In search of panacea...


Health - subject very popular.

About it is mute write in special scientific publications and on pages of the mass press. The reports and lectures devoted to health problems collect extensive audiences. And houses discuss both serious recommendations of scientists, and councils of laymans at work.

The inquisitive reader is aware of latest "novelties": how to run from heart attack, to starve for the sake of health, to bathe in ice-hole, to cook salads from dandelions, to train in swimming of the newborn, to give birth under water...

And nevertheless - that such health?

The nature has blessed the person with the surprising gift - was able to adapt to world around, sensitively reacting to its slightest changes and mobilizing the reserves hidden in organism. This ability to adaptation is put in genes, and she has helped mankind to stand, survive with fight for existence.

Let's pay tribute to the nature - she has shown ingenuity and excellent taste, having created such capacious, small by the sizes, flexible structure as the central nervous system, capable in response to microsignals from the outside to develop set of qualities and the skills unavailable to any animal. Understanding of own opportunities allows the person most to create necessary properties and qualities depending on the objects set by it. It can develop in itself(himself) both creative activity, and ability to resist diseases, and even ability to prolong own life.

The science about abilities of the person has enormous historical experience. Especially violently it develops presently, sensitively reacting to changes in life of people. And these changes are prompt in the 21st century.

Rhythm of modern reality, feature of food, huge achievements of medicine, development of social security - all this could not but be reflected in the person.

Most eloquent the figures characterizing average life expectancy look. In the Stone Age it equaled to 18 years, in bronze - 21,5, during antique era - 25, in the 19th century - 35,6, at the beginning of the 20th century - 45. Now in the developed industrial countries it has reached 70 years. It is curious, however, that in the ancient time and in the Middle Ages long-livers - and first of all occurred among those who led moderate, rational life. Aristotle, for example, lived 50 years, Plutarch - 82, Platon - 80, Democritus - 90.

This another proof of that, conversation on way of life, traditions and habits which exert so serious impact on human nature is how important.

However, knew about it earlier. Already great thinker of antiquity Democritus emphasized: "The nature and education are similar. Namely education reconstructs the person and, transforming, creates to it the second nature".

In century of scientific and technical progress the world surrounding us has significantly changed. But these changes are not unambiguous. On the one hand, many professions connected with hard physical work consign to the past the level of medical care, quality of food improves. On the other hand, under the pressure of civilization recedes and quite often the plant and animal life perishes. The expanding cities "eat" the nature, creating new microclimate. Only in places the remained oases of the green world very bear a faint resemblance to violent thickets of the biosphere from where there was person.

In large industrial centers where this gap has come very far, voices that rescue of civilization is in hands of foresters and gardeners today are even more often distributed. And it is not accidental.

The cities - octopuses with their boxes of skyscrapers, with domination of cars - pose direct threat to health. The case when the well-known London smog in five days (in December, 1952) became the reason of four thousand fatal cases is known. The stone jungle threatens to crush the inhabitants who are actually completely torn off from the world of the nature already today. Continuous noise became aggression against mentality, generating huge number of neurosises.

Meanwhile the role of vegetation is very big. It purifies air of harmful gases, besieges dust, filters bacteria, regulates temperature. In addition, bushes and trees help to fight against noise.

The person, it is proud proclaimed itself "the tsar of the nature", has invented the TV which computer in front of the screen is capable to spend many hours; he has got used to such case heating systems that decrease in temperature even by two-three degrees arouses at it indignation.

The way of life has changed so that if today among us the primitive person has appeared, he simply could not survive in such situation.

Health requires attention to itself. Whether and many of us systematically watch it? According to the outstanding scientist and the physician professor N. Amosov, only one-two percent of people seriously are engaged in the health.

Unfortunately, very many remember about health only when it appears under the threat when something is already lost or in time is not noticed. But then the speech has to go already about treatment of illness. And, apparently, it is far simpler and more reliable to protect and support the organism constantly, since the early childhood. Not so it and is difficult. Only the reasonable mode, the correct daily routine, strict observance of certain hygienic skills, the balanced food, sufficient physical activity, possession of the emotions - that is all that enters concept of physical culture - culture of sound body are necessary.

Lack of these skills and abilities - one of the major reasons that in the last decade the number of cardiovascular diseases has sharply increased, and catarrhal infections became "plague of 20-21 centuries".

Human body - thinly balanced system where there is nothing superfluous therefore it is so important to be able to influence it correctly. It means first of all improvement of functions of the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, improvement of metabolism.

Narrow specialization of sciences about the person has generated hobbies for "universal" means. Not only laymans, but sometimes and doctors look for panacea from all troubles, laying hopes either for starvation, or for rawism, morzhevaniye, are fond exclusively physical or only of medicines.

The short-term stimulating effect can be reached in such way. Stressful reaction of organism to excessive influence (hunger, swimming in ice-hole) helps it to mobilize reserve opportunities.

And still it is not necessary to be mistaken. Many people resorting to so strongly operating means, for years, and even led decades the wrong life, and their habits have not changed. But if not to liquidate the prime cause, then value of the short revitalizing effect it is very doubtful.

