Parafinoterapiya - effective method of fight against extensions!


Considerable fluctuations of weight, as well as pregnancy, very often lead to emergence of extensions, or striya as it is accepted to call them scientifically. These pretty noticeable white-red strips bring women into despondency. And it is clear, skirt short will not put on, in bathing suit will not stand out... Of course, striya give in to removal by means of the laser, but it on pocket not each woman. And still, there is one more not less effective way of removal of extensions - paraffin wrappings.

In principle, the parafinoterapiya and its surprising impact on skin is known long ago. Quite recently paraffin was used only in the medical purposes, applying it to warming up of muscles. At the moment many modern Spa centers use paraffin during the procedures directed to fight against defects of skin and its withering. This product in itself is capable to give to skin elasticity and elasticity, to cope with "orange-peel" and even in excess centimeters. That is why parafinoterapiya - that method which will help you to cope with striya.

Parafinoterapiya session, to be exact - paraffin wrappings against extensions, it is possible to carry out and in house conditions, thereby having presented itself opportunity to make body podtyanuty more beautifully, and also to save blood on campaign to the cosmetologist.

During paraffin wrappings the purified melted paraffin which is capable to give temperature gradually is used, having divided it into peculiar "portions". By the way, this moment explains impossibility to burn paraffin even if it is heated to the most high temperatures.

Thanks to the fact that skin on which paraffin is applied increases the temperature time begins to reveal actively, in cages there is acceleration of exchange processes, and also collagen is produced. By the way, the procedure of parafinoterapiya directed to fight against extensions or cellulitis will be much more effective if to add essential oil or special anti-cellulite cream to the melted paraffin. During disclosure of time begin to absorb actively the useful substances which are contained in cosmetics and oils that in the best way affects condition of skin.

To hold parafinoterapiya session (paraffin wrappings) in house conditions, to be necessary for you usual paraffin which can be bought in drugstore, or mixed with seaweed which can be found in specialized cosmetology shops. One more necessary subject - usual food wrap which is available for each hostess. Besides, before procedure it is desirable to carry out clarification of skin, having used for this purpose srub or special lotion. Besides, essential oils which are added to paraffin will be necessary for you and are applied on the cleared body. Perfectly are suitable for these purposes almond and olive oil as to contain in them vitamins A and E thanks to which influence there is updating of skin.

If you resort to paraffin use for the first time, and your skin yet never underwent procedure of paraffin wrapping, then temperature up to which it is necessary to warm paraffin should not exceed 55 degrees. Further you can gradually increase temperature.

Ready paraffin weight to be applied on the body which is previously covered with oil. It is recommended to apply paraffin on skin by means of brush. When problem sites are completely covered with paraffin weight, they need to be wrapped food wrap, and to wrap up from above with towel or blanket. Remember that after putting paraffin on skin it is necessary to wrap up immediately it, otherwise long influence of paraffin with air can considerably will reduce efficiency of procedure.

Duration of one session of parafinoterapiya makes about sixty minutes during which it is recommended to be in horizontal position, that is to lie. The cooled-down paraffin is removed from skin very simply. It is rather simple to run over body hand, and he will lag behind its surface. After procedure skin is oiled, as a rule, nutritious cream or essential.

In house conditions paraffin wrappings it is possible to carry out no more 20th time in a row then it is necessary to make pause. However before starting process, it is necessary to get acquainted with number of contraindications among which the hypertensive illness, gynecologic diseases, varicosity, injuries of skin and pregnancy is noted.

Paraffin wrappings are economical and effective way of fight against extensions which will not take away from you a lot of time and forces. Beauty of our body depends only on our efforts and actions!