The recommended products and dishes at obesity

продукты при ожирении

We provide the list of the recommended products and dishes at obesity.

Bakery products. Bread black, white bread with bran no more than 150 g a day.

Soups. From combined vegetables - vegetarian; 2-3 times a week it is possible to use soups on half meat, fish or mushroom broth (half of portion).

Meat and bird dishes. Beef, horse-flesh, chicken, turkey, rabbit low-fat in boiled and steam look. 1-2 times in 10 days - low-fat mutton and fast pork dishes.

Fish dishes. Boiled and jellied fish of low-fat grades (pike perch, perch, cod, sazan, pike).

Eggs dishes. 1-2 eggs a day in the form of omelet or in boiled look.

Milk and dairy products. Milk, kefir, curdled milk, the cottage cheese which was (mainly fat-free) and cottage cheese dishes (tvorozhnik, cheesecakes, puddings), not sharp grades of cheese, sour cream 1-2 tablespoons in dishes).

Dishes and garnishes from vegetables. Cabbage white and color, cucumbers, tomatoes, vegetable marrows in crude, boiled and baked look, carrots, vegetable marrows, beet, pumpkin and potatoes dishes.

Grain dishes, bean and pasta use in limited quantity.

Fruit and berries, sweets. Acid and sweet-sour grades of fruit and berries (apples, lemons, oranges, red currant, gooseberry, cranberry, sweet cherry) to 200 g a day in the raw and in the form of compotes without sugar.

Snack. Salads, vinaigrettes from combined crude vegetables, low-fat jellied fish, boiled low-fat sausages.

Fats. Butter, vegetable oils to 40 g a day for cooking.

Drinks. Tea, tea with milk, coffee rather weak, tomato, fruit and berry juice from acid grades of berries and fruit, alkaline mineral waters. Total quantity of liquid (together with soups, milk and other drinks) no more than 5 glasses a day.

Sick obesity forbids to use candies, chocolate, confectionery, fancy bread, ice cream and other sweets, sharp, spicy, smoked, salty, marinated and tinned snack and dishes, horse-radish, pepper, alcoholic beverages, strong broths.