Today the many people are wanted to be found out in more detail for themselves what is Pilates what benefit is brought by system and who can be engaged according to this program. As well as any complex of physical exercises, the Pilates system it is based on certain strain which is experienced by the person during exercises and sport. However at this complex there are several essential differences from other rule at the expense of which Pilates had become to be considered as unique.

First of all, as exercises Pilates are carried out slowly, measuredly and smoothly, it is almost impossible to be traumatized during training. The main goal of system - to teach to feel the body, to feel each muscle and each stone. Of mastering equipment you will be able to learn to manage Poe measure not only own health, and and independently "mold" to yourself such body of which always dreamed.

The basis of system is made by the exercises for all body developing flexibility, mobility and strengthening cross and direct muscles of stomach which Joseph Pilates called "durability framework". Muscles without accumulation of muscle bulk allow to strengthen combination of the correct breath to the smooth, concentrated movements softly and consistently. At the same time those muscles about which you did not even suspect get into gear during training.

Soft and, along with it, consecutive, deep impact on organism as a result leads to surprising achievements if to follow the principles of system Pilates:

  • correct breath
  • conscious concentration
  • constant control of "durability framework"
  • smoothness and softness of movements
  • concentration
  • regularity of performance of exercises

Being engaged in Pilates under the leadership of the competent trainer or just at home, you will be able to strengthen the organism, to lose excess weight and to get rid of many diseases.

For what and who needs this system of exercises

Pilates it is possible to call system of exercises surely one of the most efficient and safe systems. People of any gender and age, regardless of their physical training can carry out complex.

Except the general improvement of organism Pilates allows to solve such problems with health as: the headache, spine injuries, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, back pains, stresses, etc. Besides, physicians of the whole world actively use this system during the recovery period of the patients who have had severe injuries.

It is very demanded Pilates for weight loss.

Applying special complex it is possible to adjust purposefully figure, getting rid of extra kilos in the right places. Moreover, women who are going to become mothers can be engaged absolutely fearlessly by this technique as during pregnancy, strengthening muscles of stomach, basin and bottom of back, and during the postnatal period quickly to return the former symmetry and beauty.

Being engaged on system of exercises Pilates, many people, after a while, note inflow of forces, the general rejuvenation of organism and lack of negative emotions. It should be noted that the system promotes improvement of work of brain and helps to develop intuition, logical thinking, memory etc. In our prompt time similar abilities are just gift which can receive any who to aim at improvement not only bodies, and and souls.

In what advantage before other systems

Many sets of exercises are based on physical activity of organism. The Pilates system is not exception too and for occupations you should make some efforts. Nevertheless, there is the main difference which transfers this system from the category of mechanical impact on organism, to the category of purposeful training of body.

преимущество перед другими системами The matter is that Pilates shows integrated approach at the same time to all organism, but not to separately taken group of muscles. You do not train separately back, press or legs, you train all this in uniform complex.

Loadings are distributed in such a way that the maximum quantity of muscle bulk at the same time is studied. Besides, in addition to just automatic performance of exercises as, for example, occupations on exercise machines, all movements in Pilates harmoniously supplement each other and demand concentration and concentration. The person who is engaged on this system very well feels the body and consciously directs necessary energy to recovery of organism or to disposal of unnecessary fatty deposits in problem zones.

Councils for beginners and as it is correct to be engaged

As well as any new business in which the person begins to be engaged for the first time the system of exercises Pilates for beginners has to begin with the general acquaintance and introduction occupations. For this purpose it is necessary to use services of the professional coach or instructor. However, thanks to the Internet, it is not obligatory to visit the training hall for mastering popular complex today at all. At desire you can carry out house Pilates, not only having read sequence and technology of exercises, and and having watched video and photos.

Nevertheless, Pilates is considered rather difficult on technology of performance by complex. Not to nullify all your efforts, try to follow the basic rules which are actual, first of all, for beginners:

  • you show consideration for breath during training - you breathe breast, trying to open more widely edges at breath and as much as possible to reduce muscles at exhalation
  • constantly control press - you keep it in suspense throughout all occupation, scooping energy and extending it to all organism, all movements have to go from press
  • most precisely implement recommendations and adopt the correct provision - the inconvenient or wrong pose can not only not bring benefit, but also do much harm to organism
  • shoulders, during performance of the majority of exercises, have to be lowered - it is of great importance for statement of the correct breath since at the lowered shoulders the thorax reveals more widely
  • you hold the head directly, without throwing back back and without pressing chin to breast - when performing exercises on floor or being on all fours, it allows to involve groups of muscles which are difficult studied in usual conditions
  • try to extend backbone throughout performance of all exercises - you increase distance between vertebral disks, doing the body more flexible and mobile

There are some more recommendations which Pilates coach can give you. It is enough to visit two-three trainings to understand for themselves the basic rules and to have opportunity further to carry out exercises house Pilates, without constant control of the instructor.

The exercises on system Pilates directed to weight loss

This system assumes use of three types of exercises: exercises on floor, exercises on exercise machines and exercises on floor using the special equipment.

