Reviews of Elena Malysheva's diet

отзывы о диете Малышевой
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Elena Malysheva - the TV host, famous in our country, and the doctor who in the It Is Exciting to Live broadcast tells the audience about how to watch over the health. In the program it is also devoted to the principles of healthy nutrition and harmless ways of dropping extra kilos much time.

Who did not see advertizing on the Internet "Diet from E.Malysheva"???... and on what reference do not stick "everywhere... otparv SMS....". DIVORCE the SHEER!!!!!!!! It is obvious! But in my response the speech not about it....

And now my history! During pregnancy has gained 15 kg, and after the delivery of course has wanted to come to the same form! Has ceased to nurse when to the kid was nearly 3 therefore has seriously thought of diet! It was my first experience...

Literally the other day I have learned that there is such remarkable diet from Elena Malysheva who helps all to grow thin very quickly. Of course, I had had such burning issue, and someone from participants of our forum took its advices and what results you have achieved. p I will be very grateful to all who will leave the comments here. I wish all successful day!


Has bought diet because time as always is not enough for itself - to the husband lunch from 3kh dishes for work (it has sugar), to the son lunch, kosharika in the morning breakfast, and with herself that it is necessary. Therefore it was tempted with ready lunches and dinners, at the same time and to grow thin.

Delivery perfectly, quality and variety of products good, has got used to eat gradually, has begun from rice day and at once has dumped 2 kg, in 2 weeks - 3 kg, volumes have left, skirts and trousers already hang.

Expensively? maybe it is expensive, but everything has got to me natural - turkey, chicken, porridges, muesli good, sauces to dishes are pleasant. It is not a pity for money. I think and look for money to order the second time. I collect labels from each dish though all structure is on Malysheva's website. To IT THANKS.

I work with 8 to 18 without interruption and in the evening from 20 to 23 houses still. Family from 3kh the person, I prepare for them in the crock-pot (by the way very much saves time - in evening has made pork tongue, buckwheat and cottage cheese casserole - you will lick all fingers). Good luck everything growing thin.


Counter of this diet - SMALL PORTIONS and you reduce the, DO NOT GUZZLE, and eat. Eat in certain time and you will grow thin. It is checked on itself.

Constantly I monitor the food, I am weighed. I eat all! I adore fat, I eat, but only in the morning. I eat cakes when it wants to me. There were in me 104 kg 30 years ago, have grown thin having reduced the same portions. Read Katya Marimanova's diet (Minus 60 system), ALL eat and GROW THIN! You will grow thin, I am sure of it, with such small portions it is simple not to grow thin NELZP.

And what then? If you return to usual food, weight will return, but only with increase. To keep the weight under control is BIG WORK. p I keep the diary of food where I write down that ate and on how many has grown thin or has added because weight fluctuates. If during the day there was any having a snack between lunch, breakfast, dinner - weight increases. Such high price of this diet not for products, and for convenience, it is not necessary to puzzle and use any efforts, all is ready, open and you eat.


Advantages: conveniently; well; tasty.

Shortcomings: it is not revealed.

In one and a half months - minus 6 kg. Any mockeries at. You do not run on shops, you do not stand at plate. Variety in food and even sweet is not forbidden. The only thing not really pleasant viands are rice in fasting day. Thanks, Elena Vasilyevna!!!


With the fellow worker we keep to diets. p on white, and she has decided to try Malysheva's diet. Somehow in the program health about it was told. It treats express diets. In 10 days have to throw off 5 kg.

The essence consists in proteinaceous and carbohydrate alternation. In the first day we eat only chicken boiled without thin skin. And at first we cook before boiling, then broth is merged and we cook in other water to readiness. For the second day we eat vegetables. The whisk or brush (cabbage, carrot, beet) recommend salad. And so we alternate days.

The colleague ate chicken breast (2 pieces) in proteinaceous day, and in the second boiled freshly frozen vegetables. By the way all this without salt.

Has stayed 2 weeks, by the way - 8 kg have left. But did not eat plus after six, and it has gym every other day. And work at us not on site to sit.

It has transferred speaks easily, but I also am not surprised. It can and on kefir one is quiet day 3 to stay. Grows thin from 94 kg, has already reached to 78.

As white has bored, I think can try Malysheva too. Proteinaceous days that still can be transferred quietly, and here vegetable - already heavier. I do not love vegetables though as that kept to diet of negative calories. Than that reminds me Malysheva's diet.

