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Each woman wishing to grow thin and tighten the body investigates Internet open spaces in search of the most sparing diet and "smart" complex of physical exercises. It is no secret that those have appeared much today, about only one Bodifleks how many laudatory words. Kallanetika, the Yogi and Pilates do not lag behind in popularity also. But not everyone heard about such complex as Oksisayz. Today we will talk about it in more detail, we will pay special attention to exercises thanks to which it is possible to get rid of excess centimeters and kilograms.

Oksisayz is innovation set of exercises for fight against excess weight which is based on the correct breath. The main destructive force for fatty deposits is oxygen which coming to organism, connects to the carbon which is in fats and they are hasty brought. The body, in turn, is tightened and finds fine outlines. Those who are familiar with Bodifleks's technique can see thin side of similarity with Oksisayz, but nevertheless complexes differ between themselves.

To whom it is shown, and to whom Oksisayz is contraindicated?

To everyone's surprise Oksisayz has no contraindications. Specialists claim that even pregnant women who wish to be throughout incubation of the baby in good shape can be engaged in it, at the same time perfectly feeling.

All to whom not indifferently can adopt the health safely Oksisayz. Your body will take new shape, you will return yourself prenatal parameters, will allow to achieve dream to become harmonous and sports, having made for it minimum of efforts.

Oksisayz's advantages before famous Bodifleks?

Bodifleks has won popularity among millions of people around the world long ago, and here Oksisayz in the territory of Russia practices only few years. But, despite the youth, this complex already has ardent admirers, and it is not strange, Oksisayz has clear advantages before Bodifleks. For example, you do not need to wake up and at once, on hungry stomach, sleepy to be engaged.

In Bodifleksa some exercises are sounded by loud sounds which can interfere with activity of members of household or the sleeping kid. Oksisayz does not demand soundtrack, they can be engaged in any time, convenient for you, even after food, main that you were not accompanied by feeling of the maximum saturation and weight in stomach.

Oksisayz does not demand any additional exercise machines or the special equipment, they should be engaged only 15-20 minutes, but every day and results will come immediately. In few weeks you with high spirits will already walk on shops in search of clothes on figure, on the NEW figure, with NEW outlines.

What has to be food?

Gil Johnson (the creator of system Oksisayz) in the book devoted to Oksisayz advises four times food, and to focus on natural food, vegetables, fruit, cellulose. It is worth refusing everything the same sweet, fried, fat and fried. Diet caloric content – about 1500-1700 calories. Yes, figures absolutely not dietary, but at the expense of breathing exercises are burned fats, the metabolism so figures absolutely justified and it is not necessary to starve at all improves.

Why combustion of fats happens in problem places?

Really it is that smart technique which defines problem places? No, you also know places over which it is worth working and mentally direct oxygen by means of tension there.

It is necessary to pump up buttocks and to clean from there centimeters? Just during breathing exercises strain gluteuses, and oxygen will come to the necessary part of the body.

What do you receive after you begin to practice actively Oksisayz?

  • weight reduction on 2-3 kilograms. Oksisayz in itself generally fights against excess centimeters on your body, but if you pass suddenly to healthy nutrition, will watch quantity and quality of the absorbed food, then the result will not keep itself waiting
  • disappearance of orange-peel on problem zones. Cellulitis – it the problem of women is eternal and Oksisayz will help to solve it with ease
  • improvement of state of mind, depression and apathy will depart, and you will be full of strength also energy
  • thanks to generous amount of oxygen you will forget about headaches, the blood-groove will improve, and pressure will return to normal
  • increase of level of libido that it is so important for each person dreaming to lead full-fledged sexual life

What is necessary for a start or what Oksisayz begins with?

Each woman asks this question, there is a wish to take from any complex at most of result, at minimum spent amount of time. Oksisayz is rescue for that who have no lot of time for themselves, but there is huge desire to change himself and figure to the best. Oksisayz will take away from you 15-20 minutes of free time, but in 3-4 days you will see the first results. The waist and stomach will be left by several centimeters, in other parts of body you will also lose centimeters.

To be engaged in Oksisayz you should not add to the arsenal any special and bulky exercise machines, we are limited only to one chair which will serve as support. But the most important is the correct breath without which there will be no results as promptly be not engaged. Sadly and, therefore it is worth showing persistence and to work before over it.

