Reviews of diet 3 3 3

отзывы о диете 3 3 3

As well as any diet, be it diet short flight of stairs or "kremlyovka", weight loss on kefir causes inconsistent responses.

Negative note that to grow thin on kefir, it is necessary to be positive to this product because in spite of the fact that kefir is useful to digestion, not all like it at all at least. Well the first option of food in which the diet allows in general either one kefir, or water in general is maintained very hard. On sense of fulness at the use of only one kefir even if to drink it in liters, it is possible not to calculate.

Positive responses note that on this diet pleasant ease is felt, it is possible that the last is caused by cleaning properties of kefir which normalizes work of digestive tract. Well directly leaving of weight which rates are rather high cannot but also please. Therefore the diet in principle is suitable for those who need to dump much and at once, but after all it is better to grow thin gradually.

Also nutritionists recommend not to try to refuse the use of food completely as this diet based on only one liquid suggests to make it, and to begin with what to replace with kefir dinner. In this case weight will smoothly leave, and also it will be possible to understand reaction of the organism to the use of kefir without other food.

Anyway, according to the 9th the day kefiric diet 3 3 3 yields excellent results.

Unfortunately it is rather heavy to stand her because the effect of this diet is obliged not only to modest diet and but also rather big duration. As a result all stocks of your organism are exhausted and your own fat begins to be burned.

But except effect of weight reduction, the kefiric diet of 9 days reduces food of brain owing to what weakness and headache can appear. In this case it is necessary to stir honey spoon in glass of water and to drink. If it does not help, then it is necessary to diversify the menu with not strongly caloric fruit.

Also do not forget that the kefiric diet 3 3 3, as well as any other is stress for organism. Therefore before diet it is necessary to consult with the attending physician.


In my opinion very difficult diyetka. I will make the short recipe and I will hang up on the refrigerator. And that, I am afraid, I will not remember all priority. Thank you that have well explained.


Hi all!

My height of 173 cm, weight about horror!! For the beginning of diet (21.05) - 74,5 kg and the OG parameters - 108 cm, FROM - 80 cm, ABOUT - 100 cm (I go in such weight 1,5 years). I will not tell that I thick, in appearance quite appetizing) am pleasant to Much)

Long ago was going to grow thin, but all it could not be adjusted, and here hen night and wedding at the girlfriend, time has generally come. In general always weighed 60-62 and never got fat how many would not eat, and I very much like to eat well. I go to the gym 2 months, the body was considerably tightened, but there is no weight reduction.

I will in detail paint the beginning of my 9th diet (3 days kefir, 3 days apples, 3 days kefir), suddenly it is useful to someone:

1 day:

Since morning has on an empty stomach drunk glass of kefiric cocktail fat-burning (200 ml of kefir of 1% or 0%, 1/2 tsps of cinnamon, 1/2 tsps of ginger ground, and on knife tip hot red pepper).

During the day of 1 l of kefir of 1%, drank a lot of water, glasses 7-9, has still drunk cup of tea with ginger and turbosly for weight loss (too tea), from 17 to 19 h went to the gym, having very strongly felt hungry in the evening, has hardly restrained (has satisfied hunger with 1 small apple) and has gone to sleep.

2 day:

Weight since morning - 72,9 kg.

Trenazherki is absent today therefore twisted hoop weighing 2,2 kg of 40 min. + exercises on waist.

Since morning has also drunk fat-burning cocktail kefiric, during the day kefir of 1 l of 1%, and on mug of ginger tea and turboslim, in 20 h hunger tormented, has drunk 1 more glass of kefir and has fallen asleep.

3 day:

Weight since morning - 71,4 kg.

Has repeated in accuracy as well as the first. Also it was necessary to eat 1 apple (it has rescued me).

4 day:

Weight since morning - 70,700 kg.

p so waited for this day, thought as it will be good to sit on apples. But that that was disappointed (pblok do not climb, for all day has eaten 2 apples and has decided to add grapefruit 1/2, has drunk 200 ml of kefir in the evening, very strongly wanted to eat, kefir my savior, and before going to bed tea turbosly, to currents of day is a lot of water and the house hoop + exercise on waist.