If I decide I will unsubscribe. And so I recommend, after all results positive.


On the basis of this diet, has made the and results have not kept themselves waiting - 7 kg in month!!!!!!!!!

Has thought of weight loss when my weight has reached 80 kg (till the birth of the first child weighed 60 kg) and it became heavy to me to bend down, climb ladders and the clothes all became small, then I have got it together and have begun to study the Internet, have found Margarita Koroleva's book, Elena Malysheva's diet, have read all and have decided to grow thin on the basis of their diets, namely - I have excluded from diet all salty though it and is heavy to refuse absolutely at the beginning salt, fried, flour, sweet, I replace sugar with fructose and that in small amounts, fat.

Has reduced portions to 200 g, 2 times a day I eat vegetable salads on 100-150 g with gas station from vegetable oil and lemon juice. I drink 1,5-2 liters of water. Because has excluded salty, water in organism is not late and removes all superfluous. After 18:00 I do not eat. I eat slowly I spend for each reception for 15-20 minutes. Now, when has already dumped 7 kg, till lunch I am able to afford some harmful product - for example, one small ice cream, is no more than 200 kcal.

Now before buying some product in shop I watch its structure, I try that there was no salt, and calories there were no more than 350 kcal on 100 g. I eat instant porridge of 200 g without salt and without sugar on water in the mornings, I like Nordic, fill in it with hot water and in microwave on 30 sec. or 1 min. And while I feed children, it bulks up and it is possible to eat. Now still I eat porridge in prikuska with oltermana cheese (couple of small pieces). Also for breakfast it is possible skim cheese with the fat-free kefir and fructose, or couple of eggs. During the lunchtime I eat rice with chicken without salt, or buckwheat with mushrooms, or lentil with chicken, macaroni from firm grades of wheat with low-fat teftelka. For afternoon snack either apple, or orange is possible bar from whole cereals. For dinner it is possible mushroom soup, chicken noodles, fish with rice or buckwheat. In the general menu various. The main thing that portions were not more than 200 g + cucumber salad and tomatoes. And the main thing not to starve.

At such various diet I consider it is possible to grow thin quietly. p has taken the menu from the website of diet of Malysheva as basis, there is menu that is possible for breakfast that for lunch that for afternoon snack and that for dinner and that is allowed in addition. Also has made it for herself under the flavoring preferences. And everyone can make under himself. The main thing result on the person. Every day leave 300 g, 400 g, sometimes only 100 g. I am weighed every morning at the same time.

In addition to diet I do still physical exercises, of course not every day I can force to do myself all complex, but nevertheless I do squats every day. And even the husband has noticed that I have grown thin, he in every possible way supports me. Thanks to it I continue to go towards the aim. Generally for the first month I have grown thin for 7 kg and weight continues to be lost, the second month of my diet has now begun. In few weeks I still will write as my diet proceeds.

As promised I write continuation of the history of weight loss. Has passed 3 months from the moment of the beginning of my diet, the first month I strictly kept to diet, on the second month have begun to give an easy time to myself. But I did not increase portion, and harm could eat only till lunch and on slightly, after 18:00 still ate nothing, sometimes after 17:00 could eat nothing. So slowly my kilograms leave. As a result in 3 months I have grown thin for 12 kg, and I hold weight at the same level so far, but it is not limit yet, I am going to dump 3 more kg. For me 12 kg are feat, but I had incentive and I gradually go towards the aim, have already got into the favourite trousers which wore before the second pregnancy. As I will achieve the end result surely I will unsubscribe.


Good afternoon all!!! p of course I will not tell anything new, but I will tell that when walking ate on diet which has been sounded initially by Elena Malysheva, and there are a little exercises at five in the morning, for half a year has dumped 25 kg, but alas almost all has gathered. But I can precisely tell who will want, and to appear the motivation - will surely achieve and will continue. Here and now I sit down on some of Elena Vasilyevna's diets again (have read) all really, just matter of time.


Kind day all! For the life I have tried different diets. The last - doctor Bormental (Gavrilov). But has got calculation of calories. Everything has come to an end in the fact that I began to prepare one and too, what has already once counted. And such menu has bothered!

