Drinking diet - responses

питьевая диета

The drinking diet completely excludes process of chewing and if you decide on it - it is necessary to understand that within 30 days you will not eat anything. However, it does not mean hunger strike. All standard practices of food are just replaced with liquid.

The essence of drinking diet is that the digestive tract has a rest, without receiving firm food, and it means weight loss and elimination of feeling of weight, feeling of overflow and other unpleasant problems.

However, it not starvation as many could think. At starvation people drink only water, respectively, receive miserable amount of calories. But it is possible to drink not only water. Still there are broths, fermented milk products, juice vegetable and fruit, but only without sugar...

This food allowance is expected 30 days, judging by numerous articles on this subject, however the drinking diet receives is guaranteed positive responses and through much smaller term. There will be enough 2-4 days to notice how weight loss begins.


Everyone is the best of all not to drink, and for example - clear water, narzan mineral water or karmadona, broths (chicken and beef with the minimum quantity of salt), milk of 3,5% of fat content (no more glass in day), kefir of normal fat content. Juice - best of all diluted 1:1 with water. Green tea, about coffee forget, also and about black tea.

More simply to go on such diet gradually reduce consumption of food, at first weigh how many you eat in day, you divide this quantity on floors, further you bring to 100-150 grams a day, after 3-5 days of such diet it is possible to pass to water.

It is necessary to leave from such diet too carefully, it is desirable to change completely way of life if weight was big at least for 3-4 years until the organism gets used to the reached weight.

Itself has gone on such diet - 16 days - 13 kg. Dumping is very strong, you watch condition of organism if from weakness the head begins to be turned and weakness better accurately will begin to appear to leave from this diet. And still - surely accept calcium. It is strongly washed away from organism.


Advantages: easy.

Shortcomings: it is difficult to sit out.

In principle, I never kept to diets and I did not need them especially. Has accidentally got to group of the so-called eternally growing thin girls and has rushed. Read much, they told the stories about weight loss, effective and what not really discussed what diets.

To me the drinking diet was evident at once. The girl told that on her it is easy to sit and for short period it is possible to lose many extra kilos.

And so, I will begin the story about the experience. I kept to this diet of exactly 14 days, it is enough not to ruin the organism. But, I warn at once! That who has sore stomach and especially sore kidneys this diet is strictly contraindicated! You will be bent from stomach pain, and to cure it as you know not so that simply.

The diet is rather easy, it is difficult and heavy in the first two days, well at least at me so was. But here the main thing not to break.

The drinking diet from the word to drink, well it and is so clear. That is essence to drink everything that is drunk. Of course, you understand that it is not necessary to try to dissolve borsch in the blender or to try to wash down all this with cutlets) It is not diet)

Here my list of products that is necessary and it is possible to use during this diet: so it is possible juice, yogurts, broths, kefir, snowball, fermented baked milk, coffee, tea, kissel, milkshake, smuz, compote, water, mineral water, kvass, milk, cream, fruit drink, cocoa, mazhitel (drink juice + milk). As you can see, there is a lot of products also they various, it is not obligatory to sit on one tea and water.

p bought kefirs and yogurts with the lowered fat content, or in general low-fat if to take 3,2% for example, then I pound from such diet.

On it not only excess weight, but also forms leaves that is if legs so to say zhirnovaty, then they considerably grow thin in days 5 week. In stomach from this diet ease, there is no wish to eat over time at all and why, yogurt nutritious and it perfectly satisfies hunger.

I felt well throughout all diet. Always carried with itself in handbag yogurt or water.

Also you remember, you should not break on cutlet, or to think that from one buterbrodik nothing will be. Will be, one sandwich all of you equally will not gorge on, only tease stomach, and I pound any will not be.

In general, different people put to themselves different framework of this diet. Someone sits 5 days, someone 7, someone as well as I-14 days, and someone and 30 days. All this especially individually. Who how many maybe who has what organism, it is rather difficult to many people to refuse their favourite products.

But how many you would not keep to this diet, from it the correct exit is necessary. Yes, exit but not to sit down and be sated fried everything the next day. Your stomach for it will not tell you thanks.

So, exit such:

1 week - breakfast of 200 grams of porridge, lunch and dinner - drinking.

2 week - breakfast any, lunch and dinner drinking.

3 week - breakfast drinking, lunch - porridge, dinner - fruit and vegetables.

4 week - breakfast and lunch - meat or fish, vegetables, porridges, dinner - kefir.

5 week - correctly healthy food.

Exactly conforming to all these rules this diet will bring you joy and good results.


The fourth day on diet. I feel perfectly! In general very convenient diet, anything special is not required. And all energy which left on chewing of firm food remains, and is used on more useful and necessary affairs. The sister having looked at me, from tomorrow too goes on drinking diet, now also it will be cheerful.


Advantages: clarification, good skin, well leave volumes.

It would seem what it is simpler than - drink and grow thin! Yogurts, teas, kompotik and other - everything that is drunk - your menu during diet!

However, the first couple of days desire to chew simply huge! Even cramps cheekbones)))) But as diet quite nourishing, two days behind and here you already on drinking as the third day.

The main thing governed - to drink. It is better to drink more water and not to depart far from toilet, I ran often.

For the third day the first results are already noticeable - puffiness falls down, and increases energy. After 5 in the afternoon, considerably leave see.

Until the end of diet, and it in general has to proceed 30 days, I not to sat. Has finished on 10. It is all gostpkh and vkusnyashka. But it is possible to sustain experiment. I want to repeat.

Results - minus of 2 cm in hips!!! and 4 in waist!