Here often forget about it, laying great hopes unfairly on scarce strong medicine, "gold" hands of the surgeon, "magic" passes of the psychic or "universal" means of the charlatan.

Really to be healthy, the patience and work are necessary, constant efforts for improvement of the adaptive mechanisms granted to us by the nature are necessary.

It is unlikely somebody should explain now that fast walking, run, physical exercises are well reflected in organism. psno and the fact that children it is necessary to accustom to ski, run on pipits, to float, play volleyball, to do in the mornings exercises.

And how to be if you have begun to be engaged in run, without being young people any more? What loadings are admissible for you? While we in most cases are guided only by own health, for example we count pulse. And here to see behind council doctor we not always find time.

Now the industry masters different portable electronic devices for regular control of functional condition of cardiovascular system during the forced physical activities. Such devices are especially necessary to people with detrenirovanny heart, those who has no idea of its opportunities.

At the International Cardiology exhibition among devices of long control the microcardiomonitor intended for automatic assessment of characteristics of warm rhythm at rest and at different loadings was shown. This electronic automatic machine weighing no more than 30 grams gives information on the number of violations of warm rhythm during the set time interval (no more than 24 hours). It defines also critical point - threshold of heart rate, individual for each person. Exceeding of this threshold causes sound alarm signal.

But, of course, complexity at all not that the industry lets out exercise machines or instrumentations a little so far. Business first of all in inertness, in psychological unpreparedness that being engaged in health seriously and systematically.

From where this laziness, this incomprehensible indifference to? As it is paradoxical, from love to itself, to the convenient, developed habits.

From the first days of life of people subconsciously aims at condition of comfort. To achieve some goal, efforts are necessary, and it already intrudes upon leisure. Such passive comfort which can be designated as aspiration to idleness very quickly narrows possibilities of adaptive mechanisms. And thereby the risk of diseases increases.

So, the person who is constantly washing warm water, of course, is not tempered and subject to frequent catarrhal diseases. Any doctor will surely advise it to begin to be tempered.

And here the decision is made. But how to carry out it? It is regularly necessary to force to be rubbed off only itself by the towel moistened with cold water then in the beginning to pass to douches. And to make all this daily irrespective of mood and fortune.

First cold water will hardly give special pleasure. Moreover additional efforts, waste of time... There is enough patience not at all. And here - has regretted himself once, has not got on well - at the second, and there, you look, has at all stopped violence over itself, having returned to usual condition of comfort.

Education of skills of preservation of health really demands strong-willed efforts. It is especially difficult to do it at mature age or being patient. But it is necessary to be engaged with strong belief that it is necessary. If the first occupations also cause negative emotions, they should be combined with entertainments. For example, to run on site or to do gymnastics in front of the TV, to take with itself on jog the portable tape recorder that the pleasant melody set rhythm.

It is possible "to go" on the exercise bike and at the same time to read the interesting book, to go to bicycle walk in the pleasant company.

Caring for passive comfort, the person does himself harm to what is satisfied with small, momentary pleasures, losing much bigger and valuable.

To health tops people come, as a rule, through uniform, monotonous work. But these efforts pay off with interest. The person finds comfort again, but already at other level. Its way of life, skills, habits, its state help it to live, as much as possible opening the opportunities and having much more satisfactions from life.

When the mode of physical activities becomes usual, it brings joy, self-confidence, proud consciousness that you have managed to bring up yourself that you are capable to work fruitfully and to live fully.

Enthusiasts of healthy lifestyle fairly are proud of the fact that they have got rid of many addictions like smoking or hobby for alcohol. They find sheer pleasure in running, bathing in ice-hole, from time to time to starve.

Many people are skeptical about all this. And someone brings under this scepticism also "ideological base": say, too high price should be paid for very problematic longevity, excess several years of life do not cost such tortures.

However already in extreme antiquity other point of view expressed. Romans claimed that the way to health and longevity lies through sufferings. Held the same opinion also in Russia. For example, in the 17th century there lived mighty aged man Kapiton who carried on himself in front and behind two stone plates with a gross weight of 48 kilograms, slept, having suspended himself to ceiling for iron hoop on belt, ate every other day crackers...

Voluntarily put itself on physical trials to temper the body and spirit, and future commander Alexander Suvorov. Contemporaries admired such people, but the very few followed their example.

And presently there are long-livers who propagandize ascetic way of life. So, Porphyrias Korneevich Ivanov from Voroshilovgrad area in 85 years could walk for hours without footwear and clothes on hard frost. All the diseases it treated, being dipped into ice-hole or having a shower bath ice water from well. Besides, it regularly starved one day a week.

The Muscovite Mikhail Mikhaylovich Kotlyarov all the year round in any weather runs on the wood in undershirt, shorts and sneakers. After that he half an hour sits in bathtub with hot water and masses joints rigid brush. It eats generally crude vegetable food, and meat eats once a month. Sometimes it runs from Moscow to Zelenograd - more than thirty kilometers. And he is 80 years old!.

