Clarification of organism from slags - the myth

очищение организма от шлаков
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As often we hear in different paramedical sources of the phrase: "clarification of organism from slags", "to clean slags", "adjournment of salts". What it actually and what threatens for health with? And whether it is worth being influenced by numerous tinctures, high-tech devices, difficult procedures for "cleaning" of organism?

First, we will be defined at once: clarification of organism from slags - there is no term of it in medicine and to use it without scepticism share just right only to pensioners and urinoterapevta. Our organism is remarkably arranged in order that no waste in it collected. Waste of exchange is removed through kidneys, skin, lungs, neutralized and transferred to digestible state in liver, removed with bile through intestines. Not all also not always passes smoothly, however systematic accumulation of toxins in organism does not happen.

In advertizing propaganda materials and newspaper horror stories often understand absolutely different states and substances as slags and salts.

As the most suitable for role of cemetery of mythical slags consider intestines. Really, in some cases the atony of intestines can lead to development of fecal blockages. However this pathology accompanies serious conditions, and it should be noticed or ignored, this state is frequent needs the emergency help of the surgeon, than improving procedures more. And who as surgeons who should observe intestines in the endoscope or alive at operations – can confirm – intestines of the ordinary person do not remind the littered water pipes at all, and its walls are not covered with scab from long-term deposits. Cleaning of intestines by means of laxatives or enemas (mechanical or hardware) can is momentary to facilitate health at chronic locks, but do not normalize work of digestive tract. And in exchange for doubtful pleasure of enema you can receive accustoming, dehydration, violation absorption of nutrients and heavy dysbacteriosis.

очищение организма от шлаков No technique of clarification of organism from slags does without "cleaning" of liver. This procedure - no other than irritation and forced emptying of gall bladder. To cleaning of liver as main biochemical laboratory of organism, it has no relation. And it to the best! And improvement of properties of bile and its department is possible only at regular treatment and normalization of diet.

Attempt of "clarification" of organism from slags through kidneys, by means of abuse of diuretic - too more than doubtful procedure on effect of detoxication. Water-soluble products of exchange do not need stimulation. And for badly soluble this procedure is useless, and can be and is unsafe – because of increase of their concentration in blood at dehydration and condensation of blood. Besides, together with mythical slags not the so mythical salts necessary for organism are lost. (We do not mean resuscitation dialysis when the speed of removal of poisons can cost life to the person).

One more type of bio-garbage: cholesterol, cholesteric plaques on vessels (atherosclerosis) is scourge of health of the modern person. This connection in itself is useful and it is even necessary, however becomes the reason of many serious diseases much. However any of the clarifications methods of blood has no anti-atherogenous effect. In the prime causes of atherosclerosis excess of cholesterol – the main defendant is a lot of theories, and not everywhere. Do not forget - health of vessels it first of all health of nervous system: the constant tension and the saved-up aggression causes spasm of gladkomyshechny muscles of vessels, creates conditions for damage of walls of capillaries and narrowing of gleam. And it in turn promotes atherosclerosis.

As one more of subspecies of toxins poisoning health consider "deposits of salts". And often mean usual table salt by it. Table salt is not laid anywhere. Osteochondrosis, violations of mobility and outgrowths in joints and backbone are caused not with loss of salts in deposit, and with violation of food of cartilage and its gradual destruction and substitution and maintenance of the damaged fabrics the most available of "patches" - calcium. It is not the reason, but effect of pathological process.

очищение организма от шлаков Ecological toxins, poisons, radionuclides, etc. are considered as the simplest and explainable examples of slags. It would be naive to assume that options of their neutralization and removal are not provided in organism. And in absolute majority of cases it and occurs. However with number of heavy connections this process glitches, and the organism arrives with them as well as the good hostess – hides this dangerous stuff deeply to the storeroom. Fatty deposits, bones, sometimes other bodies become such depots often. However in for what natural mechanisms are not provided, all-improving procedures help a little. It is necessary to notice that, even in our century of ecological trouble, the few from us face so serious poisons in a little noticeable concentration and duration. But intoxication at sharp loss of weight can be connected with the mechanism of exit of the deposited toxins. It is neither the only, nor the main argument against sharp weight loss, this moment is more actual for people who have transferred himioterpiya, have undergone infection with radionuclides, worked at harmful factory with heavy chemicals.

It is possible to mention also more rare species of true biochemical "slags": Proteinaceous molecules are osnovny working material of human body. Both degradation and updates of proteins (enzymes, parts of cages) happens constantly. On one of aging hypotheses, at reduction in the rate of updating there is accumulation of inactive, defective proteinaceous molecules, faulty receptors, low-active enzymes. However intracellular molecules cannot be removed with external washings, radiations and tablets. Besides process of decrease of the activity of updating of peptides with age – the phenomenon physiological, that is normal. But the effect of clarification and rejuvenation close to extreme starvations, is explained by some specialists that when the organism gradually uses available carbohydrates, fats, and then starts degradation of proteins, allegedly first of all already written off "in junk".

In general of course it is impossible without grounds obsmeyat all cleanings methods of organism. Many of them assume the diet rich with vegetables and fruit, walks in the fresh air and the analysis of the way of life. And it always on advantage! However if you were going to spend the essential sum for suspicious medicine – reflect, very often they can be hazardous to health!

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