Ahead of 5 more days, I think will pass normally, there are rushes very strongly getting hungry, but they quickly pass, by the end of diet I think 65-66 kg will weigh, after diet I pass to healthy nutrition and that gradually, at first I will sit on vegetables and I will gradually add other products that weight has not returned!

At the moment my parameters: OG - 105 cm, FROM - 78 cm, ABOUT - 98 cm, have most of all grown thin legs, usually they at me the first grow thin, then all the rest.


Advantages: gradually you lose weight without stress for organism.

Shortcomings: there was a wish to achieve big results.

The diet has ended at me two weeks ago, these nine days I tried to write down all the feelings and have not forgotten to describe the physical activity these days.

Contrary to the principles not to be weighed every day during diet, I have this time decided to be weighed in the mornings then to write full response with all details.

Menu of diet in itself very simple and available.

The first three days we drink 1% kefir 1,5 liters, no more. It is necessary to drink about two liters of water a day, it is possible to drink green tea.

The next three days we eat green apples, no more than 1,5 kilograms a day, it is also necessary to drink water about two liters a day.

The next three days we drink 1% kefir no more than 1,5 liters and water about two liters as well as in the first three of days.

The diet promises us weight loss from three to nine kilograms for these nine days. I begin it with weighing on the old worn-out scales which already many years show me my changing weight. 55 kilograms weigh, I want to grow thin to 50 kilograms.

So I begin the first day of diet on kefir in anticipation of the beginning of new life in new weight. This day has passed quite easily, and I was not hungry at all. Kefir has drunk 1,5 liters during the day, drank green tea and water. During the day moved much. For the morning scales have not pleased me - both there were 55 kilograms and remained.

The next day has passed approximately also, in the evening I have gone to dances on the Brazilian samba on which I have bought the subscription. After training I terribly wanted to eat and I have drunk three glasses of water from cooler at once to bring down appetite. At home has drunk up the remains of kefir and was satisfied with herself that the second day has held on on kefir. For the morning having weighed I have found weight on the same place of 55 kilograms.

The third day on kefir was sad to be spent because weight did not decrease mood slightly it was impaired a little, and I have decided to go by bicycle to the dacha that spending time on beds to distract from sad thoughts. From my house before giving 13 kilometers, it was my first arrival on such distance. Kefir has taken with itself modulation in plastic bottle. p hoped that such loading will give impetus to the beginning to weight reduction. Very tired but happy in the evening the husband has taken away me from giving together with bicycle.

In the morning of the fourth day having weighed I have found out that my weight makes 54,5 kilograms. Of course I calculated after the 13th kilometer arrival by bicycle that I will grow thin for kilogram at once, but only 500 grams have disappeared from my body.

The first apple day was very hungry for me, weakness in all body constantly having felt hungry and has appeared. It put I almost all has overslept, in breaks between dream crackled apples and drank water. For the morning has grown thin for 500 grams.

Other two apple days have passed very well because I have learned apples is washing down with green tea, and after that having not felt hungry at all.

Then there have come three kefiric days which my organism has well apprehended also hungry I did not feel at all, probably because the organism was reconstructed. I moved much, went to samba, on beds dug, walked much with children. And that the most important did not forget to drink water in the necessary quantity.

For the morning after end of diet has at once risen on scales. My weight has made slightly less than 52 kilograms.

There was a strong wish to continue further diet to grow thin to treasured 50 killogram. But then has decided to treat without fanaticism to weight loss both has just reduced portions and has excluded flour products from diet.

To dress thongs on the beach so far rather early in my opinion, and here in bikini it is possible to dress after kefiric and apple diet. Three kilograms for which I have grown thin in 9 days very much even are noticeable as it seems to me.

Here so I "have kept" to kefiric and apple diet. Of course with result it is not absolutely happy, but one that loss of three kilograms during diet did not become stress for organism calms and weight loss happened slowly.

In day I lost about 300-500 grams of weight I consider that this slow, but effective weight loss. Already there have passed two weeks on the termination of diet, and weight does not increase.

In end of response I want to tell that from all diets which I approved on myself, "kefiric and apple" not "hungriest" earlier. It can be transferred well if not to think of food and to occupy itself with some business for this time.

Still I for support of moral spirit read about positive results of weight loss of other girls what too well stimulated me, and have not allowed "to break" and throw everything to the edrena the hair dryer.


