There are I harmonous after rough feast

Остаюсь я стройной после бурного застолья

About New year remained a little, and we with horror understand that it is impossible to get into favourite evening dress. We sit week on kefir, the dress is buttoned, but after celebration goes to pieces again... How to pass test champagne and Russian salad and at the same time to keep wasp waist?

And to understand the first that needs to be made — to define index of mass of own body whether you need to grow thin. Nutritionists advise to do it so: to divide weight (in kilograms) into growth in square (in meters). If figure 20-25, weight normal has turned out; more than 25 — is a little superfluous; and higher than 30 — already problem. To anyway lose more than one-two kilograms a week specialists do not advise. So, you have found out that it is necessary to clean couple of centimeters in waist after all. The second step to the treasured purpose will become... diary. The most usual, in notebook. Write down there everything that you have eaten during the day. Psychologists claim that this simple reception will allow to control itself and not to overeat.

Rigid diets in New Year's Eve days, according to the nutritionist of the Telos Beauty center Valery Sergeyev, piece artful. If you ate week one salad, then at New Year's table of herring under fur coat will overeat precisely. Not to break, take for the rule there are three-five times a day. Also do it slowly. It is old as the world, but works: the more slowly you chew, the feeling of saturation comes quicker!

Absolutely it is not necessary to refuse traditional Russian salad or herring under fur coat. To change rather a little ingredients. Replace usual mayonnaise with lung. It will reduce the caloric content of your favourite salads twice. In Russian salad instead of sausage cut chicken, and in "mimosa" crumble tinned fish not in oil, and in own juice. The gammon baked with spices will become excellent alternative to syrokopchenka. And on snack buy low-fat fish. In confectionery departments do not even look, better make light mousses of berries and fruit jellies. On tastes they will not concede to any cake.

Excess calories can also be gained at the expense of alcohol. In only one glass of their vodka 150! Sweet drinks like liqueurs and champagne contain also sugar. Valery Sergeyev advises for this reason not to refuse to himself pleasure, and to begin celebration with white semi-dry wine (it increases appetite); when hours beat twelve — to be limited to one glass of moist champagne or brut; in the rest of the time to drink red dry or moist wine. Also consider that aerated water promotes alcohol absorption so it is better to refuse it at all.

For certain at many New year is associated with smell of tangerines. But, according to Valery Sergeyev, this fruit conceals in itself danger: "Tangerines contain many sucrose (carbohydrates) which quickly turns into energy. And if not to spend it at once, then our organism will just reserve everything in the form of fat. Therefore replace tangerines with oranges, grapefruits or pomelo better. Too you should not put sweet grapes, pears, mango and persimmon on holiday table. As an alternative I recommend apples, pineapples (but only not tinned!), peaches, plums, ground cherry".

We do not recommend to get up after New Year's Eve on scales next morning. Keep nervous system! Even if you did not absorb cervelat and Russian salad commercially, the couple of extra kilos can appear. Do not worry, it is most likely excess liquid. In marinated cucumbers, mushrooms and olives on which you had a snack the day before there is a lot of salt. One its gram holds exactly a hundred times more water. Nutritionists recommend to refuse in the next days salt at all or to replace it with herbs and lemon juice. Excess liquid will leave.

Long New Year's vacation which to us was so complacently presented by the native government for many become the real testing.

стройная фигура The breakfast begins after lunch, comes to an end long after midnight, and all this is followed by plentiful libations. As a result we come to work with five kilograms of excess weight in waist and hips and the swelled-up persons. That it was not painfully a shame before colleagues and by itself, begin every morning with breakfast, it is extremely desirable till twelve o'clock. This your "fuel" for all day. If it is bad to refuel, then the car, you understand, far will not leave. Simple carbohydrates and fats (sandwiches, tea with sugar) for this purpose do not approach. They are quicker processed, and you will want to eat again. And here the "correct" proteins (cottage cheese, yogurt, soy products) and complex carbohydrates (oat or buckwheat cereal) — ideal option. As you can see, not such difficult rules. If to observe them, then and pleasure at the holiday table can be derived and to remain harmonous.