Malysheva's diet is restaurant at home. Choose that you want, everything for you was already welded and counted! And special pleasure as a hobby are sweets! Rice fasting days to me have allowed to replace with 6 boiled proteins from eggs and 2 grapefruits (you divide for all day). It was pleasant to me. Did not trust advertizing, but has thrown off 6 kg for the 1st month. Waters I drink 1,5 l (not to swell, eat pressure). Primary dumping of weight is predictable. Now with interest I will wait for result of the second month of observance of diet. But already now I began to feel much better, have increased loadings, have bought new trousers! I wish all good results!


The set of products for Malysheva's Diet is made on specifications by Vilon's company or SYTOEDOV, many probably saw these semi-finished products in shops. These are usual semi-finished products which can be bought equally well in any supermarket and is much cheaper than in 28 days to pay 12 000 rubles. And by the way, the number of calories and salt there same, as in store semi-finished products, on Malysheva Vilon's website, are the partner of its project.

This description of product from the VILON company.

Fettuchini with meat of chicken, baked in sauce of morny.

The second ready course frozen.

Structure: roast chicken (42 g): meat of chicken, onion, vegetable oil, parsley, garlic, salt, ground black pepper; fettuchin boiled (96 g): premium pasta (flour from grain of wheat of firm grades, mineral water), butter, salt; sauce (62 g): broth meat (drinking water, beef, carrots, onion), milk, onion, butter, premium baking wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt.

Nutrition value in 100 g of product: proteins of 9,3 g; fats of 8,5 g; carbohydrates of 13 g.

Power value in 100 g of product: 165 kcal.

To store at temperature not above - 18 °C. Period of storage: 180 days.

Net weight: 200 g.

Way of preparation: to slightly open film on tray and to warm in the Microwave oven at the power of 700 W within 5 minutes.

And this from Malysheva's website, her ready lunch! Find 10 differences!!!

Roast chicken (90 g): meat of chicken, onion, vegetable oil, parsley, garlic, salt, ground black pepper.

Fettuchini boiled (150 g): premium pasta (flour from grain of wheat of firm grades, mineral water), butter, salt.

Sauce (100 g): broth meat (drinking water, beef, carrots, onion), milk, onion, butter, premium baking wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt.

Cheese (10 g).

Nutrition value in 100 g of product: Proteins - 7,8 g, Fats - 3,5 g, Carbohydrates - 11,4 g, Caloric content - 112 kcal.

Actually it differs only in the fact that at Malysheva it is 1/2 portions of purchased semi-finished product, and structure one in one. Also and all its other sets. Whether more simply to go to buy everything in supermarket and to eat cheaper and more simply!


Girls, totally ludicrous this Malysheva! If you want to grow thin, not obligatory to exhaust yourself, believe, has stayed not on one diet, has tried almost everything!

I can precisely tell one, the buckwheat which is filled in with kefir helps perfectly, really 1 day, 1 kg, but it only if is necessary to you urgently before what thread holiday in 5-6 days as passing to the usual food again, everything within week returns ((((

Other way, was one of my darlings, it is the French diet.


It seems it is not necessary to starve, but I have held on only one day, I will tell honestly, it was pleasant to me, it is very easy to keep to this diet... But as I have husband and the son of the house and it is necessary to prepare not only for himself, and I prepare tasty... it has not turned out at me. It needs to be stayed at home and prepared some time only for itself. then can and the result will be...

Svetlana, 34:

I watch the Health program for the first channel many years. Very much I respect Elena Malysheva as competent specialist. And for this reason I use its recommendations about food. The part of them is sounded here, in article. Believe, they really work. In the fall and in the winter I usually gain a few weight, literally kilogram 3-4, I relax. And then very easily I dump them literally for few weeks, just using green apple before each meal.

Veronika, 25:

After the delivery at me remained extra 10 kilos. It is impossible to keep to diets, so nursed, to the child it could do much harm. Has decided to try as there will be in operation Malysheva's diet, is how effective. I have not found specifically described food allowance neither in the Internet, nor in magazines, nor in archive of releases of TV program "Health". It was necessary to think out most. But its councils of regarding healthy nutrition have very much helped me. p has ceased to starve itself and at last has begun to grow thin! Approximately on 3 kilograms a month.


Yes, diet really remarkable. My mother has dumped on her 8 kg. And me to recover the kilogram on 5! Tell, please whether there are such products from which quickly you recover? Or can the special diet is necessary? p after the delivery has strongly grown thin with growth 1,66 46,5 kg weigh. Thanks!