Test for determination of correctness of breath

There are two types of breath: diaphragm and chest. Many people breathe incorrectly, that is chest type, thereby dooming themselves to the mass of diseases. Breathing breast, we do not allow air to circulate normally on organism, as a result of it blood does not carry enough oxygen. From here and feeling of constant fatigue, headaches and general indignation.

тест на определение правильности дыхания To learn how you breathe, costs:

  • to dress the convenient, not holding down the movement clothes
  • to put the right hand on breast, and left on stomach
  • it is deep to inhale
  • to exhale

What have you felt? Whether the left hand on breath has approached vertebra closer? If yes, that you breathe correctly, it is diaphragm type of breath to which surely it is worth passing even if Oksisayz as such is you does not interest.

And now sit down and breathe correctly 2-3 minutes. Do not strain at the same time humeral muscles, body in free situation, lung as fuzz. Feel how oxygen actively circulates on body, coming to the most remote corners.

Basis or Guide to Basic breath


  1. Make sharp and very fast breath nostrils, not mouth. Inhaling thus air heats up and passes cleaning. Breath strictly diaphragm.
  2. Smile! To the whole world, yourself favourite, feel energy inflow. Smiling, you involuntarily expand nostrils, air passes more quickly and more simply, at smile face muscles are also tightened, you do not forget to control the body.
  3. Relax, let muscles of stomach will be in quiet state, prepare yourself for the deepest breath.


  1. On breath as much as possible pull in stomach in yourself.
  2. Having inhaled, shake basin, the movements are carried out inside and up, remember Elvis, but do not dangle as duck.
  3. And now strain buttocks, pull in them.
  4. Muscles of pelvic bottom also should be strained, women should remember notable exercises of Kegel.

3 breaths nose

It is necessary to make three additional breaths! These 3 breaths will help you to work over face muscles, stomach and neck. Lungs, in turn, will as much as possible be filled with air. Act!


  1. On exhalation build tubule from lips or provide that you drink through straw and exhale with best effort. Due to such simple manipulations you have to have strongly tension under breast.
  2. Carrying out exhalation do not hang the head down, control yourself, lowering turns out involuntarily. Provide that your head is kept by invisible string.
  3. Do not forget about buttocks, they also as well as during breath have to remain in tension, are pulled in.
  4. Maximum of efforts at exhalation, lips tubule.

And now execute 3 more sharp exhalations. At the same time do not relax buttock and do not hang the head. Thus, you let out the air after breath, thereby having increased the volume of lungs for the subsequent breath exhalation. Stomach muscles on exhalation strongly strain and consequently come to tone and are tightened that undoubtedly positively affects results of trainings.

After four times performance of this breathing exercise you will do one repetition of improbable Basic breath!

Five-week acquaintance

Неделя №1

Week No. 1

Before starting occupations it is worth fulfilling carefully respiratory equipment, on it you should not be stopped further, everything goes automatically.

In total in day it is necessary to make 30 repetitions, there can be absolutely different exercises, choose them in process of acquaintance. If Oksisayz to repeat more than 30 times you receive stunning results. Underfulfilment is inadmissible, try!

Day the first

Exercise No. 1

We accept standing position, foot of legs are placed at shoulder length, the chin is raised. At the same time it is worth pulling in buttocks and to bend legs in knees. By means of hands you lift and as much as possible you pull in stomach (its lower part).

Exercise No. 2

We accept standing position, foot of legs are placed on width of shoulders, the right hand is raised up. Hand it is worth stretching as much as possible up, at the same time knees are still bent, they create counteraction.

Exercise No. 3

It is carried out similar to the second, but with the left hand raised up.

Exercise No. 4

We work with muscles of humeral belt:

We accept standing position, foot of legs at shoulder length. Hands are got for back, fingers to link in "lock" and last back. At the same time shoulders are taken away also back, you last.

Exercise No. 5

"Splitting" of floor:

– costing starting position, legs are slightly bent in knees. Provide that you need "to split" floor: legs as much as possible rest against floor, without separation it is necessary to direct them to the opposite sides that floor "has cracked". External muscles of calves work. Pull in buttocks and swing area of basin (top and inside).

Exercise No. 6

We work with pectoral muscles:

We clench fists and we connect bones of hands together as if to rice letter "O". At the same time shoulders are in the weakened state, and the head stands up straight, not down. Now you press with effort fists at each other. Back, pectoral, humeral muscles and thorax are involved.