It is necessary to train barefoot, having picked up convenient sportswear which will not hold down body, to cause discomfort.

Occupations require small rug and some scope for movements.

At desire it is possible to turn on the gentle quiet music allowing to be adjusted for work.

Exercise "Boat"

Sit down on floor, having bent knees and having clasped hips with hands. Feet, at the same time, have to stand completely on floor, legs on basin width.

Stretch the top up, straightening back. Tear off feet from floor and raise anklebones parallel to floor. Stand for several seconds in such situation, controlling breath. Make deep breath, at exhalation pull in stomach, having slightly rounded backbone.

At the following breath you straighten back, repeating breathing exercise at first.

упражнение Лодка

Exercise "Cancan"

Sitting on floor, bend legs in knees, lean on forearms, having arranged elbows under shoulders. Socks of legs, at the same time, slightly have to touch floor, and legs are densely squeezed.

Pull in stomach, make deep, full-fledged breath and at the same time develop knees to the right side. At exhalation straighten legs in knees, having lifted them on diagonal to the body. The following breath is followed by return of body to starting position.

Exhale and execute the similar complex of movements directed to the left side.

Alternating exercise and controlling breath, make several repetitions.

Exercise "Cross-wise"

Lying on spin, bend and raise legs so that anklebones were parallel to floor. Elbows have to be divorced in the parties, hands behind the head.

Densely pressing back to floor, pull in stomach. On breath tear off the head, neck, shovels from floor. On exhalation straighten the right leg (it will turn out at an angle 45 degrees to floor) and, without caving in in waist, be developed all over to the left side. On the following breath you return the body in starting position, without lowering shovels.

When performing the following breath execute the similar movement to the opposite side.

Exercise "Level Pose"

Being on all fours, lean on forearms, having elbows under shoulders, and knees on the line of hips.

Having straightened and having taken away back, put on sock consistently both legs. Foot of legs have to be pressed the friend to the friend. Having straightened body from the top to heels, accept the Level pose, having formed straight line.

Make deep breath. Exhaling, raise hips and hang the head, accepting dolphin pose. On the following breath return body to initial pose.

Exercise "Move leg"

Exercise is carried out on floor. Being on all fours, straighten hands and put wrists strictly under shoulder joints. Legs have to be located on one line with hips.

Beginning exercise, smoothly straighten, take away back and put on sock consistently both legs, leaning and keeping balance on toes. Foot, at the same time, it is necessary to hold together. Having lowered hips, it is necessary to form straight line, having become straight from the top to heels.

On breath the leg is raised, on exhalation - lowered. Consistently alternating the right and left legs, exercise is repeated several times.

Exercise "Mermaid"

Having bent legs in knees, conveniently sit down on the right hip. The right hand lean against floor, having straightened elbow and having set aside hand from the body on distance no more than 15 see. Put the left hand palm up on the left knee.

On breath make a start the right hand and raise hips. The left hand, at the same time, should be extended up. Your pose has to remind letter "T". Having smoothly exhaled, accept starting position.

On the following breath repeat exercise, having changed the parties. Serially carry out exercise at first in one party, then in another.

упражнение Русалка

Exercises Pilates on ball

Exercise of "Peak"

Lying on ball, not hurrying pass hands on floor forward so that the ball has appeared under anklebones. The body of body has to be parallel to floor, and palms are located under shoulder joints.

Strain muscles of press and make deep, smooth breath. On exhalation lift basin and, without bending legs, roll ball in the opposite direction, to hands. On the following breath repeat exercise at first.

упражнение Пика

Exercise "Turns of scissors"

Lying on spin, place ball between shins. Extend hands in the parties, having arranged them at the level of shoulders, palms down.

Having bent knees by 90 degrees, lift ball over floor, densely holding it legs. Having made breath, on exhalation lower legs with ball to the right, without tearing off shovel from floor. On the following breath return to starting position, and on exhalation repeat exercise to the opposite side.

упражнение Повороты ножниц повороты ножниц

Exercise "Back extension"

Sitting on ball, widely place legs and stretch hands to floor. As much as possible relax muscles of back, neck and humeral department. Try to control breath, taking smooth breaths and exhalations.

упражнение Растяжка спины

Exercise "Press extension"

Sitting on ball, small short steps pass forward, along with it, slowly deviating back and laying down on ball lumbar department. Put the head and shovels on ball, and stretch hands in different directions. The main points of your body, such as the head, basin and back, have to adjoin to ball.

As much as possible weaken press and waist, having slightly stretched and controlling breath.

растяжка пресса

Contraindications for classes in the Pilates system

As you could already understand, bans and restrictions for classes in this system just do not exist. All Pilates of contraindication are reduced to one - it is impossible to carry out exercises carelessly, inconsistently and thoughtlessly.

It is necessary to observe the basic principles Pilates and to do all movements smoothly, concentrating attention and controlling breath.

Besides, you should not forget that any exercise of system should not cause pain. If similar occurs, it is necessary to stop training and to consult with the trainer.

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