Lidiya Yurevna:

Never would think that such simple diet helps with weight loss. p has tried different tablets, herbs, even used special belts and linen which allegedly cleans excess fats. When has come across Malysheva's diet, did not hope for any effect any more, but the result has exceeded the expectations. I advise all Malysheva's diet! It really helps!


People, what is with you? Here to you Malysheva's diet it is free, without SMS. What still it is necessary for you? When already the people are tired of scams... You the do not grudge money.

And if you want personal diet - so it to you to the nutritionist. On the Internet in 5 minutes and ten questions nobody will sort your specific problem. Same complex. Here not only diet, it both way of life, and metabolism, and associated diseases. Simple ways cannot be here.


Forgive, and and here Malysheva. People, you look at life soberly. Just someone uses her name, that's all. Quite right, in several minutes nobody will develop diet. Especially without seeing the person. It is necessary to descend before to the endocrinologist, the therapist. Because obesity is illness. And it is necessary to treat her in a complex. To all other and the diet any is not necessary, the healthy nutrition and disposal of unnecessary carbohydrates is necessary.

For example do not eat candies, ice cream, jam, try to exclude farinaceous food, store so-called juice, steam, boil, bake without mayonnaise, of course, drink simple water to 2,5 liters a day, include in the diet vegetables and fruit, except bananas and grapes, eat bran, and you will see result.

Be vigilant do not come across scam.


p ate according to the menu which is offered by Malysheva Elena's diet, and has not noticed as in week has got rid of 3,5 kg, after that I ate till 18:00, and nothing flour, salty, fat. p shocked by the fact that weight keeps on one mark and as earlier the stomach does not perceive food, strictly three times a day and @-@ in the evening now eat. Has stopped on the weight of 57 kg with height of 174 cm, I am afraid further, here and to anorexia nearby.


Dear girls, thanks to this diet I have thrown off 15 kg in 2 months, it is not a lot of, but is effective. I can indulge myself with vkusnyashka, and weight also does not increase. Has placed mother on this diet, it weighed 120 kg, in 3 months it began to weigh 86 kg. These are just tremendous results. The most important to understand what you want. If have decided to grow thin, look at yourself in mirror naked and tell yourself "WILL be ENOUGH"!!! to see this horror. (the drooped sides, flabby skin, cellulitis...) also grow thin, it is very simple "to be healthy and beautiful!" It is ONLY NECESSARY to WANT


And I have after the delivery recovered to 82 kg and it with height of 155 cm. Then has got it together and within year has grown thin for 20 kg. Tried that in month about 2 - 3 kg left. But the last 5 months grew thin only on 0,5kg - 1 kg. Ate all!!!, 3-5 times a day, but that on calories left 1200-1400 a day. And more than an every day danced on 1 hour. At the same time and the movements interesting has studied. And then has come to work and kirdyk to the mode. You come hungry, you snatch on food and you cannot stop stomach so far you will not fill and as a result for 2 years has again added 11 kg. (((


I, for example, do not like any of Malysheva's diets. Both so tried, and so. Fig. Whether it such, whether I has diets wrong. Who used this diet, prompt what I do incorrectly? There is a strong wish to grow thin. Share the secrets. Perhaps, I am not right?


p I consider that only the fresh food is useful, but not frozen therefore I prefer products which I grow up at myself on kitchen garden and I buy from the farmer. And it is possible to grow thin and without buying, Elena Malysheva for 12 thousand rubles has set of products - it is necessary simply to eat less! And to try to eat it is more than greens. p has grown thin already for 5 kg for the last month and only because I eat with meat products only greens and generally it is celery.


The set of products will suit those who has spare cash who has no time or to prepare and consider laziness of calorie. On one call will deliver you to the house food for the whole month. 4 meals if it is worth counting each reception 100 rub, i.e. in day turn out 400 rub, and in month 12000. And if you are not in Moscow, then still add on not the small sum of delivery. Elena Malysheva's diet will rise in kopek!


Not such and expensive diet. Buckwheat and breast quite average at the price and available, same sunflower sunflower seeds too not expensive, as well as other products. They can be replaced with Malysheva's menus, cheaper from the list. Why to order set if it is possible to buy in the next supermarket and to prepare with the small content of salt. It is worth looking narrowly at such diet.

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