And here scales have shown only minus of 1,5 kg. But weight has not returned.

And the condition of skin has still improved.

Diet good and very easy. To drink the main thing more usual water.


Oh, children children... what you create?

p kept to such diet time both not two and not three. I have already, probably, black belt on diets... in 14 years weighed 75 kg. in 17 46 began to weigh... and it with growth 168. Now to me 23, I weigh from 59 to 62 (the weight jumps).

But I will hurry to please at once all who have gathered here: weight - that you will lose, will very well lose, and even, perhaps, clean organism (at me, for example, for some period the allergy has ended after hunger strike such), but at any certain moment organism peremknyot and you any more will never be able to throw off weight from other diets and even sports to you will help less, than before.

And! Girls, teenagers, you do not go on rake, I have brought myself to anorexia in 17 years, then to bulimia - and it is such horror for which even psychologists are christened as from plague. Come, read forums where bulimichka sit... for 10 flyings of people does not release, three years were required to me to recover - and it is minus hair, bad teeth, deficit of potassium and magnesium in organism that leads to VSD and panic attacks with development of phobias. It is not cheerful, I will tell you honestly.

And I do not try to overpersuade anybody here or to frighten, just I always had steel health, played sports, had strong nervous system, and thought that definitely it will never concern me... on the contrary.

In three years more or less of rehabilitation I have just gone to section of single combats and began to be engaged three times a week for 1,5 hours. Minus the dinner and body even with your same weight will look much more beautiful and more harmonous, I do not say any more that weight anyway will go down, the general tone will become higher, working capacity and mood will improve. Do not suffer from fanaticism, grow thin, pancake, intelligently.


At first hard, constantly there was a wish to sleep, especially the first week. p in 20 days has dumped 9 kg. But it is not limit at all, I just drank the same Coca-Cola, tea with sugar, cocoa in liters simply. For the second week flew up on ladder. Wonderful ease in all body.


Advantages: to grow thin quickly and to clean stomach it is possible by means of this diet!

Shortcomings: the first 2 days all is rather heavy to overcome itself, but then as on - to oil!

I keep to diets 3 years if no more. I try everything, but better I cannot find this yet.

What can be told... To begin this diet, personally I, I prepare in 3 days. I reduce slowly quantity of products per day, and gradually since evening I pass to kefirchik, and to the next morning broth any without salt, in watch the 12th tea with 1 h l. sugar or milkshake, in 14 - tea sweet, in 16 - tomato juice, in 18 - glass of yogurt or milk. Obligatory to drink before everything glass of water in the morning. I grow thin on 3-4 kg in week.

I like such way and the stomach is cleaned. The main thing not to abuse, after it it is necessary to leave: since morning water, as usual, after easy soup, in the afternoon yogurt or tea sweet, in the evening salatik from cabbage, greens, vegetables the filled 1 h l. sunflower oil.


All hello!

As well as most of girls, prepares for summer season I have begun in the flying.

I will tell everything in brief. There has come the summer and who does not want to be stroynyashky in the flying? Therefore I have also gone on diet. And in general the girlfriend extolled drinking, said that whether with it it is possible to dump slightly kilogram in day. I kept to drinking diet 2 weeks and have dumped 9 kg, the fat has quickly left, but as always not where it would be desirable. And I would like that my legs became thinner, but the stomach and breast became thinner: (

For me it was heavy, especially the first 3-4 days. p such person that I want to eat always and everywhere, and will power at me is practically absent. But having kept to this diet 2 weeks I have noticed that now I can prohibit myself if not all, then a lot of things and long time not to break.

And so, pluses of this diet:

+ fast weight loss;

+ toxins are removed;

+ will power grows;

+ skin becomes slightly better;

+ the stomach decreases, so then the person will quicker gorge on.


- it is at first very difficult not to eat;

- if there is no will power, then oh as hardly it is necessary;

- it is difficult to leave then (the correct exit takes 20 days);

- if there are problems with health, then it is better not to keep to drinking diet, and just to reduce calories;

- after a while weight returns.


All hi! Today the eighth day of diet begins, has begun with the weight of 69 kg, height of 160 cm. On scales I do not get up that the motivation was not gone. p I drink cocktail Almazed (German) and water, and still complex of vitamins and minerals.

There is no wish to eat at all, externally there are already results, the husband speaks: you "miniatyurnichat". By the way, I read much here that girls drink the fruit mixed in more faintly and complain that bad plumbs, and so, fruit categorically it is impossible since it is the same sweets, i.e. carbohydrates. p once made the same mistake and was surprised why weight does not leave, ate one fruit and played sports, much. Have bought cocktail, and there it is written what it is necessary to refuse during diet, sweets (cocoa and yogurts too here enter) and fruit. So if you want results - to itself be more rigid)) until the end of my diet 23 days.


p looked for on the Internet for herself suitable diet much, but this the most normal so far, and comments on her decent. From tomorrow I will sit down.

For a start I will try to sit 10 days if I normally feel, I will sit 10 more days, you look, so 30 days and I will sit out. I hope will help, I need to throw off 9 kg till May 12. Now the weight of 62 kg, growth 162, I want 53 kg to weigh. I think the whole day water and cocoa tomorrow to drink, and on April 22 I will be weighed))


p at the moment week I keep to this diet. It was difficult only in the first day and only in the course of preparation of dinner for other family members.

The Waugh-second day became simpler, the farther - the easier. The truth house have supported, from diet sausage, fried meat, cutlets, fried potato were gone. Eat boiled meat from my broths with boiled vegetables, also from my broths and all are quite happy, too podrazgruzhatsya.