One of the most popular French diets

одна из самых популярных французских диет
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In the modern world for successful career and the prospering private life it is necessary not only to have brilliant education and good mental capacities, but also to possess fine external data. The speech, certainly, about beautiful face, and also about charm and style in clothes.

But stout persons suit limited number of models and styles. Besides the fat girl seldom causes admiration. More likely, on the contrary – it seems to all ugly and unattractive how has been dressed. With regret I note that canons of the Middle Ages have fallen into oblivion. The fashion on magnificent ladies has passed.

If you possess rounded shapes, and it is not pleasant to you at all, then, certainly, it is necessary to adhere to certain diet. However, now there is a lot of them. To choose something that will suit you, it is rather difficult. If you want to dump several kilograms and at the same time not to cause loss to health, then adhere to the French diet which is very fashionable now. To be necessary for you for observance of this diet the set of ingredients, however the result is worth it.

Diet duration - one week. For this term you will see changes in the figure – weight will decrease, and the waist will become thinner. However, that later the terminations of diet not to grow fat, it is necessary to return gradually to usual diet.

All 7 days breakfast same: 2 kiwis, 1 pear, lemon puree (prepares by means of the blender). There is also the second option of breakfast: half of mango and half of banana. Also slice of black bread.

Lunches and dinners different.


For lunch half of grapefruit, zhmenk of the boiled rice. Not to do without vegetables — the cauliflower seasoned with olive oil. Pepper and salt to taste.

For dinner cream soup. For its preparation we take 2 tomatoes, the third part of red pepper, the fourth part of avocado and one garlic glove. We pass via the mixer. Further the cube of maggi should be dissolved in glass of boiled water and to add gradually to vegetable weight. It is necessary to eat this soup with slice of rye bread.


By lunch boil garden radish. It is possible to make also lentil salad. For this purpose take half-glass of lentil, weld, add some avocado and season with olive oil. Pepper and salt to taste.

For dinner salad. Take one apple and one chicory. Fill with either olive oil, or yogurt. In the first case salt and pepper to taste.


For lunch make salad. Wipe carrots on grater and water with olive oil. Pepper and salt, certainly, to taste. As garnish cook macaroni and water with tomato sauce.

For dinner cook soup. Take 5 pieces of dry mushrooms, half of fruit of avocado, as well as one garlic glove. In glass of water dissolve cube of maggi and gradually add all ingredients to mix. Do not forget slice of black bread. At desire it is possible to cook compote, for example, from dried fruits.


For lunch boil garden radish and carrot. Make salad – one grapefruit, one avocado and the boiled shrimps. As dessert banana will descend.

For dinner make salad from two tsikoriyev and one kiwi. Small cut and add mint.


By lunch serve risotto. Take half-glass of rice, small amount of mushrooms, 10 grams of green peas, half of bulb. Dissolve 2 cubes of maggi in two glasses of water. Moisten mushrooms in warm water, brown onions. Add green peas. On frying pan for 3 minutes put rice. Gradually add rice, mixing rice and vegetables.

Dinner simple. Wrap chicken with potatoes in foil and bake in oven before full preparation.


For lunch of sushi and green salad.

For dinner buckwheat cereal and handful of almonds.


For lunch vegetables without heat treatment, the fish with vegetable marrows baked in oven and watered with juice of one lemon.

For dessert low-fat yogurt.

The dinner consists of mushroom salad, lentil and one boiled carrots. Do not forget to water salad with olive oil. Pepper and salt to taste.