Day of the second

Well, here we have also approached by second day what I sincerely congratulate you on. Today your technology of breath is more or less fulfilled, and it is possible to go further. You remember, we work with muscular tissue therefore only you can realize when it is necessary to allow to muscles to have a rest and when they have to be strained.

Breath is your base, it helps to get healthier and, of course, to kindle subcutaneous fat. Exchange processes are activated, and krova flows on veins with new forces. To estimate Oksisayz and all its advantages you should study the list below.

So, what Oksisayz gives:

  • Muscle bulk is built up
  • Oxygen is delivered to the necessary part of the body
  • Flexibility of body grows
  • You "draw" new silhouette, silhouette of the dream
  • The blood pressure and level of cholesterol directs in bottom, to norm
  • The probability of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases is minimized
  • The skeletal and muscular system becomes stronger
  • Weight is normalized, calories are burned much more actively
  • The mood and health improve in geometrical progression

Whether it is worth carrying out exercises Oksisayz in the brought order? No, you can carry out at first exercises standing, then sitting and lying. As you want, the main thing of the taxonomist and hard work over yourself.

Exercise No. 1

Sit down as if duck, and bulge back part of body back. Foot of legs are at shoulder length and "look" inside. Tension has to be felt in big muscles of buttocks, and also on outer side of hips. Take hands of knee and round hands, elbows are directed outside.

Exercise No. 2

We pass to exercises at wall:

Become to wall, remove legs from it on 5 centimeters and waist densely nestle lumbar department. In such situation carry out exercise for breast muscles.

Exercise No. 3

– costing starting position facing wall. In this situation stretch palms up and gradually go down, on hunkers. Every time, inhaling, last fingers up, but as it is possible more slowly. Back direct, the chin is directed up.

Exercise No. 4

Turn facing wall and depart from it on half-meter. Palms lean against wall and slightly bend them, elbows "look" outside. Give the body forward, but at the same time do not bend knees and you hold exactly back. Pull in buttocks and swing area of basin (tops and inside), heels are chained to floor.

Days 3-7

Now you know 10 exercises Oksisayz which can be carried out within week. Repeat each exercise on 3 times and receive day norm. One repetition is half-minute of your time, all – complex – 15 minutes. Perhaps, at first it is necessary to spend more time, the habit will not be developed yet. Be not overstrained, everything is better to do moderately, and in any way not to the detriment of itself.

Неделя №2

Week No. 2

5 new exercises which should be added to complex will increase every week. Pack them or change depending on features of the organism. It is difficult to carry out exercises on a lap, do something more sparing and available to you, all individually.

Exercise No. 1

Exercises with chair back

We raise leg on diagonal

Support on chair back, at the same time the right leg, being absolutely equal, it is taken a little aside, and then back. Rotate a few foot, and slightly bend the left leg. Pull in buttocks and swing area of basin (tops and inside). The head is directed up, back equal.

Exercise No. 2

Execute exercise No. 1, but already raising the left leg.

Exercise No. 3

We work on muscles of buttocks

Support on chair back, at the same time the right leg, being absolutely equal, it is taken away back and rises up. Toes should be extended. Pull in buttocks and swing area of basin (tops and inside). The head is directed up, back equal.

Exercise No. 4

Execute exercise No. 3, but already raising the left leg.

Exercise No. 5

Imperial bearing

Legs are placed widely, at the same time socks "look" outside. It is worth bending knees a little so that they were at one level from stupnyama (do not incline knees forward!). Pull in buttocks and swing area of basin (tops and inside). Further there is support on chair back, the head is directed up, back equal. Lower the body down, internal muscles of hips work.

Knowing now 15 exercises, it is possible to carry out everyone on two repetitions, thereby carrying out norm.

Неделя №3

Week No. 3

Today you learn 5 more exercises, total they will be 20. Choose the most pleasant, on that group of muscles which it is necessary and continue to work fruitfully. All exercises of the third week are carried out sitting on stool.

Exercise No. 1

Sit down on edge of chair, at the same time elbows lean on chair back. Muscles of crotches need to be strained, having as if involved in itself, also pull in buttocks. Further squeeze knees, knees remain in former position.

Exercise No. 2

Sit down on edge of chair, legs are bent in knees and divorced in the parties, internal muscles of hips work. Palms rely on sitting, and shoulders are persistently taken away back. Back equal, carry out easy inclination back.

