Pilates for press

Joseph Pilates has developed the system of physical exercises for recovery of health after injuries therefore the complex of its exercises suits all without any exception. Its technique is directed to training of certain complex of muscles without intensive cardioloading that allows to work carefully in 10-15 minutes of occupations "problem zone".

For example, exercises Pilates for press affect all muscles of stomach including deep which are almost not involved during usual training.

The slow and smooth movements will hardly help to throw off quickly weight, but Pilates will help to grow thin due to consolidation of muscular tissue, increase of tone of all body. So if you want to strengthen muscles, to tighten figure and at the same time not to be dripping with sweat, as at occupations with aerobics, then system Pilates for you.

Set of exercises Pilates it is possible to carry out houses, you will need only convenient clothes and rug.

When performing all exercises it is necessary to try to pull in as much as possible stomach, the movements slow and smooth. Pilates is also very useful to back. Thanks to constant control behind the correct position of backbone during exercises, the muscular corset becomes stronger, the bearing and grace improves.

6 most effective exercises Pilates for stomach are included below. They will help you to find harmonous waist and the tightened press, being engaged in only 3 times a week.

Exercises Pilates for flat stomach

The changed one hundred

This exercise warms muscles of press and prepares them for further work. Lay down on back, raise legs and bend them in knees by 90 degrees. Hands are extended along body, palms down. Inhale, on exhalation raise the head and shoulders up. Shake hands up and down as - as if you clap on water surface. Return to starting position and relax. Repeat exercise of 10 times.

Twisting upward

Legs together, socks are delayed, hands are extended to ceiling. Inhale, on exhalation slowly rise, you will not sit down yet. Try to feel how the vertebra behind vertebra comes off floor. Then also slowly, return to starting position. Feel how each vertebra nestles on floor and relaxes. Repeat 10 times.

Pulling of one leg

Raise the head and shoulders, attract the left knee to breast, and raise the right leg and extend forward, socks are delayed. The stomach is most pulled in. Inhale, on exhalation extend the left leg, and press the right knee to breast. Change position of legs of 20 times.

Pulling of legs

Legs are raised, knees are bent by 90 degrees. Hands are extended up. Inhale, on exhalation raise the head and shoulders, straighten legs and take away hands back. Try to extend as much as possible hands and legs. Return to starting position. To carry out exercise 10 times.


Sit down, bend knees, clasp with shin hands, press chin to breast. On exhalation deviate back, so far shovels not to touch rug. Return to starting position. Carry out exercise slowly, as much as possible pulling in press muscles.

Difficult task

Knees are bent at an angle 45 degrees, feet are pressed to floor. On exhalation straighten the left leg, knees are parallel each other. At the same time raise hands to ceiling, palms each other up. Make breath, at the exit raise the head and shoulders until hands do not become parallel to the extended leg. You do not drag yourself at the expense of muscles of hands and shoulders. Use only press muscles. Repeat uprazheniye of 10 times, changing the extended leg.

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