We clear organism of toxins

очищаем организм от токсинов
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For anybody we will not reveal secret if we tell: what we eat influences our health. Though social campaigns provide information on what has to be in our diet to avoid accumulation of toxins and what components it is especially desirable to use - but only the few people think of this problem. The majority of us begins to panic only when becomes already too late.

Sugar and animal fats with high extent of processing, fast food, harmful substances and excess of salt are basic reasons of unstable health of our organism. In diet of the healthy, balanced diet, it is recommended to eat not less than five portions of fruit and vegetables daily.

Thus, if your diet is based generally on products which are harmful to your organism, then you are not able to cope with toxins which they contain alone. Of course, yours the liver and kidneys do everything possible to adjust usual work of all organism. But, eventually, the amount of harmful substances is so high that begins to collect in your body and gradually leads to inevitable changes and diseases.

One of the first symptoms of accumulation of toxins are: chronic fatigue, frequent headaches and joint pains, problems with dream and excess weight. Then go: allergy, tumors and cysts, and finally cancer is possible. So if you want to support body in healthy state, visit your doctor. And for the general wellbeing, you will need to change surely the habits of food or, at least, several times a year to make cleaning of organism of toxins.

Clarification of organism

Clarification of organism means elimination of toxins which are stored in your body, mainly in fatty tissue. The most popular and very efficiently disposals of the collected toxins is the fruit and vegetable diet which needs to adhere within ten days. Restriction of fats and carbohydrates, will provoke your organism to combustion of fats, and together with them to disposal of toxins. If afterwards such diet, you are able forever to exclude from diet of sweet and products with high extent of processing, especially rich with the content of trans-fats and harmful additives, you have tremendous chance to remain healthy for long time.

If you are not able to adhere to vegetable and fruit diet for several days, then apply three-four times a year one-day hunger strike. Do not forget to fill, at the same time, the day diet with large amount of water and do not tighten hunger strike for the long period without consultation of the doctor. You can, also, use two - or three-day mono-diet. This option includes in the day menu - the apple full of cellulose and vitamins.

If you look for alternative above to the offered methods, then can ask for the help sauna? Heat causes expansion of blood vessels and intensive sweating. Together with it at you the amount of the collected toxins considerably will decrease. Let's notice, however, that the sauna is contraindicated to people with cardiovascular diseases, renal failure and some infectious diseases. Sauna it is, also, not necessary to use more than one-two weekly.

One more way which helps to clear organism properly - grass mixes. Infusions from silver birch, burdock, dandelion, fennel and other herbs with diuretic effect, help to get rid of harmful substances. It should be noted, also, that green tea which deletes the free radicals who are responsible for our aging belongs to herbs rich in polyphenols. At least four times a year are recommended to use this cleaning.

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