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овсяная диета
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Oat diet fine alternative to all modern diets which promise instant loss of weight without harm for health (to think ridiculously) and finding of appetizing forms.

With oat diet your health will be fine, mood always excellent, and kilograms is gradually left body without having caused any discomfort.

Walking on open spaces of supermarkets, you repeatedly paid attention to variety of products from porridge: cookies, muesli, small loafs, sweet bars and it is not all list of the products made today. From all this it is worth drawing conclusion, such abundance of oat products can speak only about one – to usefulness of this porridge which is repeatedly proved by doctors and nutritionists from the different countries.

What the advantage of porridge consists in

Porridge is well of cellulose and useful microelements which in our organism carry out very important mission under the name "cleaning of intestines". Thus, there is cardinal cleaning of slags and toxins, harmful salts and stagnant water, and also free radicals, cholesterol level goes down. People who suffer from stomach pains of gastritis, stomach and other ulcers know for certain that the breakfast from porridge is excellent health for day and eventually disposal of diseases.

Many girls use porridge as face pack, thanks to it the face is cleared, skin to become gladenky, velvet, and acne rash passes quickly and completely. The same result can be received also after introduction of porridge to usual diet or oat diet.

Porridge for weight loss – we clean organism at all points

овсяная диета Think of the fact that in your organism a lot of not digested food which clogs intestines begins to be postponed eventually, allowing to collect it the mass of slags and toxins which interfere with absorption of useful substances from the consumed food. Occasionally the weight of slags reaches 15 kilograms and it is so simple not to get rid of them, to it, first of all, rational and correct approach is necessary.

The oat diet for weight loss is urged not to split fats, and to reduce their accumulation by means of normalization of work of intestines. If on the termination of diet your day begins from porridge plateau with pieces of dried fruits, then you will always be in shape, availability of breakfast – indispensable condition for normal metabolism if it such useful and tasty.

At the correct observance the oat diet yields results at once, loss of weight reaches 3-5 kilograms a week and you, precisely, know that it is safe, clarification from slags and toxins direct way to the healthy, not become heavy by harmful substances life. And let it is monodiet, but it medical and very effective.

How the oat diet lasts long?

Despite the usefulness and harmlessness the oat diet does not proceed more than 10 days, food by one product long time causes failures in work of organism, and the general state can worsen. You not pursue it? If already there is also a wish to repeat diet, do it 5-7 days during which eat usual image, but with exception of all fat, sweet, flour and fried later.

Clarification which to be carried out thus will be initial stage nevertheless:

1. You take 4 tablespoons of not polished rice and you fill in them with water liter, you leave this mix for the night, and you boil before receiving tremelloid gruel in the morning (on time about 45-60 min.).

2. Weight on an empty stomach then for 5 hours it is forbidden to eat and drink is drunk (all but mineral still water). Then it is possible to eat everything, but in moderate quantity, it is desirable to lean on healthy, nutritious food, you prepare for diet.

3. Stop meal in 3-4 hours prior to withdrawal to dream that considerably will improve digestion and will help you to have a rest perfectly, and to wake up the vigorous and person full of strength in the morning.

This procedure should be carried out within week on which expiration the oat diet begins. The advantage of cleaning will be noticed by you from the first days, work of digestive tract to improve, and weight will start from "dead point". It also will add optimism and the health will improve.

овсяная диета So, all diet of oat diet will consist of this porridge, it is also possible to regale in intervals on vegetables and fruit, but only not sweet (bananas, grapes and potatoes exclude for this period). This option of diet is the simply and not become heavy by any delicacy of processes of cooking.

There is also more saturated option which suggests to eat oat flakes alternately with whole shredded oats. At the same time it is possible to cook porridges as on water, and milk (it too to treat the first option of diet). In day it is necessary to eat 600 gr. grain and to drink 2 liters of water including tea, coffee needs to be excluded.

Food happens by "the chess principle": the 1st day you alternate the grain porridge and flakes prepared on water, the 2nd day food is eaten in the same order, but to prepare on milk with fat minimum. Variety and brightness of diet will be pleasant to all and motility of stomach considerably will improve. It is worth beginning day from grain porridge.

The oat diet for weight loss in the second option allows to use also 300 grams of vegetables and fruit with low glycemic index. That there were no locks and other troubles with chair it is worth putting in morning portion of porridge of a little crushed prunes or fig: it and taste will improve and will bring benefit.

You remember: salt, sugar, honey, oil and others are prohibited harm on diet, it is possible to use cinnamon for a change and giving to dishes of pleasant flavoring shade.

There are no contraindications to this diet, it, as well as many monodiets, is prohibited pregnant women and the feeding mothers. It, on the contrary, is useful to other people. If cholesterol level in blood exceeds norm, then the oat diet with ease will correct unpleasant and dangerous situation, same concerns also those at whom acne rash became constant. Food by porridge will put skin and cholesterol in order.

Oat diet: responses of skilled

In total who happened to try personally food by porridge, claim that the oat diet for weight loss is fine push to further loss of weight which happens quicker thanks to lack of slags and other muck in intestines over time. Losses of weight the most different, from 4,5 kg. to 10, everything depends on starting weight with which the oat diet began. Responses say also that after oat food weight independently begins to aim down, and it is caused by cleaning process which is started and proceeds for a long time, especially if porridge is not excluded from diet.

Oat diet: results not far off

овсяная диета The oat diet gives results magnificent, many women and men are grateful to it for the help in normalization of work of intestines and loss of excess kilograms.

To withdraw maximum of advantage of diet it is worth consulting with the doctor or the nutritionist in advance, it will be able to give to you advice thanks to which productivity to raise, and you will be in fine mood.

Consider, each person – the personality, and work of organism also at all to differ for this reason find the, individual approach to process of weight loss and cleaning of organism.

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