Pepper plaster against cellulitis

перцовый пластырь против целлюлита
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Many women are in continuous search of means from cellulitis, spend huge number of money for anti-cellulite programs in beauty shops, are bought by expensive creams and different masks, turn back in film and hatch out for hours in hope that unpleasant hillocks will disappear.

And some do not even guess that there is very simple means which costs kopeks and yields very good anti-cellulite result – usual pepper plaster which we apply at cold and radiculitis.

Producers have noted and have already begun to let out pepper plasters from cellulitis and for correction of figure, the structure remained the same, have just attributed that they it from cellulitis and have increased the price several times.

The pepper plaster incorporates exclusively vegetable components extracts of burning siliculose pepper and leaves of belladonna. The anti-cellulite effect is reached because pepper works as local irritating irritant, getting under substance skin being in plaster split subcutaneous fat, normalize blood circulation, remove toxins and strengthen metabolism.

Thanks to pepper plaster of the girl, tested its action on themselves, note in 7-10 days considerable improvements, skin is smoothed, hillocks become less noticeable or disappear at all, loss of centimeters in volumes was also noted.

To check on itself effect of pepper plaster, it will be required to you:

  • 2 two plasters (it is better to take big, 10*18 in size)
  • alcohol
  • scissors

It is the best of all to paste plaster after evening warm shower on the steamed-out skin, otherwise it does not give effect of burning. Previously it is recommended to degrease places of gluing of plaster alcohol.

Cut each plaster on 6 parts. Paste 2 parts on buttocks, and by 1 part on front part of hip, back and lateral. It is possible to use the whole plasters, but in it there is no need, small pieces it covers the big area of influence, is less twisted and torn off then much easier.

It is recommended to hold plaster no more than 20 minutes, but, in my opinion, everything depends on personal features of skin, rely on the personal feelings.

Before application of plaster, of course it is better to consult to the doctor, but hardly someone will run to the doctor with such question therefore I give number of contraindications:

  • hypersensitivity of skin
  • intolerance of the components which are part
  • tendency to varicosity

Do not paste plasters on stomach without consultations of the doctor at all, only completely healthy woman is able to afford it, warming up, thus, can cause exacerbation of different female diseases.

From myself I can tell that I very much like to use periodically in such a way prevention and treatment of cellulitis, there is no need to smear themselves with different means not always having pleasant smell, to be wrapped in film and to climb under blanket, being afraid to soil something around once again. You can quite paste plaster and go about the own business.

I wish you to remain always beautiful!

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