How to re-educate the appetite

как перевоспитать свой аппетит
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Preparing for summer season, you have looked at yourself in truthful mirror, have sighed, and have again thought of diet. When there is a lot of good person - it is good, but not in this case. And here you have again resolved that urgently it is time to go on diet. But how many times this invention broke because of favourite delicacy? The only exit - it is urgent to cultivate healthy appetite!

The problem with excess weight would hardly arise if all ate only in process of emergence of feeling of hunger. Fully to live, not enough food is necessary. But by nature we have one treacherous feeling which tempts us, even then, when we are full. It is our appetite. From here also "ears" on hips, "lumps of nerves" on stomach, "lifebuoys" on waist appear. And how many you would not try to lose weight by means of diets until you cultivate the insatiable appetite, you will become more slender not.

Between hunger and appetite much in common, but in too time they are very different. Feeling of hunger - process physiological. When in blood glucose level decreases, we begin to hunger. There is irritation of special receptors and the signal is sent to brain: "I want to eat!" But happens so that at once to eat food it is not provided possible. And through time the feeling of hunger becomes dull. These are again the same receptors which sensitivity weakens over time, and they cease to send signals.

The feeling of hunger is the same instinct as, for example, instinct of self-preservation. The person had this feeling always. Appetite has appeared when the food has ceased to be just source of the vital energy, and has begun to bring pleasure from its acceptance. Beautifully issued dish, crisp, fresh pastries, looking at all this at you "slobbers" flow even if you have just eaten. This is also appetite. You hear fragrant smells, imagine taste of dish, and certain signals come to brain. Irrespective of, you are hungry or not, digestive juice begins to be produced, and you already want to eat.

Tasty, but not absolutely useful products, as a rule, tempt appetite. It is difficult to refuse them. The person becomes dependent on them and "to re-educate" appetite it is very heavy to become. Try to refuse to yourself desirable product and replace it on some another, more useful. For example, replace fragrant roll - small loafs, sausage – low-fat boiled pork. 

Of course, your organism will be in hysterics and you together with it. But it is necessary to endure this moment, at least two weeks. If you sustain, then you can safely include to yourself victory. And always reserve the right at desire to try desirable product. At such approach your organism will not be so strongly injured from prohibition on favourite delicacies. It will have choice, and the choice always calms. And the desire will begin "to eat" less sharp.

There is one more method of "education" of appetite. You have certain product at the sight of which, you "start up slobbers". You will gorge on it to "dump", afford it. You eat how many you want and when you want. Believe, such moment when you just do not want even to see this delicacy will come soon. But it does not mean that when there comes the feeling of hunger and you near at hand will have no other product, your, once favourite delicacy, will not satisfy it. You eat it only to satisfy hunger, but not just for the hell of it.

Develop appetite on food which are useful. It will be your assistant by drawing up the correct diet.

Take several "educational" methods of appetite into account:

1. Never abstain from meal at strong feeling of hunger. It is better to eat vegetable salatik, than to hunger. As a result, you all the same will not restrain and eat something fat and harmful.

2. Your food has to be obligatory tasty that after you did not "pull" on something else.

3. That in the evening, before going to bed, you did not want to have a bite something, try that the last meal was the most saturated. It is better if it is carried out between 15-18 hours.

4. Do small "having a snack" during the day. Eat food of 5-6 times a day. It will save you from overeating and will reduce appetite.

5. Do not tempt yourself with harmful products, do not hold them at home. You will be able once not to restrain and eat them.

6. If between the determined meals you played appetite, drink waters or green tea with honey.

7. Try to clean hard alcoholic drinks from the diet. Alcohol provokes appetite. Only dry wine, to 200-250 ml a day is recommended. Besides, it is very useful for digestion improvement.

8. Reduce the use of spices and salt to minimum. They stimulate appetite.

9. Try not to overeat, the more will stretch stomach, the more it will be required to you food for its filling.

10. Forever refuse strict diets, after them you eat much more food therefore your weight returns to initial.

11. That is not for the night, clean teeth, they will not want to be soiled again is powerful argument.

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