Errors of growing thin

ошибки худеющих
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Even in the winter at you the thought has flashed in the head that it would be time to think also of the figure which has excessively suffered after sound foods for New Year's holidays. But superfluous "кэгэ" again skillfully hide under warm sweaters, and the clear idea gradually sinks in stuff of everyday problems and the solution of household questions. But at approach of spring it revives with powerful force again, having easily turned into fixed idea. Looking at itself in mirror, you every time pay the attention to the folds which are sticking out here and there and pledge to yourself that tomorrow you will precisely take care of the own life. But here comes tomorrow, and no actions of you are made, and pangs of conscience begin to exasperate you with bigger force. One fine day you with horror find things which still quite recently to you were rather big in the clothes, and today you will not be able to pull them on yourself, even with soap any more.

And you decide that there will be enough itself to torment: it is time to grow thin. Besides at the next party you just have to shock all with the stunning look, and differently in any way.

At last you have defined diet which yourself you will test, try to observe all necessary instructions, but here not task, in the head annoying thoughts incessantly climb. And that if I make vain attempts? Already precisely nothing will help me! Such fat woman, as I, still it is necessary to look! On me the liposuction cries long ago! To eat something sweet! Has bothered: one eats immoderately and it all at all, and I should look on cake as kilograms increase!

Enough! Learn whether you have made one of 5 widespread errors of all which are growing thin. If the affirmative answer – that at you is chance everything to correct!

Mistake No. 1

ошибки худеющих Be not too trustful. If the author, the diet chosen by you promises that in week you will grow thin at least for 10 kilograms, then he has very good sense of humour. For such small term it is possible to dump kilogram - another, but no more than that. Become patient to get rid of excess weight, you will need a little more time, than you imagined.

You understand that without some efforts of you to you not to say goodbye to the bothered weight which collected for years while you ate the cakes and rolls, having a snack for the night on multi-storey buterbrodik.

Mistake No. 2

You have inspired in yourself that your excess weight is inevitability. You have already got used to thought that extra kilos - for cause of infringement of metabolism, heredities, as a result of stress or after the delivery - your friends for the rest of life.

Do not dare or to brand to somebody else you. Your bodied and this yours work on. Find photos where you such what you would like to become again, believe in yourself. Make the beauty with own hands! Only to you it in power!

Mistake No. 3

ошибки худеющих Adjust yourself on success. Think up small gifts for yourself favourite in honor of each dumped kilogram. Or it is even better: buy yourself beautiful dress of that size which you want to have, it will be for you good incentive.

Try to finish the habits preventing you to achieve desirable result in weight loss once and for all:

• Any quick having a snack
• Eat in the small portions, at the table laid by cloth, using all necessary tableware
• Drink more clear water
• Try to eat regularly and in certain time
• During meal, exclude viewing of the TV and reading the magazine

Mistake No. 4

Your rule was earlier: the most harmful – the most tasty, and has to become now: the most useful – the healthiest. Try to pass completely to healthy food which not only will give you energy, but also will allow your skin to look always smooth and gentle. It is time to forget about cakes, candies and cakes, think of the future. Excess weight – it not only is not esthetic, it, first of all, is unhealthy.

Mistake No. 5

Stop becoming at any free minute on scales: in the morning, during the lunchtime and in the evening. You do not look for reason for pessimism, become the optimist: take yourself for the rule to be weighed weekly, but no more. Also stop to hate yourself. You speak to yourself more often what you beautiful and smart, and will become even better soon, it is only necessary to try slightly.

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