Olive oil for weight loss

оливковое масло для похудения
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Today on television, broadcasting, at displays and other mass media actively propagandize healthy lifestyle, hundreds of thousands of people therefore this subject is interesting to every second person have already headed for it. The healthy food is food which not all to taste and all the matter is that it needs to be known how to cook correctly, using at the same time fragrant, slightly spicy gas stations which not only improve taste of dish, but also do it many times more useful.

The most popular and popular gas station in many countries of the world olive oil is considered. This product, surprising on the properties, became object of worship, sang of it as shrine and considered as "liquid gold".

Than olive oil is so valuable?

This unique product is well of K, B, D, F, C vitamins, and also A and E which stop action of toxic free radicals and rejuvenate organism both from within, and outside.

But unsaturated fatty acids which advantage is invaluable give to oil the most great value. Oleic, linolic and linolenic acid – the basis of olive oil depriving of hundreds of troubles. The people wishing to strengthen blood vessels, to improve sight, to reduce risk of disease of cancer, to be saved from infertility have to take olive oil in the main diet.

Also perfectly olive oil for weight loss works. The matter is that olive oil, despite high caloric content characteristic to all oils, for 100% is acquired by organism and well influences all organism.

All advantage of olive oil consists in the following:

  • it prevents heart attacks and strokes, perfectly affects cardiovascular system
  • increases immunity, reduces risk of ORZ
  • is zhelchegonny means what tell many medical books about
  • solves problem of sand and stones in zhelchegonny bubble
  • the advantage of olive oil is invaluable and at fight against the increased cholesterol level in organism: the people of those countries in which oil enjoys wide popularity practically do not suffer from blockage of vessels from cholesterol fat
  • small wounds and grazes consults to oil olive which thanks to the regenerating properties heals them
  • helps to get rid of chronic lock, possesses medical action at hemorrhoids
  • positively affects sight
  • clears intestines, improving its work, removes slags and toxins
  • it is applied to prevention and treatment of stomach ulcers and 12-perstny gut

Women have to use olive oil regularly, it is well of youth which millions chase year after year. Olive oil solves problems with skin, outside and its internal application softens skin, gives it the healthy and humidified look, the rejuvenating effect is shown, small mimic wrinkles disappear. More you should not spend the fabulous sums for purchase of "wons of that" expensively to cream from wrinkles, near at hand there is available and exclusively natural product of the superior quality.

At problems with conception it is also worth taking olive oil which unsaturated acids normalize work of gonads, promoting conception of the child.

Well and, of course, olive oil is applied to weight loss. Big plus of oil is that eating it it is possible to forget about painful diets which though yield positive result for figure, but in too time damage health, breaking metabolism, depriving of the person of mass of vitamins and minerals. In month of use of oil you will get up on scales and will see that you have lost intolerable 3, and even 5 kilograms, without limiting yourself in food.

To achieve the best effect and manifestation of sexual relief of body, it is worth adopting elementary physical activities which will tighten body and will bring you into excellent form. The taught result will be not fleeting (as from the majority of diets), and long-term, and you will feel easy as if plumelet, your organism will completely be cleared and will be saturated with useful substances.

As olive oil for weight loss works

All of us perfectly know that all of us allow excess weight to stick to earlier slender body. It happens because of frequent having a snack between the main meals. The overeating and plentiful gluttony promotes set of weight and metabolic disorder even more actively. To avoid it it is worth controlling strictly quantity of the eaten food and in it olive oil will be the excellent assistant.

By the New York scientists the big secret of this oil has been opened in due time:

it turns out that the oleic acid which is present at it promotes development of oleyletanolamid – unusual substance which gives nervous impulses to brain, saying that the organism was already saturated and meal can be completed

People who have oleyletanolamida in organism a little cannot control the appetite, absorbing food in large number.

Olive oil, interacting with mucous intestines, catalyzes development of oleyletanolamid owing to what we eat less food, than earlier, and the feeling of hunger after food does not torment long time therefore it is possible to forget about eternal having a snack and sharp desire to visit fast food. Now in it simply there will be no need.

как правильно принимать оливковое масло для похудения

As it is correct to take olive oil for weight loss

To return weight to norm and to be cleared of slags it is worth using olive oil on an empty stomach, at first one teaspoon, and over time it will be necessary to increase the number of morning reception to tablespoon.
After that is not at all and not to drink within 40-50 minutes, otherwise loss of weight will not be. At desire it is possible to enter additional evening reception (1 Art. of l).

Also olive oil can be used as gas station to salads and other dishes, on it it is possible to fry meat, fish, to stew vegetables and other products.

How to choose olive oil

Councils which need to be noted:

Olive oil needs to be able to be chosen correctly, priobrev low-quality goods you risk not to gain from it the expected effect, not to mention harm for organism.

So: olive oil happens two types – refined and not refined. Certainly that there is more advantage in that oil which did not give in any heat treatment, that is – not refined. In it the maximum of useful substances and advantage remains.

For frying it is worth choosing the refined oil, at the same time, without worrying about formation of harmful carcinogens. You should not use it for weight reduction, useful substances in it practically do not remain.

Having come to shop, do not rush on first to look olive oil, and before attentively study its label on which production term has to be specified (not to confuse to date of flood) and type of oil, in our case - not refined.

The best, and useful branded oil marked of Extra Virgin D.O.P which is received directly on site by preparations, in the most favorable for cultivation of olive places is considered tasty. Such oil – great value for gourmets.

Simple Extra Virgin oil is made by method of cold extraction at temperature up to 27 °C.

Oils marked without part of Extra (Virgin olive oil, Olio di oliva vergine) are also good, but are made of less qualitative olive.

Pure olive oil and olive oil is the refined oil which is mixed with small percent of Extra Virgin oil. Thanks to such technology oil develops golden color and saturated taste.

Light olive oil – the refined oil for frying, can be reused.

Pomace olive oil and Olive-Pomace Oil is the cheapest oil for which production "cake" - by-product of production of oil is used. The small percent of Extra Virgin oil impacts to product color and relish. It is reasonable to use only for hot dishes.

To those people who are sick with cholecystitis any intestinal infections which are followed by diarrhea have contraindicated olive oil. Exclude it from diet and at individual intolerance. You should not eat a lot of oil, wishing to achieve more best effect. You remember: olive oil for weight loss is useful at observance of measure, after all it product high-calorific.

Now you know how to choose olive oil and can go surely behind purchase of goods which in a moment will solve problem of excess weight. The main thing in this case – regularity, without it not to achieve smart effect!

Good luck!

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