The modern person who has got used to comfort it is difficult to carry away by such methods "wars with old age". The majority prefers more convenient and not so burdensome ways, without refusing many pleasures. But from this only one follows: it is necessary to try to turn process of improvement of organism into pleasure.

Now scientists just also look for easier and pleasant ways to health and longevity. Some of such ways are already found. It appears, people could go on them earlier... if there was no prejudice that it is accompanied by negative emotions and sufferings. From here mistrust to food scientifically and even to elementary physical exercises.

But here that curiously. The morning exercises "under radio" sometimes do not cause enthusiasm. And here aerobics "under the TV" finds more and more admirers. The reason is simple: people with hunting do what is beautiful and pleasant. They are carried away by N modern music, and fervent appeals (but not strict teams), and the movements of charming dancers.

But sometimes it is necessary to carry out for the sake of health and more prosaic duties, for example, to wash hands before food in order to avoid infection.

By the way, here not all so is unambiguous. The American physicians now widely propagandize such thesis improbable at first sight: do not wash hand before food! It would seem, it contradicts all our ideas of the reasons of infectious diseases. However modern scientists have come to conclusion that the most reliable way to health and longevity - training of immune system, that is increase of natural resilience of organism to adverse factors of external environment.

Tempering and starvation are only special cases of training immune. systems: they develop ability to transfer cold and lack of food without stresses.

But there are also other adverse factors. For example, we continuously absorb with air huge number of microbes, including pathogenic. Why some of us are ill during each flu epidemic, and others remain healthy when all sneeze around and cough?

And the matter is that ability of organism to struggle with infection gives in to training too. Frequent infectious diseases are explained by detrenirovannost of immune system.

The paradox of modern way of life consists that ourselves diligently lose opportunity to train immunity to infections. And here from this point of view the habit to wash hands before food leads to the fact that we constantly deprive organism of small "portions" of pathogenic microbes, - but having learned to win against small "army", we inevitably suffer defeat, facing huge "army" (epidemic of the same flu).

But clean body - question not only hygiene. psno that dirty hands and nails with black kayomochka are unacceptable for the cultural person. Therefore appeals of the American physicians will hardly get at us response. But nevertheless it is necessary to think of training the immunity. In the same America, by the way, tendency to infectious diseases is considered sign of lack of culture. Here it is possible to join this opinion.

Really, in many families sterile purity is considered ideal: women turn in house cleaners, from children motes are blown off. Whether it is possible to consider such family cultural if all her members get sick from the microbe which has accidentally flown to the apartment?

Today many scientists believe that unexercised immune system - the reason not only the increased incidence, but also presenilation of organism. Preserving itself or the children against influence of external environment, it is impossible to go into other extremes. As if there were artificial conditions, they after all artificial, and in them without prejudice to health of people cannot fully live.

Researches have shown that in the conditions of long detrenirovannost of immune system those cages of organism which have to eat pathogenic microbes begin with hunger there are cells of the owner. They already work in the autoimmune mode - do not protect, and kill similar. That is why many scientists consider that the detrenirovka of immune system is the main reason of presenilation and death.

How to cultivate in itself immunity to infection?

Many parents do not allow children to hold houses of cats, dogs and other living creatures, explaining it with the fact that from them it is possible to catch. And actually all on the contrary: communication with animals perfectly trains immunity to infectious diseases. But unlike boring need to purely wash hands and to cut nails cultivation of aquarian small fishes, exotic birds and pets brings to children joy.

To parents who love animals, but are afraid to hold their houses because of children, it is useful to know opinion of specialists: canine, feathery and floating friends help children to develop immunity to many infectious diseases, and in the long term - to become long-livers. For the same who cannot hold houses of dumb animals there is even more effective, and, above all - pleasant way of communication with the nature - regular walks and tourist campaigns in the wood, on the small river, in the field.

Whether it means that all traditional ways to health connected with certain inconveniences and not always pleasant can be discarded?

Of course, no. First, not everything these ways seem unpleasant.

For example, the famous enthusiast and the propagandist of healthy lifestyle Vladimir Georgiyevich Cherkasov claims that he runs barefoot on snow, having feeling of "high pleasure", and not sufferings at all. "Walruses" cheerfully shout from ice-hole: "This - life! All the rest - not that..." And secondly, at desire it is always possible to combine business with pleasure.

For example, some enthusiasts for the sake of health "press" carrots and cabbage, apples and oranges - several types of vegetables and fruit which have managed to cloy decently it and do not tempt appetite any more. But they could make the table more various, more tasty and more useful, having included in it in small amounts tops of vegetable of root crops in which several times it is more vitamins B, than in "roots". Much more usefully than cultural plants their wild-growing brothers: orach and nettle, leaves of birch and maple. And it is possible to do very tasty flat cakes of roots of cane, wheat grass and burdock.

Instead of swimming in ice-hole and run barefoot on snow it is possible to apply more merciful way of tempering - contrast shower: to alternately pour over itself warm and cool water, gradually increasing difference of temperatures. The main thing - to go to longevity not on the way of sufferings, and on the way of pleasure.