I can tell one - if you accurately observe, the result will not keep waiting. In recent days I have begun to grow thin considerably. The truth at the fourth bottom the stomach has begun to hurt me, but I suffered and by the evening it passed (now it is necessary to treat stomach).

Generally, I have grown thin for 5 kg, but 3 also two more have been taken for the last two weeks - bonus. p remained not in offense.

I advise all.


p periodically I use this diet for the emergency weight loss. Only 3 days kefir, 3 days rice, 3 days chicken. Is it is possible how many you want, it is possible to drink tea and coffee, without sugar esnno. In any day if there is a strong wish it is possible to eat vegetable not starchy vegetables vegetable oil salad. Rice - with soy sauce. But by experience I will tell what does not getting hungry.

In my opinion diet easy for performance, it is necessary to accept vitamins. BUT! Then, if to return to usual food, everything will return. So at me was for the first time. It is necessary to adhere to balanced diet. p held weight half a year last time. New Year's holidays have spoiled everything: (

Now I with you. Today the first day on kefir. I will be weighed in the evening.


Oh, excuse me everything please: (Was going to go on this diet, but then has changed the mind and has sat down on soup. The third day comes to end, minus two kg.

As for diet 3+3+3, there is a lot of its options, rice, apples, kefir, vegetables, wine and cheese and td. and td. p I think if you eat three days cottage cheese, three days fish and three days cucumbers, then too you will very well grow thin!

I still somehow will surely try this diet for now four more days soup. By the way, it at me very good has turned out!!! p I throw six bulbs, four big pomidorka, half-head of cabbage, root and stalks of celery and two cubes there. Small I cut cabbage and celery and I put in pan. There the whole bulbs and pomidorka on half. All this at me begins to boil - I pour bolyon from two govyazhy cubes. Then, when vegetables will become soft, I catch bulbs and pomidorka, I do of them mashed potatoes and I pour back in soup. Just objedeny!

And I not really strictly keep to diet meaning that in addition to soup I generally eat apples and pears, and on one banana a day. Approximately so, three-four flat dishes of soup plus two apples and two pears and one banana. These are three days. Tomorrow I will try only bananas and milk. (as in diet). And then still I want to taste buckwheat. If there is enough will power:)

Classical option of diet

The classical option of diet according to which it is also called diet 3+3+3+3 includes 12 days, that is the sum of these "three". It becomes already clear that it consists of cycles lasting the 3rd day during which different types of products are used. Following recommendations of diet it is possible to dump from 8 to 14 kilograms.

So, here what is represented by the menu of diet:

1, 2, 3 day - we use only kefir, but in any quantity. Concerning fat content of kefir there are no special restrictions though some consider that it is necessary to use only 1% kefir.

4, 5, 6 day - we eat apples in any quantity. Besides, concerning type of the used apples there are no strict requirements. It is possible both crude, and baked - the main thing, without additives.

7, 8, 9 day - we eat chicken without skin, and in any kind - fried, stewed, boiled, and even in any quantity.

10, 11, 12 day - here it is "highlight"! we use cheese and red dry wine alternately with orange juice. Concerning cheese of restrictions there is no fat content, but its quantity has to be equal 30 grams on 1 glass of wine or 1 juice. Juice, certainly, is better - freshly squeezed.

According to specialists, the main idea of diet - separate food, and use in end of diet of wine and juice starts processes which help to activate metabolism in organism. It interferes with the return process of set of weight after the termination of diet.

Express diet option

The diet has two the option express. The principle remains same - 1 product during the day.

First express option

1 day - boiled rice (without salt, sugar and fat) and tomato juice (too without salt) in any quantity;

2 day - only cottage cheese and kefir without restrictions;

3 day - meat of chicken (it is possible to replace with turkey) and tea without sugar;

4 day - cheese and red wine / orange juice in proportion of classical option.

Second express option

The second express option is called nonalcoholic as instead of cheese with wine this day nonalcoholic products - for example are used, water-melon, shrimps, grapes, apples.

As a result of express diets it is possible to reach effect of weight loss on 4 kg for these 4 days.

The general recommendations are similar to any other diets - lack of sugar, salt, hot spices, etc. After end of diet you should not "have a ball" and to snatch on unseparable, as they say, food. Grow thin - on health!

отзывы о диете 3 3 3