Exercise No. 3

Sit down in the center of chair. Grasp with the right hand sitting, and pull the body up, turn the body to the right. And now raise the left hand up and again stretch.

Exercise No. 4

Repeat exercise No. 3, but already raising the right hand.

Exercise No. 5

Sit down on stool and densely nestle on back, clasp with hands sitting and raise legs parallel to floor up. In it situation carry out rotary motions of stupnyama.

Неделя №4

Week No. 4

This week you will need rug or any other laying as exercises will be carried out on floor, sitting or lying.

Exercise No. 1

Become on floor on knees which are moved slightly apart. In this situation carry out exercises for breast muscles. The head is directed up, back equal. Pull in buttocks and swing area of basin (tops and inside). The body should be cast away slightly back.

Exercise No. 2

It is carried out sitting on floor. Foot of legs at the same time it is worth moving to each other, and to incline the body forward. Try to direct knees as much as possible to floor, but be not overzealous. The head is directed up, back equal. Hands undertake for foot, leg or anklebone. The body direct forward, as if giving resistance to hands.

Exercise No. 3

Hold lying position on spin, legs are bent in knees. Pull in buttocks and swing area of basin (tops and inside). You feel how your area of stomach does the "scooping" movements?

Exercise No. 4

Hold lying position on spin, legs are bent in knees. Knees should be reduced, and foot of legs to leave at the level of width of shoulders. Pull in buttocks and swing area of basin (tops and inside). Connect fingers in "lock" and extend hands over the head, stretch.

Exercise No. 5

Hold lying position on spin, to extend legs along trunk. Connect fingers in "lock" and extend hands over the head. Pull in buttocks and swing area of basin (tops and inside). Muscles of legs should be strained so that calves have come off floor, then extend socks.

So, in your stock of 25 exercises, it is already a lot of, is what to choose from. But in addition to 25 exercises you drew new, stunning forms and kilograms have left. Old jeans already do not keep on hips at all and look as loose overall. What to do? To follow purchases, it is so pleasant, you HAVE GROWN THIN!

Неделя №5

Week No. 5

You do not hurry to carry out all complex Oksisayz, you allow enough time to take breath and to find spirit on the following exercise. Dynamic work – it is good, but listen to the organism, and it surely generously will pay back you.

The last approach Oksisayz, and it is carried out back on floor.

Exercise No. 1

Starting position – lying on the right side. The left knee is tightened to thorax. Overcome resistance of hands and suddenly try to straighten leg. Straighten the right leg and moderately strain muscles. In it situation carry out rotary motions of stupnyama.

Exercise No. 2

Execute exercise No. 1, but already taking the right knee.

Exercise No. 3

Starting position – lying on floor, between you and floor there has to be corner. The left leg rises and got back. Palms lean against floor. At this moment raise the head and pull socks of legs.

Exercise No. 4

Execute exercise No. 3, but already raising the right leg.

Exercise No. 5

Repeat exercise No. 5 of the fourth week, but already with rotation by foot.

You have reached apogee, all 30 exercises Oksisayz behind and you can safely take all them in hand. As it is known – there is no limit to perfection therefore be improved every day without feeling sorry on it for forces and time, your health and beauty in your hands. Oksisayza 15 minutes a day – it is insignificant a little, but the sound and beautiful body, your body will become result of trainings!

It is possible to train at home, making family dinner, in transport on the way for work, sitting in front of the computer, when viewing the TV or in turn of shop, generally, practically everywhere it is possible to find time for occupations!


The result interests many. For this purpose it is worth getting acquainted with responses of people who are not by hearsay familiar with complex Oksisayz.


the decision to try Oksisayz has come after the birth of the second child. p for 100 percent it was convinced of its efficiency. 7 days later I have got rid of 6 centimeters in waist, and on the expiration of 2,5 months I have said goodbye to 4 kilograms. The food remained former as I fed the kid. Results of other people have impressed me, some managed to dump 5 kg in month, everything probably depends on features of organism. But in general I am very glad.

результат тренировок Marine:

has tried Oksisayz though did not think that so simple exercises will help me to overcome extra kilos, and the most important – volumes. But the result was smart: in 3 weeks I have already replaced the 48th size on 44. I advise!

Olga: and Oksisayz has not helped me. Why so? Maybe I not correctly did something?


As you can see, Oksisayz – technique efficient, it is worth trying. If you also do not lose kilograms and centimeters, then will precisely restore health as Oksisayz has no contraindications.


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